Hurricane Season

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by SaltwaterServr, Jul 1, 2009.

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    Folks, it's solid into hurricane season again and some of the buoys in the central Gulf are showing high 80's and one cracked 90 degrees yesterday for the surface water temperature.

    That's bad mojo for hurricane formation. I frequent a weather website that has EVERYTHING that becomes available for tropical weather formation, almost as it happens. It also has tons of folks on there who'll have up to the minute emergency warnings, evacuation plans, evacuation alerts, and pretty much everything you'll need if you live on or near the coastal areas of the United States.

    Last year we stayed in contact with folks on Galveston Island throughout Ike and helped convince mutliple families to **** of the way of that "little" storm.

    Here's the link if you or someone you know ends up on the bulleye of one of the storms this season, or just want better information (and much faster) than the Weather Channel can get it to you. That site will honestly get you the information as soon as the National Weather Service updates and as NOAA reports back the dropsond buoy data back to the mainland.
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    Neat site! Thanks!
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    My Generator is tested and ready! Our final season to have to deal with these things.
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    Interesting you mention the water temps. Just today on the news (DFW), they were talking about just how hot the local lake temps were.

    I can't imagine an ocean fluctuating as much as a lake, but still. A degree here or there can have huge effects.
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    Not if you plan on moving near the coast of NC.

    When hurricane Hugo got to Charlotte back in 1989, it was still at hurricane level.
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    Wow. I've never swam in water that warm. Feel kind of gross if you ask me.

    I'm usually looking for a nice 65-70 degree water temp. Spent a good amount of time at one of my buddies cabins a few summers ago. When we got there the waters were freezing from all the melting snow. Took a couple dips and had to wait a few weeks for the water to warm up.
  8. Joe Rod

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    Stupid Hurricanes! Thanks for the cold hard slap of reality! :)
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    I was in Cary back in 98 or 99 when a hurricane was kicking butt up the coast. It was wild.
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    I have had the pleasure of going through 2 direct hits with Hurricane Alicia and Ike. Ike was more powerful but Alicia actually had more tornados associated with it at least where I was than Ike did. At one point there were 13 tornados all on the ground in the spring branch area of Houston.

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