How to Fix the Offense

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by JonJon, Oct 8, 2012.

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    We may never know until its implemented. So far, all I know is what were doing now is not working and that something else must be done to fix the problem. We can just sit idle and blame the Oline - we have to do anything to improve our situation even if it means trying new methods in playcalling or replace a player.

    The hot read mistakes can also be attributed to other factors such as timing, crowd noise, boneheaded mistakes, QB and receiver not on the right page, etc. It needs to get fixed.
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    All of those things need to be eliminated for any offense to work. If those aren't fixed, the problems are just going to compound.
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    what is the strength of our OL? that's the big question. we have three big holes in the middle and free has lost any technique he had. I could understand if we had the 90's OL and we were running a west coast offense or zone blocking scheme. that wasn't their strength. but this OL has no strengths and three huge liabilities on the right side.

    and if you look at a lot of the plays, that's what they are doing with a lot of quick outs to RBs, hitches to TEs. we have not had the opportunity to go deep, because the OL can't hold. we have had to dink and dunk our way down the field and beacause of that we have made mistakes that cost us drives.

    the opposing defenses don't respect our deep ball, because they know we can't go deep. so they are flooding the short and middle zones and attacking with 5 and at most 6 players and getting through the OL.

    you can put in a few plays. however, its a completely different offensive philosophy. we can't do run and shoot becausae we are barely 3 deep at WR. we can try west coast but only so many plays. after 4 games you have to go with the staple of plays that you installed in preseason. few new plays might help here and there, but won't get you to the finish line.

    I don't think we have a decent OL. we have the 3rd stringer from Miami. Free is awful this year. and bardenau is totally lost and useless. the right side is horrendous. how can you say we have a decent OL.

    the fact is we don't run tot he strong side ALL the time. we run the middle and right side majority of hte time. that is true for every NFL team.

    problem is that we suck on the right side of the OL.

    again, most teams are right handed and run to the right better than the left. we wouldn't be as effective running to the left with murray.

    I understand the different blocking schemes. this OL doesn't fit the mold of any because most plays they get beat at the snap.
  4. CowboysFaninDC

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    what skill set on the OL? and what play calling? you probably meant to say play design. the offensive failures are all around. equally distributed.

    outside of the sucky OL. jason witten dropped three passes in the seahawks game. crucial drops. Dez had three drops agains the bears to convert 3rd downs. KO had a big opps. and romo has missed WRs on deep throws and on some intermediate throws.

    right now, because of hte bad OL, we have to execute near perfect to survive. and we haven't done that. plays have been there, but not executed.

    if we had a great OL, then we could over come those mistakes. we don't have a great OL. we can't afford miscues and drops and over throws.

    so which OLs are worse than us? bears? AZ. those teams have had their defenses pull them out. bears have top 5 defense. AZ has relied on their defense.

    the problem is our defense hasn't been great. we haven't generated consistant pressure. we have no turnovers from our secondary. we give up 3rd down conversions like there is no tomorrow.

    and I don't disagree with those plays. but if that's the mainstay of the team. DCs will pick up on that and play tendencies and pretty soon those plays won't be there neither and you will be back here screaming again.

    we have to use all 9 zones on offense or at least have a threat to do so. left, right, middle. short, intermediate and deep. our deep balls have been awful. we are less than average in the middle and forced to do a lot of short stuff.

    again, not bashing the ideas. but if we come to rely on those too much, soon, they will go away too. sooner or later we have to make some plays down field for these plays to be effective. if we don't none of it matters. and it all comes down to the OL. if they can't hold and give time for down play fields to develop, if romo misses on those times those plays are available, then it won't matter.
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    The more we throw it, the worse we play.

    Teams are forcing us to start chucking it all over the place-knowing that when we get in throw only mode, they can pressure Romo and someone will make a mistake.

    The Cowboys need a running game, somehow, someway, to keep our team from killing itself.
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    not true

    how is peyton doing in denver?
  7. Gameover

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    give kyle orton a chance!!

    you'll be pleasantly surprised by the results!
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    Why does it seem like every player on our team is looking at a different playbook? Total disconnect between our WR's and QB. We need to start relying on our defense more and not make the big mistake.
  9. Gameover

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    simple:tony romo
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    We can have the top draft pick in the draft!

    Listen to this man Jerry!
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    Did you see the Green Bay vs. Seattle game? Green Bay's oline was absolutely awful and gave up 8 sacks in the 1st half.

    However, Green Bay made some proper adjustments. Rogers started going with quick counts and slants, play action, and rollouts. Basically, they started doing something else differently. Sure they started running the ball also, but basically, that is what happens when you have a good playcaller who knows what to do than one that relies purely on a scripted playbook.
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    Those are all staples of the offense they have been running since McCarthy got there.
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    Could you imagine Romo in Bill Walsh's offense?? *drool*
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    Just played NFL Street 2.

    Do a lot of pitches when the ball carrier is about to get tackled, taunt as much as you can and pull out the gamebreaker.

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