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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by dargonking999, Oct 14, 2005.

  1. dargonking999

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    this infaction over price playing.

    why are we so freakin worried about it. This is guy is not good, he is an average NFL WR. He was number two in buffalo, and after a year of being nuber one in ATL, he was demoted to number three. then he was cut, with the tag and all.

    Price signed to do one thing, sit on the bench and wait for somebody to get hurt.

    You wanna see him play..fine call bp and tell him, to bench crayton,

    tell BP to bench witten so we can go four wide.

    He isnt needed on the field, All price is an expensive insurance poilcy, we got the money so why not sign the guy, so if Glenn, or Key, or crayton, goes down, at least we're not scrapping the bottom of the barell, for guys to play(2004, randall williams ring any bells?).

    Get over this infaction of price, those of you who are, i know not everhoddy here is worried about this guy playing, but every week you see the same thread.

    He will not start untill one of the top 3 WR gets hurt. there you go question answered. let's move on
  2. CaptainAmerica

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    Because we have him and we must have something to freak out about since Bledsoe has messed up the whole back-up QB debate and turned it into a dead issue!!!

    Don't you understand anything?!!!! :D
  3. Ashwynn

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    I am with you Dargon, I dont understand the obsession some fans have with whining just to be whining. Price is arguably no better then what we have out there. So why does it matter if its Crayton, Price or Glenn catching the passes. With the crew out there, they have developed a chemistry of sorts, Pulling Crayton for Price could screw that up.

    I think most of it is just petty biases. We have a name player sitting with Copper playing. Some pple cant fathom that, these same pple cant understand addition by subtraction.

    Why ask why? just ignore the poor pple that cant figure it out.

    Although CaptAmerica may be onto something
  4. jsd27

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    The people who want to see him play, are the ones who knew what he did in Buffalo with Bledsoe. Those 2 were absolutely unstoppable. It was a total arial assult. And the reason he did not succeed in Atlanta is well documented. You will never see an overly successful WR in Atlanta with Vick because WR beome down the field blockers for Vick who takes off and runs every other play. Price came out and said himself that he isn't paid to be a down the field offensive lineman for Michale Vick. I don't blame him. That would be very frustrating running routes and as soon as you make your cut, there's Vick running by you.

    The Bledsoe / Price combination was even more deadlier than the Bledsoe / Gleen combo of the lat 90s

    I have a problem with guys like Polite, Kenyon Coleman, or Thomas Johnson being active and not Peerless Price. Price makes a difference on the score board more so the Polite or Kenyon Coleman. Why not rotate Price and Crayton, or throw in some 4 WR sets every now and then?
  5. jksmith269

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    Do you mean infatuation? because I don't think infaction is a word.

    I like Price but not to the extent that we should mess with what we have going. I do think we could dress him and sit copper I mean I really haven't seen copper on the field anyway.
  6. Kilyin

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    Think the word you're looking for is infatuation.

    You can't tell dargon this though, because in his eyes Michael Vick is actually a capable Quarterback. It's not Vick's fault that Peerless did almost nothing in Atlanta. He will seriously tell you that. Maybe he has an "infatuation" with Vick?

    Is it a coincidence that when Schaub played that Atlanta's receivers magically start catching passes because the balls aren't thrown 10 feet behind them or at their feet? I guess that depends on your grasp of reality.

    I live in Redskins territory and even Vinny Cerrato was on the radio this morning talking about how horrible of a QB Vick is. Great athlete, terrible QB.

    Personally, I feel sorry for Peerless. I'd like to see him have a chance to redeem his career after being stuck under Vick's thumb for many years. Michael Vick could've made Jerry Rice look like a mediocre receiver in his prime. I sincerely believe that.
  7. baj1dallas

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    Price is a lesser version of Terry Glenn. Period.
  8. zagnut

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    I'm with you, aside from definitively saying Price is not good. Our passing attack might improve ever so slightly playing Price more, but probably at the expense of running the ball, controlling the clock, and keeping Bledsoe upright. The only plays that Price would take would be Glenn's or Crayton's. Glenn might be playing as well as any WR in the league and Crayton is doing great. If it ain't broke, ya know.

    I think many fans thought we got an outright steal with Price, and maybe they're upset they have nothing to gloat over.

