How/When did you become a Cowboys fan?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Aven8, Jan 24, 2013.

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    I remember that. "Is it Bum Bright? Tex Schramm? AH well no matter. Tom Landry's the only name I need to know."

    It's sad that it took you're quote to bring back those great days of Jerry-less Cowboys to my memory."

    He's much better than he used to be when he'd storm into the draft room, push the scouts aside and pick some steaming pile of crap that was "his" guy.

    What I'm worried about is that he's getting older so are those days coming back? Is he on the brink of going fully Al Davis or Ralph Wilson on us?
    Some ancient senile old billionaire playing with the hopes and dreams of millions?

    Help us Stephen Jones, You're our only hope!
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    Quick and easy...super bowl 12...fanatical ever since...go Cowboys
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    The year was 1961...

    QB: Eddie LeBaron, Don Meredith
    RB: Amos Marsh, Don Perkins
    LB: Chuck Howley
    DL: Bob Lily
    WR: Frank Clarke, Billy Howton

    Those were some dark days as the team went 4x9x1 for the season.

    That was looong ago!!!
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    1975 when the dirty dozen rookies made the team, including one of my all-time favorites Randy White; the LB who ran back kickoffs, Hollywood Henderson; and one of my favorite OLinemen, Pat Donovan. We also picked up Preston Pearson. Lots of new blood and I was a fan.
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    A new TV channel was launched in the UK in 1982, and one of the things they broadcast was American Football.

    I was intrigued by this new game, and figured I would need to find a team to support.

    One of the first programs broadcast on the channel was a documentary show to try & raise interest, this was titled "Max Boyce meets the Dallas Cowboys", where the Welsh comedian spent a week (or so) with the Cowboys in training camp trying out for the team.

    So that's how come I became a Cowboys fan, and have so far seen them four times, (two regular season games at Texas Stadium & two pre-season games at Wembley & San Diego).

    Hoping to come over this year for another game to see Cowboys Stadium :)
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    Crazy Cowboy fan takes free training camp trip

    By Tech. Sgt. James Brabenec
    AFPC Public Affairs

    Senior Master Sgt. Nelson Sumner loves his Dallas Cowboys, and as one fanatical follower, he recently earned a free trip to the team’s training camp in California.

    He entered a video in a San Antonio sports radio station contest describing why he’s so dedicated to his Cowboys. To win, he needed to receive the most votes, and his family, friends and co-workers responded earning him the title of craziest Cowboy fan.

    So, off he flew to sunny Southern California and a four-day stay at on-the-beach Oxnard. Although he had the opportunity to cruise “Ventura Highway” and enjoy the ocean breezes, he remained focused on the trip’s purpose.

    “Don’t know and don’t really care what’s in Oxnard. This was a business trip, and the mission was to see the Cowboys,” said Sergeant Sumner of the Air Force Personnel Center here. “My goal was to shake Coach (Bill) Parcells hand again like last year.”

    Not only did he shake Coach Parcells hand after being in an area restricted to the general public, the coach also signed his Cowboys face mask Sergeant Sumner wears to games.

    “Coach said he remembered meeting me last year in an off-limits location,” he said. “He signed my mask and said, ‘You’re not supposed to be here either,’ then laughed and walked away.”

    Having lived through good seasons and bad, Brenda Sumner is well acquainted with her husband’s passion for “America’s Team.”

    “Each day I wake up to a huge poster of Troy Aikman in our bedroom, but that’s all right.
    I wouldn’t have Nelson any other way,” she said. “Although he will tape other games to be with the family, when it’s a Cowboy game, I’ve learned not to make plans until after the game. Instead, he watches the game, and I go shopping.”

    Personal history offers a glimpse into the source of Sergeant Sumner’s team loyalty. Coincidentally, he learned to love the Cowboys on the gridiron -- so to speak.

    “When I was 5 years old, my friend and I would play football against each other. He always said he was the Vikings, and since I knew nothing of football I asked him who I could be. He said I could be his second favorite team, the Cowboys. Since then I’ve been a Cowboy fan,” he said.

    He remained a true fan even into his Air Force career that nicely accommodated his football fixation.

    “I enlisted in 1980 hoping to get stationed close enough to Dallas to attend my first game, but the assignments people had other ideas,” he said. “I wound up with orders to Italy.”
    Visions of Venice, the aquamarine Mediterranean Sea and Italian sports cars no doubt drifted through his mind, as they would with any normal American looking at two to four years at that choice location.

    Then again …

    “I managed to swap for Dyess Air Force Base, Texas. Yes, I know it was crazy, but I had to be close to my Cowboys,” said Sergeant Sumner.

    His initial foray into “Cowboy land” led to eight years at Dyess. All told he’s been based in Texas for 21 of his 25 years. But then, like any dedicated fan, he believes there’s a suitable explanation.

    “Since the Cowboys are God’s team, I believe he wanted me, the number one Cowboy fan, here to cheer them on,” said Sergeant Sumner, who added there’s a hole in the roof in Texas Stadium so God can watch.

    Regardless of why he stayed in Texas so long, Sergeant Sumner said he is grateful for his time in the Air Force.

    “I’ve enjoyed every minute of my Air Force career and will tell anyone it really is a great way of life,” he said. “At the same time, I’ve been lucky enough to see a lot of Cowboys’ games.”
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    True, same can be also said of Arkansas. There's a envy quotient there in play. (like Coloradans sans the DC faithful base) But I think the Dallas Cowboys loyalty was built on pure proximity basis and local mkts were always foisted with the Cowboys games as a product of being the closest team to sort of "call their own" or identify most closely with. Forging brand loyalty was lubricated by their success estb during the 70's
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    Probably around 1974...I was 5 years old and watching them on a black and white TV. Never went to a game in person when I was a kid though...long drive from Tn. I saw all of the Staubach greatness though....RARELY missed any games that were shown on TV, and there were alot back then....truly America's Team.
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    Became a Cowboys fan in 1971.I was 7 years old.My dad was a season ticket holder from 1971-2000.Me and him went to all the games.The Cowboys won the super bowl the first year I started watching.I thought it was the greatest thing in the world,and still do.
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    I grew up in central PA, so I was surrounded by arrogant Pittsburgh Squealer fans, Obnoxious Philthydelphia E-Girl fans, Cross Dressing Hogette Foreskins fans, etc. So, to be different than all the rest of the clowns, I rooted for the Cowboys.

