I knew we would be better this game.

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Wolverine, Aug 22, 2005.

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    I know some of you read my posts where I said we would be better this game.
    Pretty hard not to be really.

    Things I liked -

    Bledsoe looked way better this game then last game.

    Ware is just a freak. Best part of all is he did all his damage against Seattles 1st team.

    Crayton. Wow was I ever wrong about him. This guy is really good. He fights for the ball and then after he gets the ball he doesnt go down easy. That 43 yard catch he made was all him. It looked like he just shot his hands out before the DB could get it. Like the fight in him to.

    Thornton. Very good. Can't wait to see him when he is healthy.

    Beriault. Played very good. He made the team tonight I think. When he gets healthier Im thinkin he can be a future starter for this team. He can really hit to.

    McBriar. Great punting tonight.

    Cortez. Say goodbye to Cundiff thank GOD!!

    Pettiti played good. Alot better then last week.

    Henson. He made some excellent throws but he also made some real bad ones. He needs more time. 2 more quarters of preseason play will really help him and hopefully BP gets him some late game drives when the game is already over. To bad Quincy Morgan dropped that pass of his in the Hawks Redzone.

    Romo. He looked smoother then Henson but I am not sure if he actually played much better. Maybe a little better. Seriously I think Henson moved the 3rd team better last game then Romo moved it this game.

    The OL played alot better. Our DL got alot more pressure then last game. Just about everything was better this game then last.

    Only one negative and that is it. Quincy Morgan. This guy is totally useless. Just cut him. There are other WRs that can be looked like Copper Crayton and a few others. Give them some time to show if they can be a player for this team. We already know Morgan sucks so get rid of him.

    Lookin forward to the team gettin even better next week against the Texans. Cant hardly wait.
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    i think we all feel better than last week wolv. i think the henson romo thing drags on.

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    Wolverine I remember your posts specifically saying that "The Boys would be better this week... I'm proud that we have some fans that understood that the season wasn't over after AZ...
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    Bledsoe settled down and looked very good on his last drive. Moved better than he gets credit for as well. Missed a couple of passes early, but no one is perfect.

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