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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by mperfection, Nov 22, 2006.

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    was first signed as an UDFA by the Cowboys a few days after the 2003 draft. In fact, at the end of the second day of the draft, there was a wish list of UDFA's posted on this board, and Tony Romo was high on this list. When, at last, we signed him, those who were "in the know" about his collegiate career were ecstactic.

    I continually stand amazed at the level of (fore)knowledge displayed by some of the posters on this board. I only wish we could dig some of these pre-Romo posts out of our archives and re-post them for the benefit of our newcomers.
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    If I remember correctly, there was a strange article written in the days following the draft. In it, Romo basically insinuated -- or flat out said -- that Parcells told him he would be starting. At the time, it seemed like Romo might be insinuating that season. I recall many fans reading it in bewilderment but merely shrugging it off.
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    Give Mortensen credit.

    After the draft, he said to, "keep an eye on Tony Romo."
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    The training camp I got a peek at in 2003 made him look promising in my opinion but I must concede I didn't think he'd ever wrestle the starting position into his own lap until this off-season.

    You just don't ever know with quarterbacks. Let us examine the window between the twilight of Aikman's career where an heir should probably have been sought and the time since his retirement where the quest has been to find a steady steward under center.

    I remember when San Francisco took Jim Drukenmiller over Jake Plummer and lest we forget that for several seasons Plummer was getting over the top "Montana" like praise from ESPN. He still isn't a bad quarterback although he's in a slump at present, as for Druckenmiller, he narrowly evaded rape charges a few years back. Looking back at '97 Dallas was wise to not jump the gun on any of the available options.

    Peyton Manning or Ryan Leaf? This was a genuine debate at one time.
    Dallas tried the maligned Leaf and he failed to impress.

    The great class of '99: Couch, McNabb, Culpepper, Akili Smith, McNown.
    Safe to call it a disaster just yet? Nothing here for Dallas to gnash their teeth about not taking a shot at.

    Chad Pennington was the highlight of the 2000 draft until you consider the one that flew underneath the radar of NORAD itself in Tom Brady.
    Brady has made fools of 31 scouting departments and made another one look lucky for taking him in the 6th round.

    2001 saw the salivatingly talented michael Vick go number one in a shocking trade but San Diego hit gold with a Drew Brees in the second round, quite a steal. Qunicy Carter went somewhere but I forget.

    David Carr, Joey Harrington and Marc Bulger emerged from this crew in 2002, none of them inspire envy from teams not graced with their leadership. The Texans drafted Drew Henson in hopes of dealing the Yankee to a desperate team, somebody eventually fell for the ploy.The greatest steal may have been David Garrad, he alone may have been a Cowboy lamentation.

    2003 saw the unabtainable Carson Palmer go first while the chubby and eratic Byron Leftwich was on the board when the clock came to Dallas. Unbeknownst to anyone at the time Dallas secretly aquired the second most talented quarterback college football gave to the pros this year as Tony Romo quietly signed on.

    2004 saw Dallas content with Vinnie Teseverde and some guy traded from Houston so little attention was payed Phillip Rivers and the unabtainable Eli Manning. Retrospect grants Dallas grace for this but not on account of the two quarterbacks who would play that season.

    2005 gave Dallas an NFL passing giant and a veteran with the rocket arm, unfortunately his inability to read defenses quick enough made him sack prone. Dallas sensed the hype that surrounded Alex Smith and Aaaron Rodgers was quite bogus and neglected to make a push for either. The Houston trade was believed to be an answer to the future.

    2006 saw Dallas sit pat on draft day neglecting to make so much as a flirtacious wink in the direction of Matt Leinhart and Vince Young while making no aggressive moves to take a swipe at Jay Cutler. So Dallas entered training camp with the rocket armed but immobile vet and the presumed future and a former UDFA. The future was cut, the UDFA played well in preseason, the immobile rocket was benched six weeks into the season and a glorious new beginning nearly a decade in the making was launched from the confines of their own bench!

