How Redskins Fans really feel about this game

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Tass, Sep 16, 2005.

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    Makes me feel sorry for him. That is until the teams lineup :skins:
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    Thanks for the link, I enjoyed that in a really sick sort of way. :)

    One of the posters said:

    He's right, it will get out of hand. I'm looking forward to it. :D
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    isnt that an oxymoron?????????
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    I was over at extremeskins trying to see what they had to say about theesman's prediction for MNF game when I came across this post, Which is the funniest thing I have ever read: :lmao2:

    September-16th-2005, 02:03 PM #1
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    Posts: 1,169 I almost don't want to go the game on Monday cause I got Nothing


    I got tickets. Lower toilet bowl, endzone, just above the tunnel where the Skins will emerge. But I have to admit, I'm scared.

    Flashback to last year, I was there. Hootin' and hollerin' knowing we were going to win. Heck, it was in the bag. My 24 year-old-son, not the most pleasant drunk, had single-handedly silenced the entire section when we went ahead.

    I had some a-hole right behind me bending forward to whistle directly into my ear at every Julius Jones 2.3 yard run. During one ear-drum peircing whistle I snapped my head back and caught a piece of the guy's face with my head. He refrained from whistling, but continued to clap as loud as he possibly could within an inch of my ear. He, too had gone silent.

    We all know what happened.

    I had a small group of girls in from of me. We're talkin' 5 to 12 years old, when they threw the bomb. My heart sunk. Then, on top of the heartbreak, I got lambasted by a beer. Sad thing is, the little girls got just as drenched as me. Who brings a dozen little girls to a football game?

    Yes, we were obnoxious, funny, but obnoxious.

    It was one of the most heartbreaking moments in recent memory. To be so high, then so low. I'm sure I can't take it again.

    I'm not going to the game with my son this year, but a buddy who is a an obnoxious Cowboy fan, an Eagle fan, and another quieter Cowboy fan. They will be riding me hard. I will be the ugly chick in the porno, taking it anywhere it will fit.

    And you know what? I got nothing. I got no freakin ammo. I got no comebacks. I got N.U.T.T.I.N.

    They want Patrick Ramsey so they can laugh when Roy Williams lights him up like his Biotch of previous years. They want Brunnel because they like the idea of 80 yards of passing. They think JJ is gawd and yawn at the mention of Clinton Portis, resume not withstanding. He's a Redskin now which means he doesn't really want to be there, they say. Just like them all. Just like Champ, Smoot, Pierce etal. Sad thing is, I got nothin. I got freaking nothing.

    I can go into the debates and all the rational? Why? deaf ears. All I got in the ammo box is that we haven't won in Dallas since 1995 when a guy named Heath Shuler won the game. We haven't beaten Dallas at all since they laid down at the end of a season and yawned their way through a Game that Ramsey struggled and still managed to win.

    I got nothing.

    My only hope, this time, is to sit there quietly, golf clap at key points, and hopefully sneak out with a victory where I can smile and hope. Trash talk. No, not this year. Talk about playoffs and superbowls, no, not this year. Just smile and nod.

    Sorry, and some of you don't get it, I'm tired of defending the skins. I'm tired of hoping. I'm just tired as a football fan. They need to start putting up, cause I am so tired.

    Come on, you freakin loser Redskins, pull one out of your azz, just one time, one freakin time. I want to remember what it feels like. Does anyone really remember what it feels like? I don't. I know what it feels like to have your heart stepped on like a roach on a white tile floor. Out in open, no cover, then splat.

    I'll go to the game. I'll root for my team. I'll bite my fingernails down to the bleeding nubs. I will tell you this, I'm scared. I think our shot is thin. We need help. We need luck and you all know our history with luck.

    I'll always be a Redskins fan. Can't help it, it's in the blood. But why does it have to be a curse. It feels like a curse lately and...

    I got NOTHING.

    I can't wait until Monday Night. There will be alot of skins fans on suicide watch around 12:30am :lmao:

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