I don't want to say it but go ahead shoot me

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by playmakers, Oct 29, 2006.

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    First, it was Tom Brady, and then there was Ben Rothensberger!!! Next in line, could it be Tony Romo?????? I think he has the magic.

    He's a mix of Favre and Matt Hassleback (not saying he will ever be as good as these guys after one game) I'm telling you he has "IT," even Maadden endorsed this by praising his release. I noticed it last week and most important thing is he gets everybody involved, where was guys like Witten, Fasono under Bledsoe? I dont want to throw Bledsoe under the bus though. Guys, we have a chance, we have a chance for sometjing super!!!!!!
  2. zrinkill

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    Romo being better does not have to be a knock on Bledsoe ....

    If we had a GREAT O line ..... Bledsoe would be great for us.

    If we need a QB to make plays ...... Romo is the guy.

    Romo is gonna lead us to a great year.
  3. jrumann59

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    Witten and Fasano did a lot of blocking that is why they were invisible when Bledsoe was back there.
  4. Aikbach

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    Please don't compare him to Rothlisberger, that man is more like Bledsoe then Brady.
  5. Cochese

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    I agree, but this is a rough season for him thought, I dont think its fair to indict him after all the crap he has been through, but that is just me.

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