    Romo will erase all the miserable personnel gaffs concerning his position and perhaps even justify not taking some of them if he remains well...Tony Romo.
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    I was at the Alamodome the first practice of training camp of '03 when Quincy and Chutch were battling it out for the starting spot and it was THE story of camp. I was sitting in the bleachers right underneath the pressbox because it was the best view. Babe Laufenberg came and sat right next to me and started watching pratice. I had a roster print out and he asked if he could look at it real quick because he wanted to look up a player. I asked him who he thought looked like the best QB out on the field. He said Tony Romo.
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    I believe in letting your young QB sit and develop on the sidelines. Although that idea may be unpopular these days, I feel it would save a lot of careers if coaches/GMs would handle it that way. These teams place too much pressure on young QB's to come in right away and play, it's kind of sad. Look at what Cincinnati did with Carson Palmer they took a few years to groom him then he took over.
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    I agree with you but you didn't pick the best example. He played in 2003 and was starting by 2004.
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    Is it bad that i live in Illinois and i didn't even know about this kid? haha
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    You are correct, Tony said that BP told him that he would have every opportunity to be a starter in Dallas. I know you did an intenship for the Cowboys, maybe you were at the 2003 camp Dale, but I went to many of the practices, and Romo actually move to second string at one point. He passed Stoerner and Hutch. Right in front of me, Hutch pissed off BP and BP told him he was now playing behind Romo.

    At one of the practices, Bill Jones and Christy Scales were seated on the row right below me. I heard them talking about how BP had decided to go with Quincy as the starter, and that rumor was the Peyton made a strong push for Romo to be given a chance to start. Peyton believed that Quincy was not that much better than Romo.

    At the time I didn't think much of it.

    But come next summer, I will be out there as often as I can to see TC practice. It should be fun, and Jerry will make a mint with Romo being of Hispanic descent, and being so close to Mexico.
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    SilverBear had Romo targeted as a late-round quarterback prospect before the draft (along with Curt Anes). He even mentioned that the Cowboys had been talking to Romo.
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    This is the most refreshing and mature thread from a poster I have ever witnessed having participated on two boards. 99.9% of the time when a certain key player does well you typically get a self righteous condemnation thread.

    Something to the effect of " Remember when Romo was selected and after a couple of years many of you posters thought he was a loser, no arm, etc.. now he is brilliantly leading the Cowboys"
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    There was a poster on the old DMN forum that before he ever got signed was predicting he would be. He mentioned the college connection with Sean Payton, etc. His username was Cowboy Bob.

    The only problem was once he was signed the guy became a total pain in the butt. He wanted constant praise from everyone in the forum for him calling that. Completely forgotten (conveniently) were hundreds of stupid posts by the same guy. It's so easy to spot the trolls. They always want everythign to be about them and the accolades to shower all over them.

    I don't know Curt Anes, but I do know my buddy SilverBear. I consider his draft knowledge to be top notch. Quite a stark contrast that he's never once beat his chest about this stuff. I'm really not surprised. He knows and those who respect him know. The rest is just fluff.

    Thanks for posting this Adam. It's something that I appreciate knowing. It just makes me respect the man even more than I already do.
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    Romo is from hispanic descent? Not that it matters but I would not have guessed. Then again I am part Choctaw and nobody would ever guess
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    Dale, I remember that article. It also mentioned that Romo wanted to come to Dallas because the QB position was up for grabs with Quincy Carter, Chad Hutchinson, etc.

    I was one who shrugged it off because I kept thinking that if this guy was that good, he should have at least been drafted.

    In reality, the QB position is the most difficult to evaluate when it comes to the draft. That's when you get guys like Tom Brady dropping to the 6th round, and guys like Romo not even being drafted...and guys like Delhomme that swing through Europe before starting in the NFL.
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    Silverbear also thought Quincy Carter was the best thing since sliced bread, and was crowning him the next great thing in Dallas, on an hourly basis.

    If you predict everyone will be great, eventually, you will be right.
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    So your last name is FLCowboyFan?:lmao:

    Sorry for a being such a smart arse but I couldn't help myself. I know what you meant.

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