I like Petti, dont get me wrong, shouldnt we have played Ethan Brooks?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Nov 20, 2005.

  1. cowboyjoe

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    Ok guy, dont get me wrong, I like Petti, but shouldnt we have played Ethan Brooks, the OT that we signed about a month ago, when Petti got dinged? If we are going into the stretch like I think we are, (still dont think we can beat Denver unless get some help) but you need your backup offensive tackles to have some game experience, you could see that Petti was getting killed on a couple of plays, looked like a concussion. So, shouldnt Parcells should have put in Ethan Brooks to get him some game experience with our offensive line? cowboyjoe
  2. mschmidt64

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    Pittdawg should ask his son why he doesn't like lining up on the Line of Scrimmage.

    He's going to get called for that if he's not careful.
  3. davidyee

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    ...like Rob could have used a break for a few plays after taking a knee to the head.

    He may be a "tough" kid, but sometimes you gotta know to take a break to get those cobwebs cleared for the good of the team.

    That was a tough front four the Lions threw at us today.
  4. sbuscha

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    Rob was definatly hurt. He actually was creating more problems then he was doing good for a few series there. he was being bull rushed by the "D."
  5. lspain1

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    Petitti had some problems but Tucker looked worse overall IMO.
  6. Canadian BoyzFan

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    I like the cut of his jib.
  7. big dog cowboy

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    BP must not trust Brooks yet.
  8. Qwickdraw

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    Sorry but it's Petitti, not Petti.
  9. dbair1967

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    I didnt see the list of inactives, but I am betting Noll was the emergency OT again today and that Brooks and Columbo were both inactive...Noll really isnt a legit option at RT or LT

    otherwise I cant imagine why Parcells wouldnt have at least tried something different...Tucker and Pettiti were both bad today, real bad

  10. poke

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    heres the inactive list........brooks was the backup tackle and gurode
    was going to be the backup guard. parcells took a chance and only dressed
    7 lineman.

    QB#3 7 D.Henson, S 38 L.Scott, G 60 B.Noll, G 72 S.Peterman, T 75 M.Colombo, WR 84 P.Crayton, LB 90 E.Ogbogu, DT 92 T.Johnson

    either parcells doesnt trust brooks enough yet or petitti convinced them
    he could play through it...which he did. i thought at one point he also
    hurt his arm or shoulder, stayed in and played okay. tough hombre .
  11. ratpower

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    Great pick up, I've been waiting for this one too....I guess as long as he keeps getting away with it....
  12. Tyler Durden

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    He's been horrible the last 3-4 games. I know, I know, i'm not supposed to say that because his dad is a member here. Whatever. He's not been that great recently. I also realize he's a rookie, and i'm sure he'll get better.
  13. AbeBeta

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    He looked like he did a good job against Kearse. Had some solid run blocks this game and did OK in pass protection. In fact, most of Julius' big runs were to the right -- that suggests Rob did a good job.

    I think everyone should be free to say whatever they want about Rob - so long as it is accurate. Frankly, I think you are totally off-base to suggest he's been consistently horrible. That just isn't the case.
  14. silver

    silver Well-Known Member

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    i tought he meant tom petty and the heartbreakers.
  15. FuzzyLumpkins

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    You can fixate on his lsoing on an inside move in the pass rush BUT you have to realize that for the first time in what seems like many years, we are able to run right off tackle. We did that several times yesterday and if this rookie can contribute in the run game and be passable with help in the passing game then I think the kid desreves toi stay in there.

    He is going to get better. This guy stoned Freeney cold while at Pitt so he can pass protect.

    For a rookie that is playing at a different weight and switching sides he is doing very very well.
  16. cowboyjoe

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    i agree about Petti too, he will only get better, but what i was trying to get you guys to see, or post to the writers to ask Parcells, even Parcells mentioned that he might need Brooks or Coloumbo later in the year, to make a run, but to do that I am thinking you need to have praticed in a regular nfl game, becaue, first, in the playoffs if we get there, the game is even faster, so i am thinking, neeeded maybe to give Petti a little break, rest him, i do think that Petti in time will be as good as Erik Williams, maybe not guiet as quick as Erik Willliams was, but he still can be a dominant run blocking right offensive tackle. He just needs to be motivated to work, get in shape, hit the offseason to really get stronger and quicker. Maybe reason why Parcells didnt want to play Ethan Brooks was he stated that Brooks was more of a left tackle best i remember, and columbo maybe more a right offensive tackle, Brooks was active for the game, but again he didnt play. cowboyjoe
  17. DallasDomination

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    Bro you can say what you want this is a forum.....And yes Pettiti has not been playing good in my eyes either.
  18. MichaelWinicki

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    The o-line gave up 1 sack with perhaps the slowest QB in the NFL and chalked up 150 rushing yards...

    They can't be that bad.
  19. Derinyar

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    I would guess that the reason we didn't see Brooks is simple, Parcells thought that a below 100% Petitti was better than a fully healthy Brooks.

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