I know we are developing Crayton.....But....

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Mattsdad, Sep 20, 2005.

  1. Mattsdad

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    .......why did we invest in Price if we are not gonna play him? Again, I like Crayton and am glad we are developing him..........BUT, he is NOT the playmaker Price is (or could be) at this point. Last night, IMO, was the time we should have used Price to help beat the Skins. Let the skins worry about which receiver (Glenn, Johnson or Price) to cover, as each can beat you.

    Sorry, I am just really confused over this. Also, activating Price and deactivating a FB hurt us in my opinion.

    One pass to Price...and a WR screen at that??? Wasnt worth it to me.

  2. Eddie

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    If nothing more, why not send Price out on a few deep routes???

    Other than the flea flicker, we didn't take a single shot downfield.

    Man, I gotta love this BP approach. Play field position, use a bus driver, DFU, and ultimately, lose the game.
  3. BigDaddyShoo

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    Do you honestly think that Price knows the playbook well enough to be trusted in one of the most important games of the year?
  4. JeffInDC

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    Hey, I like Crayton to and believe that he's got a great future w/ this team. But, man I wanted to strangle him @ the end of the game. Yeah, Taylor blasted him on that catch (which honestly looked like a fumble), but I saw Key make that same play at least 2-3 times last year. Also, what in the hell was he thinking letting the punt hit the ground w/ 50 seconds left. He let 14 seconds run off the clock by doing that. Does anyone realize that if the team had those 14 seconds back when they got to the 43 yard line (the last play), they probably would have at least been able to run 1 more play and spike the ball to get into FG range?

    Of course, if Cortez hits the 1st FG, this may all be a moot point anyway.
  5. MS17

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    In time, this season we are going to see P. Price. We've witnessed the receiver corps (Key, Glenn, both TEs) go down with breaks, nicks, hobbles and injuries of all sorts the past five years, and it's likely we'll see it this season, unfortunately. A fact of life in the NFL. We'll see Price soon enough.
  6. Dawgs0916

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    You guys still love seeing Cundiff gone :rolleyes: I don't think ive been more mad than I was last night...
  7. junk

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    Cundiff is hurt and CANNOT kick. When are people going to clue in to that fact?
  8. Kangaroo

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    My goodness Crayton has made palys in many games including last year and in the SD game and he drops one pass so far and you guys freak out.

    Price would have droped the dam thing to he is no Crayton when it comes to being physical. Price is not a guy know for going across the middle please Price would not have held onto that ball period.

    If you watch the replay crayton boobled the ball a bit that was why it was incomplete
  9. btcutter

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    Actually, we tried. Bledsoe play action to JJ but no one open on a two man pattern and threw the ball away.

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