How Great Will Jason Garrett Be This Year?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Hostile, May 9, 2012.

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    I want to begin by talking about a Historical perspective that happened here in Dallas. Tom Landry was hired to build the Cowboys and from 1960 to 1964 he led the team to a record of 18-46-4.

    Fans were all over him, demanding he be fired. The media was all over him demanding the same. Tex Schramm was ready to let him go.

    The biggest reason the record was so bad, the players had not yet bought into Landry's systems. Point blank they hated them. There was too much thinking involved. The system's were detailed, complicated, and intensive.

    Tex Schramm approached Clint Murchison with the issues he was facing. Clint took a careful look at all of the evidence and then he did something that was unprecedented. He gave Tom Landry a 10 year extension.

    Think about it for a minute, 18 wins, 46 losses, 4 ties. In the mind of Clint Murchison that warranted 10 more years.

    But it wasn't the record that warranted that in Clint's mind, it was that he believed in Landry's systems. The Giants Defenses that he led struggled at first but then became vaunted, feared, and respected. Clint knew from first hand observation that Landry needed players to buy in and it would work.

    So he laid the foundation for that buy in. If you were a player on the Cowboys in 1965 and you just witnessed your coach get a 10 year extension this is what it told you, I either have to learn to play here, or risk never playing anywhere.

    In 1965 the Cowboys finally broke the losing seasons cycle by going 7-7. The talent was always there. The commitment to the systems were not.

    A number of factors kept the Cowboys from being better than a .500 team for that year. One of them was that the Cleveland Browns were just so good. They pounced on Dallas twice. Another reason was they had some very tough last minute losses.

    But the important thing that happened was that the players bought into Tom Landry. They began to think like him, talk like him, parrot him, and in many ways look for ways to improve as a team.

    The pay off...1966. One of the most under rated seasons in Dallas Cowboys History. It is under rated because it ended with a post season loss, the first in our History. It was in the 1966 Championship Game for the right to go to Super Bowl I, so if you know NFL History at all you automatically know we lost to Vince Lombardi's Green Bay Packers.

    The season was 10-3-1. Our first of 20 straight winning seasons. The genesis of Tom Landry's greatness. How under rated was that team? They scored 445 points and averaged almost 32 points per game. To put this in perspective for you it would be approximately 506 points on today's 16 game schedule.

    They allowed only 239 points, just over 17 points per game. In today's parlance that would be 277 points.

    At those theoretic numbers for 2011 we would have been 4th in scoring Offense and right on the bubble of 4th or 5th in scoring Defense.

    The biggest difference from 1965 to 1966 was the focus of the players. There were 2 major differences in the starting rotations. They were LG and LDE. There were some position switches as all teams do, and injuries happened as they always do, but for the most part the teams were extremely similar in makeup.

    Where they differed was in focus, commitment, and level of education and it led to execution.

    No successful team in NFL History gets to the point of success without learning from their mistakes and building upon their successes. I will come back to that later.

    That is why I share that brief History perspective before I launch into this dissertation. I know there will be some who hate every word, can't see the comparison, and get their panties in a wad. Deal with them how you wish. I think it is time to Ignore a lot of voices on this forum. I invite them to Ignore me because quite frankly I am tired of their aura of negativity and failure and they seem to be tired of the positive energy I want to be around. It is simply better that we part ways.

    The biggest reason to do so is because something great is on the horizon. It is the 2012 NFL Campaign and our Dallas Cowboys are in the running for being one of the most improved teams in the NFL next year.

    Build a positive network around your passion for this team, and 2012 will be a fantastic season even if like 1966 it ends with a post season loss. Remember I am talking here about a genesis to greatness, not an arrival at it. Too many can't see the forest for the trees. Don't be in that crowd. If you already are, you might want to change your seat. Up to you.

    So that is the question, how great will Jason Garrett be in 2012? His greatness will be measured against the loyalty and focus of his football team. You have reasons to be believe that is happening if you wish to explore. The opposition will tell you that you hear this every year. Again, I urge you to Ignore them.

    Tony Romo is not playing tournament golf this off season. I do not agree with this decision but I understand why he is doing it. The media is not going to be able to focus on him being distracted because he won't be. truthfully he never was. If you honestly believe a distracted player can have the kind of season he did last year then you should pray for distractions.

