How many Cowboys fans want Jason Campbell to stay on the Redskins team?

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by flozell35, Nov 29, 2009.

  1. flozell35

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    Seriously, is he not the best Redskin quarterback to have played for them in recent history. As long as he is starting, we know they won't have a chance. Who is actually scared of him winning the game in the final minute, or worried he might beat you. I vote for him re-signing with the Skins. He's terrible.
  2. Cowboy Brian

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    Hes better than Eli Manning.
  3. flozell35

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    You really think so? I think one player has shown performance under pressure (Super Bowl) and the other one has not been able to show a threat of a two minute drill, especially in the last 2 games. I don't know, I think the best thing for our rivalry is to keep him under center for their team for the next few years. We should be guaranteed an annual sweep with him around.

  4. CATCH17

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    As someone who really hates the Redskins I hope they keep Jason Campbell.

    The guy can throw a pretty pass but he just isn't a good NFL Quarterback.

    With that said the guy has had nothing but complete chaos surrounding him and has never been put in a good position to succeed.
  5. Heisenberg

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    You know, put on the same team, I think that's not as crazy a statement as it sounds.
  6. flozell35

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    What's funny is their fan base is completely undecided about whether or not they should support him as their starting quarterback. They are honestly debating it. How is this a debate? Only if your a Redskin homer can you give him the benefit of the doubt, but otherwise, there's no debate. The real question is, would we want him in place of Romo?
  7. DTK

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    I hope they keep him for another 10 years. That guy is horrible. LOL and the skidmark fanbase thinks Romo chokes...Campbell can't even get them past midfield during the final 2 minutes.
  8. flozell35

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    he is kyle orton 2.0, only they don't know it. But, yet they think the fact that he barely throws interceptions as a sign that they have a quality qb. Meanwhile, by all means, lower your standards. Helps our cause 2 times a year at least.
  9. ninja

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    He seems to play pretty well against the Cowboys.

    So, I hope he goes somewhere else. And I hope the Skins go with a rookie at QB.:)
  10. Cowboy Brian

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    No its not, you surround Campbell with an a+ O-line, a Dominant Running game for multiple years, and slightly above average receivers, and he will look just as good if not better than Eli Manning.
  11. big dog cowboy

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    I don't get any Wash games except for when they plays the Cowboys so I don't get to see him much. His stats are not great but he seems to have the tools to be a pretty good QB. Something just doesn't seem to click. Changing offensive systems every year can't help any either.
  12. cowboys102030

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    Watching Campbell play, he's not bad. You can not put the blame on him. He does force some throws, but the whole offense is pretty bad. They're banged up and have questionable playcalling. I want Jason Campbell to go somewhere else as a backup. I don't think he's starting caliber, but he's by no means a bad NFL QB.
  13. CowboyMike

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    Campbell isn't Washington's problem by a long shot.
  14. 8FOR!3

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    I agree with some of you guys, give Eli Manning a Redskin's jersey and you might not be any better off, Jason Campbell would be a decent QB on a good offensive team. Eli isn't even playing like that right now. But yeah, I hate the Redskins and Jason Campbell's part of that tradition now. If they signed someone, it'd have to be another person to hate, I don't want that. =(
  15. ArmyCowboy

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    Personally, I hope they ditch Campbell, use their first round pick on a quarterback and continue to ignore the offensive line.

    As for Campbell, he can look good at times, but when the game is on the line, he folds.
  16. Galian Beast

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    the best thing about washington is that if they bring in a new rookie quarterback next year to replace campbell the retooling of this offense will destroy the team.

    By the time their offense is ready, what they have of a defense will be withering. Not to mention that Clinton Portis who is already in decline will be an afterthought.

    Santana Moss and Randle El are even older than Portis. Cooley isn't far behind Portis.
  17. BraveHeartFan

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    I don't think he's horrible, and I don't think he's anywhere near their biggest problem, but I am not afraid of his ability and I wouldn't mind, at all, if they locked him up long term. Unfortunately they didn't do that last summer so I don't think you're going to see them do it. They'll go elsewhere this offseason.
  18. Skinsmaniac

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    I was a big Campbell supporter. Then I decided we had to go another direction. But I think the best thing to do would be to offer him a first round tender. As I understand it, and please correct me if I'm wrong, assuming there is no new CBA, he would be a restricted free agent. We could therefore offer him a one year deal worth 1.5-2 mil. That's a good deal even if he's just our backup or placeholder while we groom a rookie. And obviously no one else will give up a first rounder for him, so I think he'll be on the team next year. He actually played pretty well against the Eagles I thought. Maybe the best he's played all season.
  19. casmith07

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    I hope they get rid of Campbell and reach in the draft for a QB instead of drafting talent inside-out (line!) as usual.
  20. casmith07

    casmith07 Attorney-at-Zone

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    Your offensive line blocked.

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