I need some hard drive help

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by dargonking999, Jan 2, 2012.

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    So I had alot of video's and music backed up on a harddrive and in the process of moving certain things around, it took a small fall with out its enclsure. Yea yea save the you're an idiot bit, been down that road with myself already. So i already knew it was prob failed, but put it back into an enclosure and hooked it up via USB and of course nothing, but when i hooked it up straight to the PC (Via the sata connection) it loaded and opened but within about 5 mins the computer went BSOD with hardware error. Of course from the harddrive, so my question is: Is there anyway to retrieve that information thats still on that hard drive or am I just screwed royally, and can continue to kick myself in the butt. (over 400 GB's of lost data)
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    It is possible but it's not cheap. My company has only done it once and it was over $1000 but that was 10 yrs ago.
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    Well. First thing you want to do is boot from a different drive, then try and retriever what you want from that drive as a secondary.

    This way, if the damage is on the platter and only part of say the Window files, it won't prevent you from pulling off the files you want since it wouldn't access that part of the drive.

    That is your best bet. I've had at least 10-12 drives fail on me (work, not all were personal drives) and I have retrieved at least 95% of all data that was on them. I've only had one drive completely fail on me and it held nothing but he OS itself. I always have a second drive that I back my data up on. (two copies, one on the main drive and a copy on the back drive)
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    Well thats the thing, there is no OS on it, it just holds the data files, but for some damaged reason it causes a BSOD error every time its connected via SATA, and it doesn't read at all when connected via USB adapter.

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