    Many of Tony's teammates understand why he is doing this and quite frankly they are a little miffed at the DFW media. You will see Cowboys players this year who are pleasant with the media, but you will hear them parroting the non answers of Jason Garrett for the most part. I expect the media to more than every try and rip at the seams and more than ever not be able to do it.

    In other words the players have bought in, and I mean fully. If you would like to see this for yourself, go to the mother ship (I love that nickname for and check out Sean Lee's most recent video. Not only is he helping rookies in his spare time at Valley Ranch but guys like Orie Lemon are pitching in and acting as mentors. It is a team united.

    If you don't hear him sounding just like Jason Garrett then turn up the sound or turn off the TV behind you because you can't miss it. Not only does he sound like Garrett, but the media points it out. It is around the 2 minute mark on the video. Once they point it out, listen to his response. He gives "the head man" credit and explains why, briefly. It is a non answer, more Garrett influence.

    You are witnessing the transition from players to team.

    The next reason is one Michael Irvin can tell you about better than I can. His name is Mike Woicik. No one is negative around Mike Woicik. It isn't allowed. No one is selfish around Mike Woicik. It isn't allowed. Truth be told he is the one person who I think could have tapped into Terrell Owens' and changed him. I mean no disrespect to Joe Jurazsek nor the players for their training last year. The did the best they could with what they had.

    What they have now is a guru. A guy who has their attention in all the right ways. No one in the NFL knows fitness, nutrition, and preparation better than Mike Woicik. He is the best there is.

    Listen to Miles Austin today talking about how he is training in a different way. He doesn't directly answer the questions, but you get the idea things are different. He has bought in. Miles will not be alone. Every player is going to mention Mike Woicik. You have a choice. You can listen, or you can turn a deaf ear.

    If every one of the players feels there is a difference in how they are preparing...well, you figure it out.

    All over the team you are going to see similar buy ins. There is better coaching than ever. I am going to say it right here and now. Jerome Henderson will make a difference in this team. When top notch coaches want to work for a man, when players want to follow his lead, great things happen. There are no divisions amongst these players. There is excitement. The team is younger, stronger, faster, and hungrier than 2011. Mostly they are more focused. There will be a pay off.

    I said above that I would come back to learning from mistakes. Miles Austin mentioned that the coaches are fixing last year's mistakes now. The instruction is happening sooner, more focused, and more success oriented. Hopefully that is evident to you.

    If it isn't, I can't help you. I wish I could, but if the last several years have taught me anything it is that people hate change so much that they'd rather stay in the ruts they are in than just about any other compromise.

    Back to talent for a minute. You're going to hear it until you are sick of it, or it pumps you up so much that your heart rate rises. We're focused on the right kinds of guys on this team. What are they? Well, I can tell you this, they sure as heck don't believe we are a 6-10 to 8-8 team at best. Process that information however you wish.

    I've said that I could see what is being built here. I can, I've seen it before at the HS and college levels, and quite frankly I have seen it in the pros too. Jimmy Johnson rebuilt our brand by these same types of principles. Not every coach can do this. Ours can. I say this not because they are affiliated with this team. I say it because I see how they are talking. I hear their message. I see their focus. I know it works. It is happening right before our eyes.

    Tom Landry said, "I believe something constructive comes from every defeat." So do I. In our case this year that was probably being in a draft position to take one of the 5 blue chip players in this draft at a premier position. There is value in this kind of construction. We upgraded the talent and at the same time the attitude of the team. I did not dislike Terence Newman, but I listened very intently to Darren Woodson when he made his comment about Newman right after the season ended. The finger of blame is gone.

    Can't have that on this team. We won't have that with Morris Claiborne. Now, I know every rookie is a roll of the dice and we do not know how money will change these kids. It is less likely to change a right kind of guy than a Dez Bryant and I am not trying to throw him under a bus. I think Dez is a good kid. He is respectful. He is talented. But if he has a flaw it is that he is immature. I don't believe Morris or these other kids we landed this year are.

