I do not understand the pick

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    This is true. What worries me is that Kosier hasn't played a season in which he has not been injured in three years. I am worried that he's at that point where he won't be able to say healthy, even if we do resign him.
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    Feels like a luxury pick. Especially behind Jones who should be the 3rd down back
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    And that's worth more than improving a poor guard position?

    Or a thin Defensive Line position?

    And using a 3rd round pick on a third-down back?

    That's a luxury this current team doesn't have.
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    I don't believe in Garrett's mind MB3 has any future on this team and Choice is down to his last strike and no one thinks he has a future here. We needed a good young RB.
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    Here let me explain it to you.

    Teams have these things called scouts who help them build their draft boards.

    When it comes time to draft, if player A is better than player B and player C, teams that listen to their scouts select player A, especially if they consider player A much better.

    That is, unless they trade down to where player B or player C is a good value, but then they are passing on a more valued player to do that.

    Got that? ;)

    I'm just messing with you. I wanted Rackley. But I do hope the Cowboys were following their draft board in making the pick. If their scouts really think a lot of Murray, then I'm OK with it ... but if he doesn't pan out, then it's time to get new scouts. (Some would say it's past time already.)
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    Are you suggesting that because the Cowboys did not address OG in the 3rd round, that means they no longer have any capability to do so??

    And what defensive lineman would you have substituted for Murray??

    And more to the point, are you suggesting that the Boys should draft exclusively for need, regardless of how their draft board shapes up?? That's a sure recipe for having consistently lousy drafts...

    Says you... Jason Garrett and I disagree... I see a dangerous 3rd down receiving threat out of the backfield as being a nice piece to the offensive puzzle, something that will help the Boys improve their 3rd down efficiency...

    And as had been noted, he'll also factor in on the return teams... so I see him potentially making a somewhat larger contribution than a 3rd rounder usually does...
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    I'm fine with the DeMarco pick. But I do agree that this has got to be a make it or break it draft class for this current group of scouts. After that '09 debacle, a lot of heads should be rolling if this doesn't pan out in the end.
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    thats all find and dandy but I dont think you understand that Koiser will be 33 this season and had injuries the past two seasons. We need to find his replacement rather that player plays this year or next year. Rackley or offit would have been a great pickup even if we did bring Koiser back. They could sit a year and start next year.
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    He's not who we thought he was?

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