i hope you cowboy fans realize your team is about to walk into.....

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by redskins1, Sep 22, 2004.

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    cowboy fans i know your confident about your teams chances monday night,and you should be...as much as its makes me sick on my stomach to say your stinkin cowboys as i like to refer to them as,has dominated us,they are about to walk into a buzzsaw monday night...coach gibbs and staff will have this team so focus and intense that i honestly feel this might not be close...i think the way we played against the giants will light a fire under the team.and the 12th man we be loud like never before at fedexfield..i must say that i have much respect for what parcells can get out of his players,but i think that will not be enough...skins 27 boyz 10...let the game begin!!!
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    Oh Boy! Are you going to be feeling bad Tuesday morning.
    Don't get your expectations up to much. DC will be a horrible place to be for you and your fellow fans.

    Gibbs comes back and you think all will be different. You all are expecting a win. But when you realize we just own you, and there is nothing even your beloved Gibbs can do about it, I expect your 911 lines to be full with people on Bridges, and taking bottles of sleeping pills. Kinda sad really.

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    What's interesting about this Gibbs return is the pressure it creates for not only Gibbs but the entire city. I live in D.C. and it's obvious that Gibbs is looked upon as a savior-- and it's also obvious that they look @ what Parcells has been able to do with their rival and belive they're a lock to do the same.. I think it may have been easier for Gibbs to join a new franchise.. and the Redskins will lose and what a joy it will be to see the city second guess and question and turn against almighty Gibbs!
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    Man I can only hope the 12th man shows up in DC on Monday. If I remember correctly, last year the 12th man was cheering loudly for us. Not that we needed them, but it's good to know that if we do need them they will be there, outnumbering the skins fans.

    You guys haven't scored 27 on the two bad team you have played, what makes you think that you will put up 27 against a good one?
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    How are we running into a buzz saw, some other team going to play in place of the skins? LOL
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    Hopefully, the 12th man is an English teacher. :D
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    Well, I will say that you skins fans do have a LOT in common w/ those buzzheads down at College Station, whose "battle cry" you've decided to latch onto...

    I get more pleasure out of seeing both teams fail, than any other's in sports.
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    DAMN YOU...!!!

    I HATE ppl that are funnier than me!!

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    who has a fight song, anyways? This is PRO football!

    oh right...the iggles.
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    Cowboys owned that song for a while but Murchinson sold it back to the skins. LOL
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    Ah c'mon, there is a certain charm to the Silver Medal. :)
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    Now thats funny........LOL
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    I believed the selling of "that song" got the Cowboys into the NFL
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    You are our *****.
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    Yes...the Redskins owner did not want the Cowboys to be let into the league because he knew it would cut into his revenue as they were a wide fan base.

    So the cowboys bought the rights to the skins fight song, that they played at every game, and told them they could not use the fight song....shortly later the Skins had a change of heart and let the cowboys join the league and the skins got back that precious fight song.
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    As the story goes, in 1958 Texas oilman Clint Murchison thought he was finally closing in on his dream of bringing pro football to Dallas. Two previous attempts to purchase teams had failed, but now word reached Murchison that Redskins owner George Preston Marshall was eager to sell his club because the team was doing poorly and Marshall needed money. Imagine! The 'Skins in Dallas! But that blasphemy was not to be. For just as the sale was about to be announced, Marshall demanded a change in terms. Murchison told him to go to hell and canceled the deal

    Coincidently, around this time, Marshall also had a falling out with Barnee Breeskin, the Redskin band director who had written the music to the Redskins fight song. Breeskin, smelling an opportunity for revenge in the strained negotiations, approached Murchison lawyer Tom Webb and asked if he'd like to buy the rights to "Hail to the Redskins." Webb agreed, paying $2,500. He figured this would at least be good for an occasional joke on Marshall.
    Meanwhile, feeling abused by Marshall, Murchison decided that his best chance of owning a team was to start one himself. In that endeavor he got support from the chairman of the NFL expansion committee, George Halas. Halas agreed to put the proposition of a Dallas franchise before the NFL owners. Unanimous approval would be required for the proposition to pass.
    As the meeting approached, every owner but one was in favor of the proposal. The holdout? George Preston Marshall. Marshall knew that he had strong fan loyalty in the South and was afraid of losing it to Dallas. So he told the other owners he would not vote for a Dallas franchise. Besides, he told them, Murchison was "obnoxious."
    But then Marshall found out that Murchison owned the rights to his song. Oh, how Marshall loved that song. Although Breeskin had written the music, Marshall's wife had written the lyrics, so Marshall had made the song the centerpiece of his elaborate pregame and halftime shows. Back then, the Redskin band was a small army in buckskins and headdresses, snappy and well-drilled, featuring a chorus line of prancing Indian princesses. Many fans thought the band, the princesses and Marshall's halftime pageants were more entertaining than the team itself.
    When word of Murchison's "dirty trick" leaked out, one Washington columnist wrote that "Taking 'Hail to the Redskins' away from George Marshall would be like denying 'Dixie' to the South, 'Anchors Aweigh' to the Navy, or 'Blue Suede Shoes' to Elvis." So a deal was struck. For Marshall's approval of the Dallas franchise, Murchison returned the song. Thus, Murchison's Cowboys were free to be born.
    But that wasn't the end of it. Two years later, three Murchison cronies who li
  17. Doomsday101

