i did not get to see the game.

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by lane, Dec 31, 2006.

  1. lane

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    for those of you that did............who played well other than ware and owens?how did bobby carpenter do?
  2. Clove

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    Carpenter did decent, he's still a tad slow but he's coming on.

    Owens played a pretty good game, he had 1 drop in the 1st series in the game, it would've been for like 4 yards. Witten was solid, Fasano was horrible, Ware was great, Glymph was great for a couple of series, the LB crew sucked in coverage and the secondary was absolutely horrible.

    McBriar was the best player on the field out side of Ware, but the Punt coverage was horrible. Austin was brilliant on kick off coverage, aidios Tyson Thompson, the coaching was less than Average.

    Romo would've been great if not for the fumbles, the OLINE played like an 0-16 team.
  3. Star4Ever

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    I know most are gonna disagree with me, but Ware was not great today. Yes, he had some sacks and put some pressure on the QB, but he also repeatedly took a bad angle to the QB and let Kitna get by him numerous times for big gains with his legs. I saw this several times.
  4. dbair1967

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    you didnt miss much...it was a putrid performance in all areas

    offensively the OL was just abysmal...they couldnt block crap...the Lions stomped our running game out with just their front 4...there was consistent pressure on Romo...they should have benched a couple of our OL's during the game...just terrible effort...Barber and Jones both were hit consistently in the backfield, and the Lions were missing alot of defensive guys

    Romo had nice numbers, but he had aot of bad plays too...too many fumbles and a few really stupid throws...Owens, Glenn and Witten were all ok...Romo threw a nice long TD to Owens, and we had a nice flea flicker that worked for 50+ yds to Glenn

    defensively some will say we did have 5 sacks, but the Lions were missing 3 Ol starters and one of their replacements also got hurt and had to leave the game...they ran decently on us and for the most part Kitna had all the time he needed to pick apart our secondary..Ware had 3 sacks, but in the 2nd half we didnt get much pressure at all

    Newman had a nice punt return TD, but had a fumbled punt too...our punt coverage team was horrendous

    officiating was bad as many pointed out...RW had a pick for a TD on the 1st play of the game wiped out by an awful personal foul call on Newman...Newman's fumble probably should have been negated for a penalty too, as the Lion defender nearly ran into him before the ball got there..also appeared their Roy Williams pushed off on Aaron Glenn on the TD before halftime

  5. lane

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    thanks clove.......i really enjoyed your play by play in the game thread.outstanding work!!!did the whole offensive line suck.........or just rivera and adams?
  6. ghosttown cowboy

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    You're lucky!
  7. speedkilz88

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    This game will probably be a REPLAY game on nflnetwork.
  8. alancdc

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    I thought that other than the whif on the potential sack Carp played pretty well. Made some nice tackles, and knocked down a pass, that he might have been able to pick!?
  9. Star4Ever

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    When Detroint scored their first TD, did the receiver actually get both feet down? I know we challenged it and they upheld the TD call, but it looked to me like his feet did not touch the endzone. What do you guys think?
  10. The30YardSlant

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    The Carp played well

    Ware was dominant

    Romo was the only offensive reason we were in the game at all

    Chris Canty had one of his best games

    Pat Watkins did pretty well
  11. alancdc

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    I didn't think so, but man it was close. It was hard to tell if his feet hit, or not to me?
  12. BrAinPaiNt

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    Man alive that is the truth.

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