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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by mr.jameswoods, Sep 16, 2004.

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    If we lose to Cleveland on Sunday, I don't want anyone rationalizing how good Cleveland's offense is. I'm saying this now: Cleveland's offense is not great and they have no business scoring on our defense the way Minnesota did. I don't think they will but if they do then our defense is as bad as advertised. The last thing I want to hear is some fan rationalizing how amazing Cleveland's offense is because we know that's far from the truth.
  2. silverbear

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    Aw gee, and we're all SOOOO concerned about what you want or don't want...

    Get over yourself... the simple truth is, last week the Boys faced the best offense in the NFL these days, the best offense in the league statistically last year... not many teams are gonna be able to do what they did to the Boys...

    Again, though, your chutzpah is quite amusing... I for one have no intention of seeking your approval before expressing any opinion I d*mn well please, and if that bothers you, well, that's YOUR problem...

    Perhaps you should start your own message board, where you can decide what is or isn't appropriate commentary... LOL...
  3. OldButDeadly

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    He is just saying that if you come in next week saying that Cleveland's offense is great...your an idiot...


    We are already planning our post-game threads....


  4. Overalls

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    Cleveland scored all those points on another "great" defense. The Ravens were supossed to be the team shutting out the Browns, not the other way around. Ya'll proble won't be beat as bad as you were last week, but come on you don't have an offense and your defense is living off it's repitation.

    I did find it amusing that ya'll dog each other though. I guess you are finding it hard to find fans of other teams as bad off as fans of your own team. :rolleyes: :D
  5. Roughneck

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    Dude, your texans just lost at home to what many considered to be the worst team in the entire NFL. You really shouldn't be talking any smack.
  6. Tio

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    Yah. You know what would be worse? Losing to San Diego...
  7. Smith22

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    7 of those came off of a fumble right in the Ravens redzone, another 7 came off of a busted coverage by Reed.

    Last I checked, neither team got shut out.

    No offense? 2 100+ yard WR's in our first game with our Qb throwing for 355 is no offense? Try sticking to worrying about your sorry arse team losing to the Chargers.

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