How HRC wins the Presidency

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    This is my own op-ed/blog type piece and completely from the Democratic perspective.


    HRC is tough. We know that or at least perceive it to the extent we 'feel' it is true. She doesn't need to attack Obama. It doesn't help her. We like Obama; we generally only respect Hillary. Where she has struggled has been in getting thin skin or in showing a lack of humor towards her opponents, while she has excelled by stating "they attack me because I am winning", as she did in the Nevada debate to raucous applause. Her campaign staff is dying, I am sure, to unleash balls of fury at opponents but Hillary has to nix that stuff. She doesn't need any dirty pool or vitriol. She gets labeled hateful as it is. She needs to show humor and commitment to policy. She needs to explain the attacks against her are mere spin and take the opportunities afforded by those attacks to even further clarify her points and demonstrate why the lack of understanding of her opponents merely means they are not ready to lead.

    Hillary will race to an easy victory then steamroll any Repub candidate if she simply sticks to an easy four point campaign and hammers those points like Karl Rove at a Young Republicans rally.

    1. Its all about the economy.
    HRC alone can argue she knows, firsthand, what it takes to fix the economy. Others will argue it but nothing they say can duplicate HRC stating the Clinton WH balanced the budget, oversaw record growth and left a surplus. There will be all the non-plussed arguments against that but only the rank and file Repubs who were going to vote against any Dem will buy that. In the past 20 years we have had 12 years of Repub Presidents and 8 Dem Presidents. Those years basically correspond to 12 years of record breaking deficits by the Repubs and 8 years of exceptional budget management by Dems. While Repub candidates will yammer on about entitlements, HRC can point to the fact that the Clinton white house actually had the last welfare reform of any substance and created jobs in the process. She can use the housing situation and her housing plan as a touch-point here.

    2. Tough, but smart military leadership as Commander in Chief.
    HRC can argue she is not afraid of military interventions and she will follow the advice of her military leaders. She has the votes to show she backs providing money to the military to do their job and votes for military action where intelligence was presented showing it the needed course of action. It will be harder for her to get through the Dem convention because of her "Yes" votes but much easier to convince America she isn't afraid of the Big Bad Wolf because of them. Hillary does not come off as soft. She may be considered the most hardcore, "cowboy up" woman in history. In short Hillary is not to be messed with. For a woman that is probably the biggest issue to overcome. She can hammer her Armed Forces Senate committee membership and name names of high ranking Generals with whom she has discoursed on matters of national safety.

    3. Health-care is key.
    Hillary was roundly thumped in her health-care plan. But she is also the only candidate who can point to a health care plan going back that far. She was prescient of the problems we would face or so she can argue. This point will allow the smaller point that she has a lifelong record of fighting for woman's and children's rights that will win over even the house-frau Oprah fans. She can argue she knows what plans she can get passed through Congress and that her plan covers every legal American. She can argue escalating health care prices means buying and paying for the right to lead a healthy life, something that should be guaranteed to American tax-paying citizens and our children.

    4. Fight for our rights.
    America has given up rights galore. We can be tapped, have our mail and email read, can be detained, can be jolted with stun guns, can be told who we can or more properly can not marry. Hillary can argue she is for domestic partnerships, for gays in the military, for more privacy for American citizens, for a "freer" America in all. She can point to her ordeals where Bill's sexual liaisons became public banter and political ballast and how that shapes her desire to keep the government out of the bedroom.

    There will be other key issues such as energy, technology and immigration but Hillary will sound much like her opponents on them. She will obviously try to paint any Repub candidate with the GW Bush. But she has to make that comparison and move back to other key points not allow that to become the theme. If she maintains the hard-hitting to the point push of the four bullet points above she will win handily in 2008.

    Long Live the Queen....
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    I do not agree with a word of it ..... but it is well thought out and written.
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    not even "long live the queen"??? : )
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    Now that's passion...
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    I thought you were going to type: "HRC is going to threaten to lift up her skirt if people don't vote for her."
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    ewwe....but um...for how long? and do we have to directly look or can we look away at a rolly polly on the street?

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