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Discussion in 'Drama Zone' started by theSHOW, Mar 14, 2014.

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    If you substituted Jerry Jones for Ron Burgundy it would fit perfectly. Agreed Cowboys Nation?

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    He's not really a bad owner. Its the GM part thats not quite right
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    If he was a good owner, he would realize his limitations and hire a good GM.

    He's not a good owner. He's a good businessman.
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    Exactly right, bro.

    It's impossible to be a good owner and retain a horrible GM. It's impossible to be a good owner when you neuter your own coaching staff.

    He's as bad of an owner as he is a GM.
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    Disagree. Cowboyszone stuck on stupid today I see.
  7. theSHOW

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    [​IMG]I could see "our Jerry" replacing Ron for this item covers lead man.
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    He's neither. A smart business owner surrounds himself with smart people. They only people Jerry surrounds himself with is Jerry.
  9. ninja

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    So let's look at three recent examples of Jerry vs. bonafide GMs:
    a) Jerry signs Ware to a contract several years ago. Ware gets hurt for the past two years and starts to decline and Jerry Jones doesn't think Ware is worth $12.75M. Jerry cuts Ware. Some 'real' GM steps in and offers Ware $13M for 2014.
    b) Jerry Jones doesn't see value in paying a 32 year old DL with one good year in career (Hatcher) $7M/yr. Some other 'real' GM does.
    c) Jerry Jones pays Costa $1.5M/yr and some see that as ridiculous especially for the caliber of player and amount. A 'real' GM steps in and offers Costa basically the same ($1.35M/yr) for the Colts.

    Look, Jerry Jones has made mistakes as GM. Even some that were real head scratchers like extending Ratliff. Some decisions seemed good at the time but turned out disastrous like franchising Spencer. He has also made some excellent decisions also. Just like every other GM out there. All GMs have to gamble and roll the dice sometimes. Get over it. Take a look around the league and you find some curious decisions for all GMs. It is the nature of the beast. There is nothing scientific about player analysis and prediction. There is a lot of guesswork and gambling.

    No one has a crystal ball. If Ware gets hurt or sucks, then Elway is an idiot and Jerry the genius (or, more likely, the haters will just say lucky). If Ware balls out, then Elway is the genius and Jerry the idiot. Can you tell us how Ware will do this year? Same with Hatcher.
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