    Tom Landry also said, "First become a winner in life, then it is easier to become a winner on the field." Sounds like Tom knew the right kinds of guys matter. If you look back at Landry's guys the Hollywood Henderson and Duane Thomas rebels are few and far between the Chuck Howley's, the Charlie Waters, the Rayfield Wrights, the Herb Scotts, the Calvin Hill's, the Dan Reeves, and their ilk.

    One reason we became America's Teams is that we had All American guys on it and they busted their butts for a coach they believed in. We built a dynasty upon class and class has come back to Dallas.

    I know I am dumping everything upon the shoulders of Jason Garrett. That is where I want it. He's the right kind of guy. Bet on it.

    I said above that 1966 was a Genesis not an arrival. It could have been an arrival, and almost was. There is no reason why 2012 can't be an arrival for this team. Every team has flaws. Great teams mask them well. I suspect we will do exactly that and a lot better than a lot of people imagine. It culminates in a system we saw last year where an injury to the guy above you meant this was your chance to seize the brass ring and be the next starter.

    I would argue that injuries did not defeat us in 2011 and we did have some key ones. Especially in the running game. Injuries won't defeat this team. Romo went down in 2010, they rallied. No matter who goes down in 2012, there will be a rally. That is a buy in.

    I know this is long and I know it is going to piss some people off. Please let it. If this team wins there will be a bandwagon. It exists in Dallas more than any other franchise in the world in any sport. Everybody loves a winner when the weather is nice. Now is the time to not look like one of them. if the team fails they will say we look like fools for once again buying the off season hype. It is a look I personally prefer. What you prefer is up to you.

    I said it, great. Don't expect me to back down.
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    Garrett's instilling of accountability was evident as soon as he took over as the interim coach. That's commendable. And I think that's why you have bromance towards him.

    It's Garrett's in-game decisions that have some of us worried. And it's why he's earned some fans' ire.

    Personally? Meh. I don't care. He either will or he won't.
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    nice read hostile.

    i'll let others speak for me...

    when Hudson Houck retired he said he unequivocally believed Jason would be a good head coach partly due to his ability to pinpoint problems with the team and himself and address them so they don't happen again. this man leaves no stone uncovered when it comes to identifying problems in all facets of the team.

    in marc columbo's retirement press conference he told a nice story about Jason Garrett constantly working tirelessly into the night, even during a team dinner at a coach's home. no 4 pm tee times for this man.

    many of the rookies in their interviews expressed shock at how hard they were worked in camp this past week. jason said he wanted to simulate a real practice regardless if it was their first team activity. no honeymoon period for the young bucks.

    i expect jason to continue to implement his philosophy on the team and develop a much more proletariat character in this franchise, top to bottom. i also believe some of jason's rookie mistakes on the sideline will be cleaned up and his offense will flourish now that he has help from callahan and an improved oline.
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    I get what your saying. He is putting a good group of guys together and is instilling good work habits. I have zero problem with that. My only problem and concern with him is as said above his in game decisions. The havent been the best when he was the O-coordinator and they werent the greatest last year. Who knows who could turn out to be a great HC or maybe need to keep getting promoted to GM, where he is in charge of picking player and putting a team together but kept away from gameday decisions.
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    this is my question did Landry get that because of stats, or dare we not look at his history and maybe he believed in Landy because Landry didnt sell just wins and losses, he sold a dynasty a foundation. Maybe Landry looked upon Clint and said if anyone can do it, you are looking at him.

    I would like to believe Landry was looked at more as a man than just numbers and whatever the evidence when they looked at Landry, they saw the face of the COwboys.
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    I think we should call him The General, because of his command-like approach to leadership and the team.

    I was going to say Field Marshal, but that has Nazi undertones and I don't like Nazis, no Sir.
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    Honestly I will not read all that. But great post!
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    I absolutely 100% believe in JG and what he can do. I do find myself comparing him to Landry and hoping he will be the second coming. I think it's unfair of me to do that and sets the bar pretty high for JG but I think of any coach we've had since Landry. JG himself is the RKG.