    If I'm Price though, I'm probably a little more than upset at not being used at all, and if I'm a player in the league who finds himself in a similar situation, Dallas is one of the last places I'd go.
  9. 1fisher

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    Infaction = :laugh2: :laugh2: :lmao: :lmao:

    I agree though DK.... as long as our top three are performing why put him in??
    Who are you going to pull in order to put him in?

    infaction= :laugh2: :laugh2:
  10. DLCassidy

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    I don't get it either. They use 5 receivers regularly in NE. Hasn't seemed to hurt them much. What we saw last week is just a taste of what this offense can do if we can protect Bledsoe like we did. Additional weapons mean additional problems for opponents to defend. Why is this a bad thing? It's a long season. It's been 5 weeks- why not train Price on all three WR's routes so he can give all three a blow during the game? Why not use a few 4 WR sets every game?

    As for Price being average, put Key and TG on Atlanta and see if anyone's talking about them other than to say they suck.
  11. Ashwynn

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    Price had to know the deal when he signed his. I doubt Parcells pulled a Merriman and told him "sign and you will be our #1". He had to know when you sign, you can go work on your golf game and we'll call you when your needed.

    With the emergence of Crayton, which was a huge unknown when Price signed, I think, Price is strictly a Glenn insurance policy. Even Parcells was quoted as joking around with glenn about this being week six, time for your yearly injury. So long as Glenn stays healthy, Price wont see much playing time, unless Crayton regresses. I have a feeling when Parcells called Crayton out, that he took it as a personal challenge. My bet is you will see a tougher and better Crayton out there this week, with something to prove to Parcells.
  12. Ashwynn

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    Look at your coach. Has Parcells ever ran a spread offense. Never. Hes an old school, I formation coach. You want 4-5 receivers (no Rbs in this set eitehr remember that) go get a west coast coach. Dont look for Parcells to change his whole offensive philosophy now at age 60+. Hell he switched D schemes as fast as he could to get back to his beloved 3-4. he will coach what he knows. And he dont know no 4-5 reciever set offenses.

    Plain and simple.
  13. dargonking999

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    For all those that say PRice in ATL hurt him and stuff, it's the coaches that anylze game flim, and whether or not i liek Vick, they coahces benched Price all the way down to a number 3 WR, after a second year player, and a complete unknown in Dez White, and they drafted another WR.

    And BTW whats funny is

    Michael Vick is completing about 57 percent of his passes, and is near the bottom in attempts per game, not because oh he always runs, but because

    1) the team is a running team

    2) they desgin plays for him to run.

    But thats not the point. IMO even at buffalo as great as he did, he had MOulds on the other side taking away coverage from him, and at one point had a good TE. Price is not a great WR, maybe good/average. He might, do better than Crayton, but what is the risk for.
  14. Kilyin

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    Atlanta is a running team because of Michael Vick though. They design plays for him to run, why? Because he can't pass with any consistency. 44/77 for 495 yds, 4 td, 2 int. With that kind of production from your Quarterback, you better be able to run, alot.

    Not trying to derail your thread here, so I'll stop now. Maybe one day Price will have an opportunity to prove what kind of WR he is. Either in Dallas, or somewhere else.
  15. dargonking999

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    ATL runs first passes second, not because their QB cant throw, but because of the power he has when he bootlegs, when he play actions, it's eaiser to run, when you have a QB, who can run to. If teams knew he couldnt trow then why not stack the box and stop the run why not put CB at the edge to wait for Vick if he bootlegs, why do they fall into coverage?THey had no problem stacking the box against us last year, the fear vick because he is a double threat. He can run, and pass, they are 3-2, and not because Vick cant throw.
  16. InmanRoshi

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    I would definitely like to see Price activated and used in a WR rotation at the position like the Patriots have used. Pasquerelli reported that the Cowboys are paranoid about Glenn's snaps, even in practice. Its not like Key couldn't use a series off now and then at 33. Crayton is returning punts as well as playing nickel. I don't see how rotating them would do anything but good. I bet when Jerry said that Price was not brought in here to be an insurance policy, that's what they originally had in mind.
  17. DallasDomination

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    This comment is like saying Bledsoe sucks just because of his play with Buffalo.

    Lets give the guy an opportunity and see what he gots.

    And how can anyone shine as a WR in ATL? Do you guys know who the QB is?

    Come on people lets be realistic here.
  18. Kilyin

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    He can only pass effectively on the run (rollout and throw a laser), he is completely useless in the pocket. That's why they don't stack the box on him.

    Why do they play zone coverages? Because that's the easiest way to contain Vick's running ability, in conjunction with a spy. You put CBs on the edges in the box and Vick runs a draw. You think team's respect Vick's passing ability? That's a laugh.
  19. Weber

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    As long as Gleen and KJ don't come of the field I'm all for him seeing playing time. But with Glenns health history he's an excellent back up plan or slot reciever.

    I've been historicaly on Vick's side but it's clear he can't pass worth a ****!

    You wouldn't know that by his contract however!
  20. DLCassidy

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