How good is jordan palmer...?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by locked&loaded, Jun 15, 2006.

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    who watches college football? if he can be as good as carson just wow.
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    Jordan didn't play quarterback as much as Carson did in high school; so when he arrived in college he was basically just learning the position.

    I live in El Paso, and one of my high school teachers this past year (I graduated, btw, and I'm going to UTEP) is also an assistant coach for UTEP. He knows Jordan personally and thinks he's a tad immature at times. He certainly has all the tools, but isn't quite where his brother was mentally at that age.

    Mike Price has made all the difference in Jordan, and he has really turned him into a great quarterback. In part the big numbers might be from the system. But Jordan, I think, with time, will be a very good quarterback.
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    I've seen him a couple of times last year.
    If you think back to Carson Palmer in college...he wasn't seen as a great qb until his last yr and a half at USC.
    Chow turned things around for him.
    I've always thought that Carson Palmer resembles Troy Aikman more than any qb I have seen since Aikman retired.
    I think Jordan Palmer needs to show more improvement to get drafted really high. However, I just noticed that he was ranked 2nd in qb's for the 2007 draft in a preseason mag I just purchased.
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    I went to UTEP, and have followed the team closely the last coupla years... Jordan is a raw player (he didn't start playing HS ball until his senior year) who has a lot to learn, and he makes a lot of mistakes... but he's got some Brett Favre in him, when he throws an int he just shrugs his shoulders, and comes back out firing... he has put up a ton of yardage for UTEP...

    He'd probably need a year or two to get up to NFL speed, but I think that he has the same kind of potential that his brother had... I'd be quite happy to have the Boys spend a 2nd round pick on him...
  5. CrazyCowboy

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    This guy has all the talent....that is for sure.
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    Kiper ranks Jordan Palmer as the #5 Senior QB in the 2007 Draft Class. Understand that is pre season rank and doesn't include Juniors. A breakout year could move him up. A status quo year might drop him down. A poor year could remove him from the equation altogether. I actually think he can be a good QB who will need time to acclimate himself to a system and the NFL speed. He's tough and plays gritty.
  7. Chief

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    I know some El Paso media people who said Jordan may not even be the best QB on UTEP's roster.

    He has some tools for sure, but he's not even in Carson's league, IMO.
  8. Alexander

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    I agree. I never even knew Carson Palmer had a brother until I watched UTEP's bowl game last year to look at Howard. I wasn't all that impressed.

    Just because they are brothers doesn't make him a shoe-in. Look at the Vicks.
  9. silverbear

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    I guess that just proves the danger in judging a player off one game... lemme share Jordan's stats the last 2 years, perhaps you'll be able to see what I'm talking about:

    He started 24 games, attempted 800 passes (33.3 per game), completed 471 of them (58.9 per cent)... threw for 6321 yards in those 24 games (263.4 yards per game)... 55 TDs (2.3 per game) against 37 ints (1.5 per game, his biggest problem)...

    His quarterback rating over those two seasons is 138.7... he ranked 25th in Division I last year, with a 140.5 rating... he was 7th in total passing yards, at 291.9 per game...

    Any of that impress you??

    And lest some be tempted to blow those stats off with "yeah, but UTEP was a wide-open passing offense", they ran the ball 849 times in those two seasons, threw it 851 times... that's the ideal that coaches claim they're looking for, a 50-50 split...

    Jordan holds every major career passing and total offense record at UTEP, in spite of being a full-time starter for just 2 seasons... and there WERE times in their not-so-glorious past when all they could do was throw the ball, so holding all those records is no small feat... here's a blurb from the UTEP website:

    Jordan's biggest problem, as I said earlier, is that he throws a lot of ints... however, much of that is because he's still awfully raw as a quarterback, having only started playing high school ball as a senior... there is no reason that he can't improve on that as he gains more experience, as he learns to recognize situations on the field rather than having to think about them... I also think he could stand to improve on the completion percentage, but again, I think that experience will help a lot in that area... we should also remember that he's a downfield passer, not a short passing game specialist (he averages 13.4 yards per completion, obviously he's not dumping the ball off much)... downfield passers don't generally have glittering completion percentages, so he doesn't really need to improve his percentage THAT much...

