I really wish Ware had skills in rushing

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by jesusphreak, Nov 14, 2006.

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    Ware is an absolute beast athletically. This is a good and bad thing. It is good because he is one of the few guys in the NFL who can bull-rush just about anyone and get straight to the QB. It is bad because he seems only to rely upon that outside speed or bull-rush.

    I just wish Ware had some more moves in his arsenal. Imagine if he had the hands and movement of Ellis. He would literally be the best rusher in the league.

    Maybe next year? Supposedly he worked on it this off-season, but I haven't seen much yet. Anyway, isn't he on pace to have more than 10 sacks this year? That's very very solid, especially considering how good he is against the run. You don't have too many players who can do both well.
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    Ware's biggest problem right now is his inablilty to change speed. He comes off the ball as QUICKLY as possible and goes all out. If you ever notice Greg or other seasoned pass rushers...they don't open up the throttle until the precise moment. That comes with time. Ware actually make the life of an OL pretty easy. They know to get back fast and to the outside shoulder as quickly as possible. But if Ware would come off the ball and not give away what direction he is going so quickly, he could get 2 sacks a game.
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    The problem with Ware is he doesn't change up how he rushes the passer. It's almost as if he does just two things, so that if he doesn't do one thing, the other guy knows what he's going to do by process of elimination. If he sometimes speed rushed, sometimes bull rushed, sometimes went slow then exploded, started to the outside, then cutback inside, i.e. kept the offensive lineman guessing, he'd improve his totals significantly.
  4. Yakuza Rich

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    The bull rush makes sense by Ware. It's guarding against the run and I think Ware's run defense has been exceptional this season and has gone unnoticed. Not many 3-4 OLB's defend the run very well. I know Joey Porter doesn't even come close.

    Many coaches don't like to teach the spin move as it's not very effective against the run, difficult to do, and you can be suceptible to injury.

    I'm pretty happy with what he's got. I'd like to see him speed rush a little bit more and then be able to use that to his advantage with a double move.

    But also realize that he doesn't get much pressure from the down lineman, he plays in coverage around 20% of the time, and I think we've stunted him only 2-3 times this season.

  5. dbair1967

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    I know you guys dont want to believe this, but they all probably rush the way they do because its what they are TOLD to do

    we dont stunt much (if ever)...all our guys (for years) have basically rushed right into the guys in front of them...we dont use angles or create openings to run blitzers through...its vanilla

  6. Sam I Am

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    I brought this up in another thread a few minutes ago. This is my take also. Ware's improvement against the run has been phenomenal (if thats not overstating it) I didn't expect him to be as good against the run in his career much less where he is already. It's my opinion that Ware has been working on his run stopping instead of his pass rush which in my opinion isn't a bad thing as it's good to have a good complete game rather than only great at pass rush. If thats the case, he should only play 3rd downs.
  7. Dayton Cowboy

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    Perhaps he'll talk with Freeney about the spin move that Freeney uses so effectively. When Ware is on the DL in the nickel, I think if he could pick that up it would be good to add to his arsenal. Not so sure about using it in the base defense though.
  8. dbair1967

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    you mean that spin move thats helped Freeney tally a whopping 1.5 sacks this yr?

  9. BulletBob

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    I believe that Ware is VERY underrated on these boards.

    I think that because his sack numbers are not eye-popping, he tends to catch a lot of flack up in here.

    From what I see, he is constantly in the pocket causing pressure (often he is just a step late, or sends the QB into the arms of another pass-rusher). His run support has been extremely stout, and his coverage skills have gotten consistently better.

    It seems that his primary weakness is that he tends to overpursue, which is common for inexperienced players.

    On the flip side though, he is amazing to watch when he runs down plays, closing in on the ball-carrier with lightning speed.

    While I think he will eventually develop into a dominant player, his growth will definitely be stunted by Ellis's injury. He will see many more chips and double-teams.

    I think the greatest limitation on Ware's performance, however, is that he adheres to the current defensive scheme pretty closely. The reason he's just a step behind most plays is that he's thinking about his assignments too much.

