How will this season end?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by EvilJerry88, Nov 16, 2013.

  1. dupree89

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    Wow, you have some high hopes. Nothing wrong with that, just that I am surprised that someone has so much confidence in this team.
  2. Clove

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    Trying to predict this team should give anyone a head ache. After stinking it up, now it's time for us to have that AMAZING game where a lot of people can say "We're back".
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  3. SSWilliams31

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    From what I've seen so far I'm not expecting much
  4. Blue Eyed Devil

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  5. waving monkey

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    I agree thou I still believe Red can right the ship
  6. jens kuehne

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    yep I think so
  7. Sarge

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    When your defense gives up 30 or more points 70% of the time - one needs not have great expectations for this team, and I don't, and haven't, for a long time.
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  8. Joe Rod

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    This season depends on the other teams in the Division. To me, their ceiling right now is 8-8 team, so they will need the other teams in the East to be worse than that to get into the playoffs.
  9. Sarge

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    Badly, yet predictably.
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  10. Fmart322

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    I see 8-8/7-9. The defense is awful. The offense can't score. Injuries all over the place. Bad coaching. Meddling owner.
    We're only in the race because everyone else stinks.
  11. Risen Star

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    With promises of change and accountability before doing the exact same thing again next year.
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  12. stasheroo

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    I agree about the 6-10 part, but I see sweeping changes made afterwards.

    I think the wheels have fallen off and nobody on this staff has the answers on how to fix what's broken.
  13. notherbob

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    Let's face it, 8-8 is the new 5-11. Better but still mediocre. Mediocrity is inevitable when you overpay a handful of stars and there's not enough money left in the cap to pay good support players. It's a team sport but I don't think Jerrry really understands the concept of team as he is of the rugged individualist type. Stars fill seats but teams win championships. JMO.

    Life's good anyway as long as you don't get upset about things that don't really affect you.
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  14. Reverend Conehead

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    7 and 9, Eagles win division, Garrett fired. Jerry hires his next 8-8/7-9 coach and continues to meddle.
  15. dstovall5

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    9-7 and we make the playoffs. We win our first playoff game at home, but the 2nd one we get a beat down.
  16. BoysFan4ever

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    I've given up on the season.

    I don't see this team accomplishing anything.
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  17. lwehlers

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    this is what I also think will happen except the eagles will win the division. the giants 0-6 start will be there undoing. I think they finish 8-8 and the eagles finish 9-7 with the redskins finish 7-9 too.
  18. landroverking

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    Nothing short of the SB birth.
  19. fifaguy

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    No playoffs, Garrett retained, Kiffin jettisoned, the 'window' firmly shuts for Romo et al...
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  20. Risen Star

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    Well we're gonna have to revoke your fan card.

    We'll need the foam finger too.
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