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    Last part of story: Two years later, three Murchison cronies who lived in Washington, plus Bob Thompson, a Texan who was also well-known in the capital, decided to have a little fun with Marshall for being such a jerk when Clint was trying to buy his team. Their target was Marshall's annual Christmas extravaganza staged at halftime during the Redskins' final home game which that year would be played against the Cowboys. So, the night before the game, operatives snuck into D.C. Stadium and spread chicken feed all over the field. The next day, when a team of Alaskan sled dogs would pull Santa Claus onto the field at halftime, a bunch of hungry chickens would be released to gobble the feed. CBS would be televising the festivities live. The thought of those chickens wandering around as the dogs showed up made Murchison's buddies howl.

    The day of the game, two crates of chickens were smuggled into the stadium, stashed in a dugout and covered with a tarp. All told, there were seventy-six chickens, seventy-five white, one black. At the time Marshall was the only NFL owner who hadn't hired an African-American player. All went well until just before halftime when a Redskins official wandered by and heard the chickens. He queried the guard, who tried to buy his silence with a C-note. The official called the police. Both the guard and the chickens were arrested.

    Predictably, Marshall was furious when he heard about the prank. He filed a complaint with commissioner Pete Rozelle. He named Thompson as a conspirator. He made ominous threats. But Marshall's pique only heightened the pranksters' resolve. The following year, as the Cowboy game drew near, one member of the group vowed, "There will be chickens in D.C. Stadium."

    I wish I'd been there. As Dallas News columnist Sam Blair reported: "A few minutes before kickoff it happened. The Indian princesses pranced onto the field, followed by the Redskin band playing 'Hail to the Redskins.' As they reached midfield, four banners were unfurled from the upper deck of the stadium. The banners said: CHICKENS. One was at each 50-yard line and in the center of each end zone."

    The banners were the cue for the acrobats, reported Blair. "Dressed in chicken costumes, they rushed down through the stands, tumbled over the rail and dashed onto the field. Each man carried a bag, from which he tossed colored eggs as he ran. One guy was grabbed by stadium guards and gave up easily but the other was dedicated to his task."

    By now the band was playing the National Anthem so no one could stop the man in the chicken suit as he zigzagged through the formation. According to Blair's account, "He pulled one real chicken out of his bag and released it. Then he wriggled away from some stadium guards, jigged up and down, shook his feathers. The real chicken was captured and carried out, but the man was elusive. As stadium guards pursued, he ran out to the middle of the field, turned a cartwheel, fell and sprawled on the 30-yard line. Then, as the teams began to run on the field, the man leaped up, climbed into the stands, and dashed up the steps. The Cowboy Chicken Club had succeeded!"

    In the game itself, the 'Skins, 4-2-2 coming in, disintegrated before a standing-room-only crowd, as Snead completed only 11 of 27 passes in a 38-10 Cowboys' rout. The next morning, the game story in the Dallas News detailed the Redskins' demise. The scoring summary, in agate type, was the usual breakdown of stats. Only the last line was different:

    "Attendance -- 49,888 (and one chicken)."

    Them were the days.

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    Series rivalry - Scoreboard

    NFC East Championships - Scoreboard

    NFC Championships - Scoreboard

    Super Bowls W's - Scoreboard

    But if you want to throw out the "past"

    even still, last 10 meetings - Scoreboard

    This is turning into the most overrated rivalry in all of sports. Mix in a sweep during the season before you decide to sound off.

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    Hey you FREAK, what makes you think I'm looking at your codpiece!!!???

    Ohhhh, wait.... I bet you meant your sig pic, huh?..... NM
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    Male fans who don't wear pig snouts & dresses - Scoreboard

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