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Discussion in 'News Zone' started by pittdawg, Sep 20, 2005.

  1. pittdawg

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    this will carry over, but rob called me this morning at 7:30 et to talk about the game. he said he is so upset that he hasn't been able to sleep. i'm hoping that others feel the same way and get back to work on wed with a renewed purpose.

    the team played well except for a couple of breakdowns on both the o and d. i'm thinking this doesn't happen if the team has six or seven games under their belts.

    tuff loss, but some bright spots also.

    go boys
  2. dragon_mikal

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    Tell him that he did a great job yesterday. Of all the problems that we had yesterday, the offensive line wasn't one of them.

    I was impressed with their play.
  3. Eddie

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    Flo was a problem! Needs to be extra careful.
  4. Mr Cowboy

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    We are all very dissappointed in the result of last night's game. But San Francisco is just what the Doctor ordered to cure what ails us. Just ask Philthy.

    BTW, kudos to Rob...he seems to be getting more and more comfortable at RT.
  5. SultanOfSix

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    Yeah. He needs to stop pancaking guys and play pattycake with them. ;)

    BTW, pittdawg, you're son played great against a very good D.

    I got maybe two hours of sleep last night. True Cowboys fans hurt.
  6. Zman5

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    Bad officiating was the problem. You shouldn't be called for holding when you pancake someone.
  7. dragon_mikal

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    Yea...Flo is good for at least one hold per game.

    But the offensive line didn't lose us the game. I was worried about them more than anything else.

    I should have been worried about Payton drinking the hard stuff before the game, and then going out and picking plays with his eyes closed.
  8. Ashwynn

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    Well I am glad he cant sleep. Tells me this loss bothers him big time. That is the sign of a true cowboy. Wish to god it didn't happen, but since it did, lets learn from it and make it a good thing. Sounds like the boys have the right attititude. I still think we will be ok, though I think I will be sick.
  9. 31WillHammerU

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    Would you say that to his face if Pitt could arrange it? :laugh1:

    Pitt, tell Rob welcome to the Cowboys / Redskins Rivalry. This is how it should feel to lose to them. Especially the way that they did.

    I agree that this should be a different team in December. I also think that your son gets it. I personally can't believe that we got so lucky to have him on our side.
  10. Yakuza Rich

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    Well it’s good to hear that your son cares. That means a lot to the fans.

    The performance was good, the outcome was bad. If you look at everything whether it be from a pure statistical numbers standpoint to a scouting standpoint it’s pretty much an aberration that we didn’t win.

    But, that’s how the Skins vs. Cowboys rivalry tends to work. Once everybody thinks that one team has the upper hand, the other team beats them. Plus, call me flaky, but I had a bad feeling about this game because the triplets were getting honored. Something told me that fate would work its way to where they could very well lose and in an excruciating fashion.

    Now they’ve just got to get things turned around, focus on beating the Niners in a swift fashion. I really believe if the team plays like it did last night and takes care of that deep ball coverage (and stays healthy) they’ll make the playoffs.

  11. Duane

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    I'm not just saying this because you're here but Rob has really come a long ways in a short period of time. He played very well last night and I think he'll be a strength on the line for years to come.
  12. CaptainAmerica

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    Thanks for the note from Rob. We are very happy with his progress. He is one of the few OL not called on a penalty last night. He looks like he can be a fixture for us at RT for many years.

    Congrats to you and your family!
  13. Eddie

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    Tell Rob to slap Aaron Glenn and Roy Williams.

    Then have him toss Cortez off the nearest dock.

    Kick Payton in the nads ... maybe he'll grow some ballz.
  14. trickblue

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    Great game by Rob last night... the OL looked pretty good all in all...
  15. Champsheart

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    Thanks for chimming in!

    I hardly got any sleep at all last night. Maybe an hour or so. I am still sick to my stomach.

    I am not mad at anyone, this stuff can happen, and did. We played a really good game IMO, and I liked a lot of what I saw. It just hurts to go down like that, on Monday Night, to the Skins, with the chance to go 2-0.

    I really love the play and pashion of your son. He is doing great.

    I think we are going to be ok though, I really do. I am just seeing a lot of positive signs in the first 2 games. I like what we are doing.

    One thing is for sure though, we have to do someting about our pass defense on 4th down plays. We got bit on this last week as well.
  16. aikemirv

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    Tell him I did not sleep either but that was not his fault - Finally got to sleep at 3 and woke up at 6 (did not need to get up til 7:15) thinking about the game!!!
  17. Next_years_Champs

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    Thanks for the update on your son's reaction to the game. I fell the same way you do, while it is painful to lose any game. Cowboy fans need to face up to the fact this is only the second game this team has played together.

    While there aren't any guarantees there were many, many positives to be seen in that game last night. One of the brightest was the overall play from the offensive line. While its true we had some very questionable calls and the run blocking was only average the pass blocking was good and this was at least on par with the best performances this line has produced in the last couple of years against good competition.

    Hey I hate losing as much as anyone but the fact is we lost to a well coached veteran team last night, we have a well coached team full of rookies. I for one like the direction and the potential this team is showing. Will it all pan out? I can't answer that but I thought plenty of positives were exhibited last night.
  18. Jimz31

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    Did he say anything about how the locker room was after the game?
  19. Sportsbabe

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    I'm glad I read this thread first. Nice to have an insider view. Nice to read positive takes on a negative outcome.

    Our O-line was as outstanding as our passing game was last week. I was amazed!! We got 3 horrible calls last night. One on Larry, one on Flo and one on Glover in the end zone.

    I'm still in shock. Dag!!!!
  20. baj1dallas

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    We're still behind him and the entire team (even if a couple of them do need to be smacked in the head).

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