Hunt Begins For More Manson Victims

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    Charles Manson ranch hunt for graves begins

    By Tom Leonard in New York
    Last Updated: 1:51PM BST 20/05/2008

    Detectives and scientists are due to start digging for undiscovered graves today at the former ranch of Charles Manson and his murderous cult.

    Charles Manson is serving a life sentence at Corcoran State Prison

    The dig at the Barker Ranch in Death Valley, California, will be led by sheriff’s officials assisted by specialists in detecting disturbed soils and chemical markers that indicate likely grave sites.

    The expedition to the secluded ranch is expected to last until Thursday and will take investigators into the Panamint Mountain range, within Death Valley National Park.

    Manson and his followers holed up at the ranch after they murdered Sharon Tate, the actress wife of Roman Polanski, and six others in 1969.

    Police have long suspected that the group, which Manson called his “family”, might have killed more people. There were rumours of young people who hitchhiked into the desert, stopped at the ranch and were never seen again.

    Susan Atkins, a family member, reportedly told a prison cellmate while awaiting trial that there were “three people out in the desert that they done in”.

    The decision to start investigating the site further followed initial tests in February that found at least two sites that could be graves.

    The discoveries were made by a team that included two researchers from the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee using equipment to detect chemical traces of human decomposition and a police detective with a dog trained to find corpses.

    After further soil sampling with inconsistent results, Bill Lutze, the local sheriff, agreed to the exploratory excavation. The National Park Service has closed the ranch to the public for the duration of the dig.

    The searchers will use technology that wasn’t available when Manson and his followers were arrested nearly 40 years ago.

    It includes radar, magnetometers and portable gas-chromatograph and mass spectrometers that can detect chemical markers characteristic of bodies in decomposition. But they will do the digging with shovels, said Mr Lutze.

    Manson is serving a life sentence at Corcoran State Prison in California.
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    Okay, my immediate question is...if they find bodies and have new trials can he get the Death Sentence for them?

    Not that it matters. It would take forever for all the appeals to trickle out and he'd die in prison long before he took a needle.
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    No, he would get the punishment at the time of the murders. But since the death penalty was in place at that time. Now that I think about, I don't know.

    Ignore this post, except for the astute observation that that pic of Manson looks a lot like BP. :eek:
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    He probably has a victim in his beard.

    Has anyone in the U.S. every been given a death sentence if they weren't the ones that actually performed the murder? I am curious. Manson was the obvious ring leader, but from what little I do know of his story was that he never physically laid a hand on the victims. He just brainwashed his followers to do the dirty work. I wonder if that matters at all in pursuing a possible death sentence. It doesn't to me.
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    The rumors were that he beheaded a Spahn Ranch hand, Shorty Shea, with a sword and buried him in the desert. If they find a beheaded body out there you never know.
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    I'm sure they have... especially in Texas. I believe that Solicitation of Murder (Murder for Hire) is subject to the Death Penalty...
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    I didn't even think about the solicitation angle.
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    They should use him for AIDS research cures.:D
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    I heard a news report on the radio about this.

    It was reported that the ranch (potential crime scene) is located in a poor county and that county residents aren't all that exicted about having their limited funds spent to try a guy who is already in jail (and who will almost certainly die in jail) for a crime that happened when Nixon was still on office.

    Understandable opinion.

    (finding and identifying bodies is one thing, but hosting a circus trial - mostly for the sake of having a circus trial - seems dubious).
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    This is going to sound gory, but I'd love to be in on this search.

    The Manson case has long fascinated me.
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