How long is the draft?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Afigueroa22, Apr 25, 2012.

  1. Afigueroa22

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    I am in Vegas and it is showing at 5 which is fine because I can watch it at work but I get off at 7 so any chance it lasts longer than that? I don't want to miss a single pick in the first round because I'm driving home.
  2. AdamJT13

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    Last year, the first round took three hours and 30 minutes.
  3. unionjack8

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    start faking sickness at about 11 am then run to the bathroom and pretend to throw up, rub muesli on your chin to make it look like puke and then you can leave at about 1pm................
  4. Afigueroa22

    Afigueroa22 Well-Known Member

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    That's what I'm afraid of. Well this year might be a little shorter because of luck and RG3.
  5. NeonDeion21

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    Wow. I thought it lasted a little longer than that. I can remember the days when the first round last 7 hours by itself.
  6. cowboy_ron

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    If either one of those take more than a minute they are just playing for the camera attention
  7. Picksix

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    In 2009, it lasted that long, because most teams were taking the whole time (which was 15 minutes), waiting for someone to call with a trade offer. Last year, totally different story. It was like the teams had a plane to catch. I just remember Berman or Eisen repeatedly having to cut off whoever was (over)analyzing the previous pick, because the next pick was in.
  8. Picksix

    Picksix A Work in Progress

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    True, but with the lack of blue chippers, teams may take more time taking or waiting for trade offers.
  9. Afigueroa22

    Afigueroa22 Well-Known Member

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    Yeah I bet the Redskins take their sweet-a** time.
  10. a_minimalist

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    it's scheduled for 3 and a half hours but until #14 is called or the cowboys pick is called it will feel like 1 year.
  11. marchetta

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    Naw. Try taking a swallow of chewing tobacco juice. Just go to the restroom, take a bite, swallow the juice, spit out the tobacco, and wait a few minutes. In about 5 minutes you'll break into a sweat, and will be as sick as a dog. But don't worry, as soon as you puke, you'll feel instantly 100% better. Just make sure someone is there to see you sweat, moan, and puke and you're home free. Worked for me several times to leave school early. ;)
  12. Beast_from_East

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    You know the Skins are going to milk it for all they can.


    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    The year the Vikings couldn't get a pick in was the longest, most painful thing I've ever seen in a draft. That was hard to watch.

  14. Chocolate Lab

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    Just listen to it on the radio. ESPN and Fox radio have it live with analysis that's as good as what is on TV.
  15. Risen Star

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    They shortened it to appease the whining casual fans who apparently were forced to sit through the marathon.

    This version of the draft is vastly inferior to the old bunker down draft weekend.

    For that alone, I'd fire then forearm smash Goodell.

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