I Missed a Cowboys History Moment Yesterday

Discussion in 'History Zone' started by Hostile, Mar 27, 2012.

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    When Clint Murchison and Bedford Wynn originally sought to bring NFL football to Dallas Texas Longhorns Alum Bedford Wynn chose the mascot name, Dallas Steers.

    Tex Schramm immediately saw the error of this. Think about it, castrated. No balls. Sergeant Foley from Officer and a Gentleman.

    Bad, bad mascot name choice.So Tex Schramm originally changed the name to the Dallas Rangers, in honor of the Texas Rangers. The law enforcement team, not the baseball team.

    In 1959 when all of this was happening the College Draft for the 1960 Draft Class was held in November 1959. The league allowed Tex Schramm to sign a couple of players to a "Future Services Contract. Dallas did not have the benefit of the 1960 Draft to build their team, but they signed Don Meredith from SMU and Don Perkins from New Mexico to these futures contracts.

    Those contracts were between those players and the Dallas Rangers.

    The Bears drafted Meredith in the 3rd round, so in the 1961 draft we owed them our 3rd round pick. The Baltimore Colts drafted Perkins in the 9th round, so in 1961 we also owed them our 9th round pick.

    Well, on March 26th, 1960 the team changed their name yet again and this time it was to the Dallas Cowboys. All of the players they selected on March 13, 1960 from the expansion draft from the other 12 clubs were signed to contracts as Dallas Cowboys.

    52 years ago, yesterday. My apologies for forgetting to write this then.
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    Posts like these should make everyone realize what type of franchise the Cowboys are. Schramm/Brandt/Landry were/are huge figures in the history of the NFL.
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    I didn't.

    Thanks to you Hostile...every day I look at Cowboys birthdays for the day, and every so often you have those little "this day in Cowboys history" thingies there as well. Love them, and thank you again! :)
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    Yeah, well don't let it happen again or else..........
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    Yes sir....;)
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    Wait, Wait Hostile, got a question on that, remember when AFC came into the picture, and team in afc drafted ralph neely, but we did to. Wasnt the fact that Houston drafted him first or to a future contract?

    Then, we had to give up the farm to that team to keep Neelyin 67? I think that team was Houston Oilers with Bud Adams. Anyway we had to give up a 1st and a 2nd, in 67. But the kicker was we gave a 4th rounder in 1966 to Colts for ralph neely.

    So,my question if we were given right to sign Don Meredith and Perkins to future contracts in 1960 before 61 draft. Wouldnt we hold the rights to those players per the ralph neely trade and how we had to give up draft picks to Houston?

    Why did we have to give up a 3rd and 9th? I understand that papa of the bears did that as a favor so we could have dandy don, but if we signed them to future contracts and given permission by the NFL, wouldnt those teams that drafted dandy don and perkins owe us draft picks instead like we had to pay the oilers and bud adams, even though we gave up a 4th in 1966 to the colts?

    and if we gave up a 4th to the colts for neely, why didnt we get the 4th back, since we had to give up a 1st and 2nd to houston the previous yr?
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    I have no idea what this has to do with the team finally being called the Cowboys on March 26, 1960, but okay...

    AFL, not AFC. There was no AFC until 1970.

    Neely was drafted by the Colts in the NFL and the Oilers in the AFL. He did not want to play for Baltimore so he signed with the Oilers. Baltimore then traded his rights to Dallas. He gave the Oilers their check back and signed with Dallas. Houston sued.

    One of the conditions of the AFL-NFL merger was that the Oilers were compensated for the Cowboys having Neely. I forget what the compensation was, but I know it was draft picks.
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    Glad there was that name change. As a Celtic fan i couldn't possibly support a team named Rangers, be akin to some of you guys picking up a foreign sport and choosing a team called Redskins.
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    Ok I got that, right AFL, I had forgotten. But if the NFL oked us to have future contracts with Meredith and Perkins before they were drafted in 61 wouldnt we own the rights to those players? And not have to give up draft picks, that the nfl owes us on those picks. Granted its way back and your not going to get it, just like we got hosed by NFL with no draft picks in 60.

    And if we had to give up a 4th, and NFL-AFL merger was done to compensate Houston, why didnt we the the 4th pick back from 66 in the next draft in 1967.

    Yeah, we gave up a 1st and 2nd in 67 to Hoston, which set us back alittle.
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    Meredith and Perkins were drafted by NFL teams not AFL teams. Well, they were but they didn't sign to play in the AFL. Ralph Neely did.

    it is roughly the same as a player signing to play basketball in Italy, then getting an NBA offer he likes and deciding to pay the Italian team back and break his contract without them letting him out of the contract.

    Houston never released their rights to Neely and they had a signed contract.
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    Ok, so what I got out of this is...a very tricky bar bet.
    Don Perkins and Don Meredith signed futures contracts with what team?
    Dallas Cowboys. Nope you owe my a beer, it was the Dallas Rangers.

    Great post and I like this kind of information. It will be put to good use, I can assure you. :beer2:
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    I approve of this message.
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    So thats two picks we lost out on,go check our second pick that year, and Google him and see what we missed out on because he was also drafted by the Chiefs.
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    Cool, this is yet another epic thing happened on March 26th...at least for me :bounce: my birthday =)
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    E. J. Holub? Yes, he went to the AFL. He was a 2 way star as a LB and as a Center.

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