How's Matt Schaub doing?

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Doomsday101, Aug 3, 2007.

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    It's axiomatic in football that everyone loves the backup quarterback ... until he becomes the starter. That said, Matt Schaub looks pretty much ready for prime time. Schaub, who became the hot backup commodity while sitting behind Michael Vick for three years in Atlanta, threw crisp balls all over the field on Wednesday morning. A deep out to Pro Bowl wideout Andre Johnson, a sharp curl to Kevin Walter, a sweet touch pass to ancient tight end Mark Bruener. "He's got the arm,'' says Johnson. "He drops back, he lets it go and when you come out of your break, the ball is there.''

    The great irony of Schaub's circumstance, of course, is that if he had not been traded by the Falcons, he would now be the starter in Atlanta, with Vick's dogfighting suspension. "I'm aware of it, but I don't dwell on it,'' Schaub told me after practice. "I'm focused on what I have going on here.''
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    Just wait til he gets hammered like Carr did!
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    How well his OL performs, will dictate his season--he has the talent
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    Why does everyone think he is so good? He might be, but what evidence is there? Because he had one solid game against the Patriots? He was sort of solid at UVA, but not that great, and that was college.
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    Schaub is probably also aware that if he were still in Atlanta he would be making a lot less money. Houston not only traded for him, but they dished out some good money for him. Atlanta could have kept him at his original rookie contract numbers or a slight increase, but not the money that Houston offered.

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