How/When did you become a Cowboys fan?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Aven8, Jan 24, 2013.

  1. Avenging Hayseed

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    Might sound stupid now,....but you gotta remember,...I was only 10 years old! LOL Seemed like the Cowboys all had cool names back then. Billy Joe Dupree, Preston and Drew Pearson, D.D Lewis, Too Tall Jones, Golden Richards,....ect ect.

    Add to that the cool little up down move from the O line, the awesome uniforms, and the man in the funny hat and.......THEY HAD ME AT HELLO! :D
  2. Rynie

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    You obviously don't know what "bandwagon" means.
  3. Avenging Hayseed

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    Dumbest thing you could ever post. Were ALL good fans,...if we werent we wouldnt be here on this board.

    Other thing to consider is this.......growing up in Texas , exactly how hard is it to be a Cowboys fan? I fly halfway across the country just to get a chance to see a live game and see old friends every once in awhile. How bout you?

    Like another poster already said, have NO CLUE what the meaning of a bandwagon fan really is. You might want to look it up next time before you decide to offend half the board. Im NO bandwagon fan.......not by a long shot!

    I guess if you consider seeing EVERY Cowboys game that was ever televised in my area from 1974 on and EVERY SINGLE Cowboys game since the advent of direct TV being a bandwagon fan then maybe I would fit your definition! LOL
  4. Clove

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    We get this same question every year. :)
  5. Titleist

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    Born and raised in south Texas. When I first started watching football around 2000 the only team in Texas was the Cowboys (Oilers had just moved to TN), so I became a fan and have remained one ever since
  6. Avenging Hayseed

    Avenging Hayseed Interwebs fooseball expert

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    Yep,......and for some reason I keep answering it. Old habits die hard I guess! :)
  7. since75

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    When: Christmas 1975 11 years old and me and my bro got football uniforms for xmas.

    Where: Just a little bit outside of New Orleans La

    Cowboys were a big deal with Staubach and 2 Pearsons on the team which is my last name. Been the one and only ever since.

    Month or so a go, told my son (14) who is also a fan, that I was sorry for bringing him into this mess. He's seen nothing but crap from the boys his entire life.

    All said, the best times we've had have been watching the cowboys at home and a few times at cowboys stadium
  8. jgboys1

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    1/16/1972, Super Bowl VI. Bet my dad and uncle that the Cowboys would win and when they did I was 1.50 richer. Have been a fan ever since. I Just past 41 years of being a Cowboys fan. :star:
  9. KoolAde2

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    I had just move to Conroe Tx (1960) from Butler Pa. which all the kids was Steeler fans. I had only lived there for a year and was still to young to really have a real thing for football. Any way all the kids told me I had to choose either a Cowboys or Oilers as they where the new Football Teams for Texas.
    I like the sound of Cowboys way better than Oilers.
    Since I have really live away from the area most of my life I have never made a game in Texas. Though I have been to one in NY where I live now. Been to one Florida in the early seventies. Got tickets from the Owner of the Hotel I was a Sous Chef for the 1978 SB. Dallas against the Steelers. The owner of the Hotel was part owner of the Steelers. So my tickets where in the Steelers section. Still Cheered the Cowboys every-time they did something good
  10. Mountaineerfan

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    My brother is 10 years older than I am and growing up in steelers land he hate the steelers. So by default I grew up a cowboys fan.
  11. tyke1doe

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    When the Cowboys drafted Tony Dorsett. Before then, I was a Redskins fan. :eek::
  12. Lonestar94

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    If your family was Packer fans in wisconsin and you become a fan of the Cowboys because they have a fancy "cool" star on their helmet and they just won the superbowl the year before.. you might be a bandwagon fan.

    Not saying that you or anyone else are bandwagon fans now.. but thats how they become a fan of the Cowboys. Guess I always believed in rooting for the hometown team.
  13. cajuncocoa

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    Fixed your post. :)
  14. BlueStar3398

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    My dad has been a fan since the beginning of the franchise. I grew up watching with him and my brothers.
  15. jjktkk

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    Super Bowl 6. With about 20 relatives packed inside my grandmother's tiny living room, watching our Boys throttle the Dolphins.
  16. lurkercowboy

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    The Cowboys are America's Team, they don't belong only to the fans in the Dallas area. That should be considered a good thing for all us fans.
  17. ghst187

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    day i was born....
  18. MissouriCowboy

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    Man I loved Dorsett and Ed 2 Tall Jones.
  19. patrickstillhere

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    When: 6 years ago

    Where: Hungary

    Why: DWare
  20. randy932

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    I, too, have been a fan since day one. Was a Dallas Texan fan before the Cowboys. Since I lived in the area, I always was a fan of the local teams. I liked the Cowboys because they were new, and I like the colors on their uniforms.We saw what few games were on TV and listened to the rest on the radio. After about 1966, we got what was called a "Cowboy Antennae". These were directional antenna that you placed on a tall, tall pole on the side of your house. You could turn them and point them toward Tyler, Tx, or sometimes Waco, Tx, and even sometimes toward Sherman/Denison, Tx, in order to pick up the games that were blacked out in Dallas. I have seen or listened to every Cowboy game except for a handful when I was overseas during the Viet Nam War, and one game when my daughter was born.

    Yes, I remember a lot of people had never heard of the name of the Dallas Cowboys' owner. Sure wish it was that way today.

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