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Discussion in 'Sports Zone' started by Hostile, Sep 17, 2004.

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    Some very good threads here already talking about some college players to keep an eye on.
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    It's good to have one separate from the regular Cowboys and NFL forums.

    Maybe there could be a couple of permanent posts for the season, discussing some of the top player performances as the season goes on. Split them up by QBs & RBs, WRs & TEs, DBs, LBs and DL. I would say OL as well, but that's not a group that's as easy to gauge by stats alone.

    Since there are fans from all over the country here who follow different college teams, there would be plenty of different perspectives.
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    I watch as many college games as I can - I have a notebook and write down names of players that stand out. I then add them to mt database - as the season winds down I compare that against the "experts" and Kipers. They are not above reproach.
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    Based on that link Nors provided, going ONLY off ratings, These are the 400+ rated players that I saw. I browsed through most of the big teams, but not every team. But basically, if we can grab one of these guys with one of our firsts I would be very pleased. (go to the link and you will know what I mean)

    (SR)RCB-Antrell Rolle 5'11" 198lb 4.37sec rating of 416.72

    (SR)TE-Kevin Everett 6-4" 245lb 4.54sec rating of 400.53

    also worth noting
    (JR) Strongside backer-Roger Mcintosh 6-3" 222lb 4.37sec rating of 390.59

    (SO) WR-MOORE Ryan SO 6- 4.0 190lb 4.45sec 328.85


    (SR) Weakside Backer-Derrick Johnson 6'3" 234lb 4.52sec rating of 430.64

    notable (JR) DT-Rod Wright 6'3" 322lbs 5.12sec rating of 378.73

    RB-BENSON Cedric SR 5-11.0 215lb 4.45sec 391.18

    (SO) QB-YOUNG Vincent SO 6- 4.0 225lb 4.54sec 351.35

    OU (no 400 players, but a lot in the mid 300's)
    -I dont know much about OU, other than they are areally good team, but I dont know any individuals to keep an eye on
    although-RB-PETERSON Adrian . FR 6- 2.0 205lb 4.44sec 304.15
    is pretty immpressive for a Freshman

    (SR)LCB-Marlin Jackson 6'1" 187lbs 4.38sec rating of 422.33

    LG- BAAS David SR 6- 5.0 322lb 5.29 sec 391.90

    WR-EDWARDS Braylon SR 6- 3.5 210lb 4.56sec 393.80
    WR-BREASTON Steve SO 6- 1.5 181 4.49 357.73 (sophmore)

    Ohio State (same as OU, dont know much about them, no ind player really jumps out rating wise)

    DT-HAWTHORNE Anttaj SR 6- 3.0 310lb 5.15sec 373.21

    QB-LEINHART Matt JR 6- 5.0 210lb 4.80sec 385.77
    RB-WHITE Lendale SO 6- 1.0 225lb 4.46sec 387.66

    LDE-POLLACK David SR 6- 2.0 274lb 4.92sec 398.30

    LSU (No big ratings jump out at you)

    Texas A-M
    WR-MURPHY Terrance SR 6- 0.0 175 4.52 335.34 (for BS :) )

    Boston College
    LDE-KIWANUKA Mathais. JR 6- 6.5 258lb 4.66sec 407.67 (yeah thats a junior)

    WR-HARRELL Reggie . SR 6- 3.0 209lb 4.59sec 354.55

    Anyway, thats a pretty cool link Nors, everyone should check it out. Anyway, I am sure I missed a lot of players, so if you know some more to watch out for, please chime in.
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    Go Sooners!

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