    More specifically, the way he carries himself; he just comes off like he is smarter than everyone else in the room and he's only just begun. He's made mistakes any new head coach could or would make. He needs the space/freedom to learn from those mistakes though. I'm sure some of you have taken on some sort of responsibility you knew you wanted but might not have been 100% ready for, but you went with it and probably learned a ton along the way. He went to Princeton and Columbia, not that all Princeton and Columbia students are that smart, but I'm pretty sure he can teach himself the intricacies of coaching a team. He needs a minute. You can either be patient and root him on or be one of the fans who doesn't seem to grasp the concept, be impatient, and say he is a horrible coach who should be fired but not name a single replacement.

    The other key thing I have mentioned before is the relationship he has with Jerry Jones and his family. IMO, no coach has ever had the respect Jason Garrett has from JJ. I don't know if it is trust since he has been with the organization for so long, but we all know JJ can be overbearing, yet, JJ has enough common sense to back off at times. I don't think it has anything to do with people making comments about how he can't be a Owner/GM, I think he genuinely trusts JG to build something, he respects him as a person before anything else. And by build something I don't just mean a team, I mean a feeling/belief/partnership that the players, personnel and fans all buy into and start to understand and follow.
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    Preach it, Brother Hos!

    I'm in. An early adopter even: Back when Garrett was Aikman's backup, I was hoping he would someday come back to coach the Cowboys. This is all gold for me....and for the Cowboys.
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    I was against Red being HC because of mainly 2 factors. He needed alot of on-the-job training and experience and I couldn't really see him relating to most of the guys on the team.

    Well, since we DID give him the job, I believe he did learn quite a bit last year and will be a much improved HC this upcoming year. He will only get better and even when he was meh last year, the Boys were still competitive. We have a shot to become much more now that he has gotten experience. He still has alot to learn I'm sure, but we should be seeing big improvements each year now.

    And hostile is right,- we are now getting the right kinds of players for Red that WILL relate to him. As we keep getting more and more of these type of players, we will become more and more the TEAM and less the group of talented individuals.

    Our arrow is pointing up. Only the loss of Romo I believe will derail a playoff birth next year, and even then we would still have a chance at it at least with Orten.

    Though still worried about our O-line, I'm excited about the upgrades to our team and can't wait for the season to start.
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    I agree on most points. But I also know what the reactions will be now, and with each loss, calling out threads, Hos. But then same guys will never go out on limb.

    I am big believer of Garrett, so I am probably already bought in and all in. But like you, I think Team is not ready to be super yet. Maybe a year or two away realistically, but then Romo aging might be an issue though. It should be a fun season though.
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    I think JG did a horrible job during the games but I think he did a very good job prepairing the team.

    I think this year he puts it all together and is one of the better Head coaches in the league
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    Very well stated and as usual optimistic post. Nice read Hos.

    I had bought in his regimental discipline the day he put -pads practice during in his interim position. The only concern I had last season was his in-game coaching (decisions) and sticking to some pet plays blindly hoping execution will improve. ( In part inability to run consistenly , ex: short yard running weighed him down ) I would hope he would improve those things this year, may be Bill C , being o-coordinator will take some load off him.

    Is he still going to call the plays?
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    I don't judge a guy on his first year though Parcells was a master at getting any team to perform at maximum capacity in his first year. Garrett will have a great team when his players are in place.
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    Hos, you drinks Mountain Dew a lot huh?
    Gud stuff, take it from gimme.:)
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    I try to stay optimistic period. When it comes to the Cowboys though I'm ready to see some results. I remember the 66 team and that game like it was yesterday. I also remember the last SB win like it was yesterday. Except it wasn't yesterday. I don't know how many more seasons I've got left. I'm ready to see some results.
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    Tom Landry, a very cerebral and detail oriented head coach. Jason Garrett, ditto. This organization is on the right path. Good things are on the horizon.
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    How great will Jason Garrett be this year? I suppose his greatness this season will be measured to a large extent in proportion to his in-game decision making. On the bright side, he has created for himself a lot of room for improvement.

    Is that sufficiently optimistic to qualify me as a real fan? Or do I have to draft an interminable piece of Cowboys propaganda riddled with inapposite comparisons and laced with mind-numbing historical minutia?
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    I don't believe you will find where I say anyone isn't a real fan.

    I did say it is time to Ignore a lot of posters on this forum. Raise your hand if you'd like to be included because it honestly won't bother me. I can't think of one thing you have added to this forum mind numbing or mind bending.

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