    Parcells said that it often drove him crazy that LT would simply go ball$-to-the-wall after the QB when that was not his assignment on the play. Often times, LT would be forgiven because of the results.

    Our players have been so programmed to play the percentages, and avoid mistakes that I believe it has blunted their natural aggressive play-making instincts.

    Perhaps once the coaching staff is more comfortable with the talent-level on defense, we'll see the boys being permitted to pin their ears back more often and "just go out there like a pack of rabid dogs, and have some fun."

    Just a thought. I have many.
  10. superpunk

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    Here I thought you'd love the Colts balls out - get the QB approach to defense, where the ends consistently run themselves out of the paly resulting in the Colts giving up rushing yardage at a record pace. Pressure, baby. ;)
  11. theogt

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    If that's the case, why did Carpenter use about 5 different rush moves in a little over 10 plays in one quarter?
  12. Yakuza Rich

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    It was near the end of the game. I'd be surprised if he does that against the Colts.

  13. theogt

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    I didn't see Ware doing it, even though it was the end of the game.
  14. CrazyCowboy

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    Maybe he is working with Burt on some moves.....
  15. AbeBeta

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    Now there's a voice of reason - Ware has been great against the run -- and a huge reason why our run D has been so good. 4th overall in the NFL against the run. Ware regularly blows up plays on his side - even when he doesn't make the tackle, he strings the play out so that someone else can.
  16. Stautner

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    While you all blame the scheme and believe that Ware has no moves because he is always playing the run first and doing what the coaches command, think about this: There often are plays that are 3rd down and 8, 10 or even longer that the opposing offenses are trying to convert, and Ware still uses the same. predictable moves to get to the QB. Surely you all don't believe that the Cowboy coaches are restraining Ware in those situations.
  17. Phrozen Phil

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    Bingo!! Somebody gets it! The defense is playing very well this year. The purpose of the D is to stop the run and the pass. They have done both well this year. Their purpose is not simply to get Ware a high sack total. As a team, the Cowboys have improved considerably on the defensive side of the ball. How many time have we heard coaches say that you have to run the ball to be successful? The Cowboy's D is a good example of how to prevent teams from doing just that task. If you look at our record, you'll see that we've taken two of our four losses due to errors on the offensive side of the ball. Ware is doing quite well and will continue to improve.
  18. ravidubey

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    Ware is not being coached properly and is in danger of being ruined as a pass rusher. The kid regresses to bull-rushing the moment he hits the field. The coaches either don't know how to coach him or he's dense, stubborn, or both.

    It's once in a blue moon that we see him make plays like he did against Washington in Irving this year when he trailed Cooley in his pattern only to cut back sharply at the snap and nearly sack Brunell.

    In that same game, we moved him around to the opposite side and he crushed an outmatched Betts on another rush. Where is this Demarcus Ware? I know he's often stuck back in coverage, but doesn't that strike you as stupid?
  19. Sam I Am

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    FYI: The sky isn't falling. You are allowing emotion to take control instead of rational thought. It's ludicrous to say Ware is in danger of being ruined as a pass rusher.
  20. vlad

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    save for a few plays he's been an absolute monster against the run. but yeah, i have to say I'm pretty disappointed in his passrush skills.

    I spent one day going over one of the games I downloaded (was bored) and watched him vs. Ellis to see how they pressure the QB, it wasn't even close. Ellis was using hesitation moves, aggresive swim moves, change of direction and would anticpate where the QB would be in the pocket and would attack the QB rather than the pocket.

    Ware is such a freakshow athletically, but he almost reminds me of Witten, no wiggle in the hips at all. If he tried one of those hesitation/swim moves, he'd crush it with his quickness. 90% of the time he was in rush mode, it seemed like he just tried to out race the tackle, sometimes he'd get pressure, but a lot of times the tackle would just let him go by and then push him off and way behind the play.

    Maybe with the added pressure of Greg being out we'll see an emergence in his skill set.

    BTW, I'm a big Ware fan, just disappointed in his lack of moves.

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