How long is it going to take

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by benson, Jan 12, 2013.

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    for our OC to figure out how to game-plan against a defense which is set on blitzing Romo? How many elimination games do we have to lose before Garrett adjusts the play calling for a team blitzing 5+ on more than half the defensive snaps?

    Is it just me or should a professional coach being paid millions of dollars be expected to have a plan for when a team goes blitz happy? Because from the redskins game this year, the giants game the year before, the minessota game, and the eagles 44-6 whooping, it seems something just isn't right. It happens all too much, coincidentally on national TV, and all of America gets to watch Romo run for his life for 60 minutes and get beaten like a drum.

    I'm just stating that it would be very disappointing if again next season, we're faced with an elimination game and Romo is looking 30 yards down the field with 5+ defenders in his face.
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    oh...excuse me..i got the wrong room.......I thought this was a thread about something new......ill leave you and your dead horse alone....

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