    However, In 1977 I graduated from high school and ended up moving to DFW (Dallas-Fort Worth Area) working construction for Fox & Jacobs. That year the Cowboys drafted Tony Dorsett (Pitt Alumni), so I was a TD fan all the way.
    I remember watching Super Bowl XII in a Sports Bar in North Dallas off Gaston Ave. It was the 1st time I watched NFL on a good big screen TV and I was hooked from that day forward.

    I remember one guy in the bar that night groaning when the Donks (Broncos) missed a TD and that guy got the snot beat out of him. After the Cowboys won SB XII, Dallas was total pandemonium. People shooting guns everywhere, cars doing doughnuts in the streets, massive burnouts, you name it........... it was CoooooooL...

    From that day forward, there has never been another team that gets me more fired up and ready to do 30 celebration pushups every time they score a TD, FG or get a Turnover. I've had more that a few friends take pictures of me when I do my celebration pushups in a bar or at home. I like getting FIRED UP!!

    So, I stuck it out during the lean years and will continue to root for the Cowboys for the rest of my life.
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    My first name is Dallas. I started following the boys as soon as I realized Sundays were for Football. Granted,that is longer ago than I want to admit. My favorite years were when I was a teenager watching the latter part of Staubach's Career with Tony Dorsett,Tony Hill, Billy Joe Dupree and Drew Pearson. Danny White was an idol of mine too.:)
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    Actually was born and raised in Dallas area and started following the Cowboys very heavy since 1972 at 11 years old. I have always maintained what's going on in the Draft and etc. since that time. One of the most excited times for me was 1977 Draft and Tony Dorsett I personally thought a solid RB with Breakaway speed was what they were missing. My second favorite time was when they signed Charles Haley because I thought this would put them over the top in the early 90's and in my views at the time I told everyone that would listen that he was the difference maker for those teams.

    Note: I'm telling you the same thing right now PASS RUSHERS are needed as much as Offensive Lineman are.....PERIOD. This is why I keep saying Anshw or Short at #18 unless Warmack is sitting there at #18. If Warmack is gone than go DE or DL but they have to be a solid Pass Rusher to help Ware.
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    I graduated from SMU two years earlier than Don Meredith which time (1958) I entered the USAF as a 2nd Lt. Even with my service career I instantly became a Cowboy fan in 1960 and was able to see them two or three times when they played in the Cotton Bowl and several in the early
    Texas Stadium days. Have taken the Cowboy Star Weekly since its inception. Never got to see Staubach play (except on TV) but he soon became my favorite. Expected him to go into politics but he disappointed me. Although Roger was my favorite I was nuts about Randy White, Too Tall, Bob Lily, Bob Hayes, Harris, and all the other Cowboy greats! I still have a radio tape my wife sent me while stationed in Korea of the old Ice Bowl game in Green Bay. Have not missed many games on TV since I got out of the service as I purchased the old big TV dish popular in late 70's and 80's and watched them free and since then NFL Sunday Ticket for the last 7 or 8 years. I guess you would say I am a VERY OLD DIEHARD COWBOY FAN!:D
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    I think I was about five our six years old when I realized the passion my late father and my older brother had for the Cowboys. I still remember a game where the Cowboys lost, and my brother began to cry, almost uncontrollably. That is a memory I will never forget. That is when I knew the Cowboys were a part of my family, a part of me. It's been that way ever since!

    I love the Cowboys, win or lose! That's my team. And there has never been, or will be a second favorite. And no, I'm not one of those fans that is ashamed to represent my Boys!
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    The day my Oldest son was born we where in a Hospital in Harrisburg PA. Had a midwife delivering the baby. The Cowboys where playing the Pittsburgh Steelers On Sept 28th 1985. Midwife was a Steeler Fan and I of course was the Cowboy fan my wife was laying there in Labor as the two of us where yelling back and forth about the game and who was winning as we where watching the game on TV.:lmao2: As soon as game was over she told my wife to roll to the left and within 20 minutes Curtis was born.

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    1st game 1960. Watched it with my dad.
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    Always love it when you post. Great read! I grew up in Abilene, TX. Very familiar with Dyess AFB. Home of the B-1B. Miss home dearly!
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    06-07, I started watching games off and during the 06 season but didn't watch full time until the first game of the 2007 season. Born and raised in Irving, TX and my whole family are big Cowboy fans but I just wasn't into watching football until 06 for some reason, I was into WWE big time. I've been obsessed ever since.

    I'm 21, never saw the superbowls which is kind of depressing but I wouldn't have been old enough to remember anyway and I've seen, what, 3-4 playoff games?
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    Basically thats how I got into it. Started watching beginning of the 2010 season at 16.
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    When - 1982/83 when the NFL was first shown here regularly.

    Why - Well, in the late 1960s, my football (soccer) team, Dundee United, played in the NASL as Dallas Tornado. When it came to choosing which team I would follow, it had to be Dallas.

    Unfortunately I've only ever managed to see them live once. That was the 1986 American Bowl in London and we were beaten 17-6 by the Chicago Bears.

    I don't have too many aims in life, but one is to see a Cowboys home game, preferably one where we win. :star:

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