How the non-Claiborne rookies connected with the Cowboys are doing so far

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by honyock, Nov 16, 2012.

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    I still don't like the trade. They should have went OL in round 1 or 2, and continued that trend in next year's draft.

    You can always pick up a good enough CB in round 2 or 3, if needed, and if your scouting department is doing a good enough job.
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    I agree, Mo has already a pretty big impact on the defense.
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    I like Claiborne as well, but I think in today's NFL you don't need a bunch of "special" players. A bunch of really good players will get a Super Bowl.

    Over time, giving up picks to acquire "special" players will get you know where.

    We gave up a 3rd to get Dez because they thought he was "special", they give up a 2nd to get Claiborne because they think he is "special". In the end, it's not working. Stop going for "flash" and get some substance on this team.

    I hope I'm wrong but I think down the road I think we would have been better with two solid players vs one "special" player. It will really be bad if Brockers becomes "special", which I think he will.
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    People never take into account how the Cowboys trading up might have affected the draft order, Bob Sturm from the ticket uses that same logic but who knows if those guys would've still been there. I loved the pick then and i love it now since you can tell he's going to be great for years to come.
  5. Idgit

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    He ended up going 12th; our original selection was 14.
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    That's right, the Eagles moved up. thanks.
  7. Idgit

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    I'd have been bummed if he'd been there at 14, too. He was the guy I wanted most of the people I thought might actually be there for us. (I was sure Claiborne would be long-gone, obviously).
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    Just a correction here..

    Atlanta's running game has not improved from 2011 to 2012, it's become considerably worse. While having Konz prevented a G disaster after ATL lost a starter, it's not as if Atlanta fans consider him the second coming or the like.

  9. Rack Bauer

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    I don't think he's saying it improved over last year. He's saying with Konz in tehre it improved over how they did before he got the start THIS year.
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    Totally agree. I used to like to go back and look at drafts a few years later. Wife, kids, more responsibility at work, etc have sapped me of that time needed to do this. I used to save a few draft mags per year and keep them so I could go over them a few years later or to see what people were saying about guys before they were drafted and "what if". Now the internet can take care of that for me. Still never have the time to do it. So my long winded point is, I appreciate these types of posts. I wish there more of these and less of the "Fire Garrett", "Fire Romo", "Fire Jerry" type posts.
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    Thats correct, that's how I meant it. Konz has been given some credit for improving the run game since he's taken over as a starter a couple of games ago.

    Thanks for mentioning Wagner. I totally forgot to put him in the original list.

    The thing that surprised me about DeCastro was seeing that there is even a possibility that he could return this year. At the time of the injury, it was considered so bad that I read some speculation that it could be a career-threatening thing. Glad for him that it looks like a more optimistic outcome.

    One other o-lineman that I didn't list because I never saw any speculation that he'd fall to Dallas or that they had trade-up ambitions for him is Matt Kalil. He's the real deal...getting rave reviews with the Vikings. My impression was that Kalil, Zeitler and Glenn seem to have taken to the NFL the fastest of the rookie o-linemen.
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    Now that was a good read.

    Anyone know how some of the C prospects that folks were interested in -- like that 84 year old kid -- are panning out?
  13. EPL0c0

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    Great post, but these always make me wonder how much coaching has to do with a player's success or failure and if these guys that are doing well elsewhere would be doing as wel in Dallas.
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    x2 I come on the board every day, hoping I'll find a quality post like this. Also, Bobby Wagner was a guy we apparently liked that has done well. Although who could ask for any better than Bruce Carter and of course Lee when he was healthy.
  15. honyock

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    Here are the five rookie centers who seemed to be at the top of most of the pre-draft boards. (Some lists also had Zeitler at center as well as guard.) I think the old guy you're referring to is Blake. He's about to turn 27 later this month.

    Peter Konz – (Atlanta, 2nd round) Currently starting at guard. Their center, Todd McClure, is 35 years old and the speculation is that Konz will slide over to center eventually when McClure retires or slows down.

    Philip Blake (Denver, 4th round) – suffered a thumb injury and was placed on IR before week 3, out for the season. Different sites had him listed as either a backup center or backup guard before the injury.

    Ben Jones - (Houston, 4th round) Lots of playing time at right guard so far, has been rotating throughout the season with a veteran . Started the season very strongly and lately has hit the rookie wall. Good in pass protection, has struggled against the run.

    Mike Brewster (Jaguars, UDFA) - Started a couple of games at left guard early in the season, wowed no one, now listed as their backup center.

    David Molk (Chargers, 7th round) - Listed as backup at center. I couldn’t find a dang thing about him, looks like he hasn't made an impact or challenged for a starting spot.
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    Nice post! Well thought out.
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    Its way too early to judge Mo yet... The one thing he HAS to become for this move to be succesful is he needs to be a playmaker on D.. WE have lacked that for years from our DB's... Its a tough position to play, so it wont happen over night....Next year we will get a better idea.. He cant be just an average to good CB, he needs to make a difference everytime he is on the field...
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    Yep. I was thinking the same thing. Love this kind of stuff
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    Great post. I had been wondering about how some of these guys were doing, but didn't want to put in the time to do the research. Thanks!
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    :rolleyes: you can say that about any position.

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