I can't take it...

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by Qwickdraw, Jul 17, 2005.

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    you and me, both. I've been reading waaaaaay too many pre-season/fantasy football mags. please...get here soon. Madden 05 can only get me so far.
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    This is a good kind of anxiety guys. I feel your pain too. I'm trying to stay calm by using this site as my football fix for now. We're all anxious because we actually have something to look forward to this year with the team. Take a deep breath and relax.....it will be here soon.

  4. billknows

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    Hurry Sunday
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    Try being stuck with the CFL, it is ok because it is football, but it is not the NFL by any means, not even close :banghead: . And the worst part, I'll miss all the training camp reports :( , all of the Cowboys' pre-season games :( . which I watch from beginning to end, no matter what. Like seeing what the rookies and bubble players look like . And I will miss the first month of the season :mad: . Will have to have my son or ex-wife :confused: tape the games until I return.
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    the only that is making this easy is fantasy football drafting but i'm running out of teams, and TC IS STILL NOT HERE

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