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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by xwalker, Nov 23, 2013.

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    The Cowboys offense has quit doing the things that were successful in that game.

    In the Denver game they:

    Had multiple runs with Romo in Shotgun. Had multiple passes with Romo under Center. This made run/pass unpredictable. In recent games they almost always pass when in shotgun and almost always run when Romo is under Center.

    They threw long passes. In recent games, not only have they minimized the number of long passes, but they have minimized the number of deep routes that they run.

    They ran multiple slant routes. They’ve gotten away from the slant route in recent games. In one recent game, I only saw one slant route.

    They ran routes that were conducive to Yards After the Catch. In recent games they run many stop routes and short routes in the flat towards the sideline.

    The ran route combinations that they’ve quit running in recent games. In many recent games the short middle of the field is completely vacant on many plays. This is the area where it’s the shortest path between the receiver and the QB. The sideline routes require a longer throw to gain the same yardage.

    I think that some of it is an overreaction to the INT at the end of the Denver game. With Romo now helping with the gameplan, it appears they have tried to remove any possibility of his throws being undercut and intercepted. Keeping routes out of the short middle of the field and avoiding slant routes would minimize the possibility that Romo does not see a LB or other defender. I’m sure it’s not as easy to see players in that short middle area for a 6-2 QB as it is for tall QBs like Payton Manning, but it appears they’ve gone to the extreme to avoid it.

    I have no idea why they are so predictable in run/pass based on the Shotgun formation. You can see defensive players abandoning coverage to play the run before the ball is even out of Romo’s hand on the hand-off. The few times that they passed with Romo starting under Center in recent games, they’ve had receivers open and have made a couple of big plays; however, in some games they’ve literally only thrown one or two passes from this formation. It might have even been zero in one game.
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    nice breakdown and re-cap. I admire your patience.
  3. Corso

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    And now the question is...

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    If you can see this why can't our coaching staff?
    Maybe you need a spot in that play calling bucket brigade we got going on the sideline/booth
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  5. dupree89

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    LOL..Quite the circus isnt it?
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  6. bark

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    Sadly yes it is
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    Wow...this is so informative

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    Good job bro.

    We have only scored 12 offensive TDs in the 5 games since Denver. Thats just about 2 TDs per game.......................I dont get why we are going so conservative. If they are scared of a pick by Romo in the final 2 min of the game, fine, be conservative then and not the whole freaking game. It makes no sense why we have gone into a shell since the Denver game.

    If it doesn't change, we are in big trouble. With our defense, 2 TDs per game is not going to get it done.
  10. dupree89

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    This is something I agree with Aikman on...I think this team's confidence is shot. We all know about the defense and how pitiful it is. But I think the offense lacks confidence too. And perhaps rightly so. A joke of a first half against the Vikings and couldnt do anything in the Saints game. 12 yards passing in the first half?
    That is embarrassing.
  11. Hoofbite

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    This has been a huge problem. One of the recent games Dallas ran out of the shotgun down around the goal line and got in. Think it was New Orleans but may have been before.

    Teams don't even have to look at anything other than Romo and they can pretty much call what is coming next. I'm surprised no one has mentioned it in-house and tried to balance things out a bit.
  12. ehcrossing

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    Was it a Moral victory?
  13. jobberone

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    Because Jerry sucks as a GM! That's why. :)
  14. Sarge

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    Watching the Denver game was like watching a different team and offense altogether. They looked sharp and efficient and focused. They have not played like that since.
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  15. Fredd

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    in the Denver game, they probably felt that they were going to give up more than 50 so what did they have to lose?

    Now, I gotta assume that they are just waiting for that opportunity to spring their offense on someone to catch them napping and prepping for blandsville....the predictability of the offense AND defense is astounding...the GM can't seem to see it, but with scotch goggles on for the team, how could he? Just let JG and his team of buffoon coaches continue to earn their paycheck, who cares about doing something dynamic to actually, you know, win a game?
  16. BIGDen

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    So this guy goes onto a Cowboys message board (as Cowboys fan supposedly) reads a good, informative post, and says "Who cares?"
    I just don't...Why would...oh never mind....
  17. ufcrules1

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    You realize they were playing the 30th ranked passing defense? They were also missing Bailey, Woodyard, Miller, and others on defense. Basically we were playing a team with a very pathetic defense. I think Romo knew he was going to have to give it his all to win the game. He looked totally different in the games before and games after the Denver game.
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  18. Jarv

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    That doesn't change the scope of the OP. The bottom line is the play calling, routes and basically the style of the offense has changed from what happened against Denver. Use the middle of the field, don't become so predictable by formations...Really basic stuff for an uncluttered mind.
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  19. Carharris2

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    Yes. This is maddening. Is there something they know we don't? I'm afraid not. They are likely outsmarting themselves not any defense.
  20. Carharris2

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    They've played other very low ranked passing defenses and not produced close to that level. Op is right different game-plans. .

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