    And on a more subjective note, he's got that "gunslinger" air about him... I particularly like the way he comes roaring back after he makes a mistake... he doesn't go into a shell, he comes back out and tries to make amends by taking the ball downfield... this is what I mean when I say I see some Brett Favre in him...

    No, there's no way of knowing if he has what his big brother has, but he really has been a pretty fair quarterback these last two years, especially last year... I'm quite eager to see what he'll be able to do this year, since the Miners still have a pretty fair team around him-- the Sporting News predicts they'll win the Western Division of Conference USA this year... Palmer will have himself a pretty fair running back in Marcus Howard to take some of the pressure off of him...

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    You talking about Lorn Chief?

    I also hear that the kid from California, Brandis I think, has some up side. I have a good friend who played for the Lobos a few years back and grew up in El Paso. He now works with that program a bit and he said something very simular to me.

    I like Palmer but I agree with most. He is not Carson Palmer. Carson was good from day one at SC. His numbers don't reflect it but at that time, SC was not the program it is today. There offense was horrible. WRs were terrible and protection was none existant. Carson Palmer is as fine a QB as I have seen come out of college since Elway. I really like Carson Palmer. I like Jordan's natural ability as well but I agree. He is not Carson at this point. Still, he has a season to go and I think he could be a very good pro prospect before it's all said and done with.

    Eli wasn't Payton when he came out either but Eli is doing OK IMO. Same could happen with Jordan if he can just keep in on track. That's the big thing. Can the kid be mature enough to see the big picture and do the right things?
  11. Alexander

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    Not really, as you have to consider the level of competition as well. Those numbers show he's a prospect certainly. But not to the level Carson was and I am sure some are drawing those comparisons. I believe you said 2nd round and for now, that's fair.

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    If he has a good year next season, I don't think he will be a 2nd round talent. He plays in a division one conference so I don't think the compatition will be as big a factor as say a D2 QB prospect but it's a valid point. Having said that, it won't matter if he can improve his TD to TO ratio. He's got a big time arm and better then average agility. Prototypical size to go along with it. If he can just exibit a little maturity, he could very well end up being a first round prospect.
  13. Yeagermeister

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    He lost to the Mighty Memphis Tigers so how good can he be? :p:
  14. AtlCB

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    or the Hasselbacks
  15. silverbear

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    Yeah, because there never has been a quarterback come out of a "lesser" program who ever went on to NFL success... Neil Lomax didn't come out of Portland State to become a star in the league...

    I think that sometimes, the whole "level of competition" argument is overblown... if you adhere to that too slavishly, you're gonna make for a rotten GM...

    But to be fair, you at least go on to acknowledge that the guy has some skills, and probably merits a first day pick...

    There will be enough quality QBs in this next draft that I think it's highly unlikely Palmer will be a first round value... but if he has a monstrous season, he could climb the charts... I actually hope he doesn't, maybe the Boys could grab themselves a steal in the 2nd...
  16. silverbear

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    Actually, he's rather Bledsoe-esque in the pocket... keeping in mind that the NCAA counts sacks as running plays, Palmer has 102 carries in the last 2 years, for MINUS 67 yards... obviously, most of those "carries" were sacks... equally obviously, on those few times he did take off and run, he didn't gain much yardage...

    All your other points struck me as pretty accurate...
  17. silverbear

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    Yeah, he only had 431 yards passing against them in that game... in their house...

    Of course, that's only part of the story-- he went 23 for 53, and had 2 ints down inside the Memphis 25...
  18. VoR

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    I would take Jordan, but Kevin Kolb of Houston is better IMO.

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    Really, I've watched him a few times myself. They run sprint out stuff with him and move the pocket a bit. There not a straight drop back team. He's not Vick like but I thought he showed decent mobility.
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    lol:bang2: :bang2: :lmao2:

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