I see the 'boys getting ten wins

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by landroverking, Oct 15, 2013.

  1. landroverking

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    I can see the boys getting to 10 wins. It all starts with the next three games. IMO they must win
    all three.

    What say do? Doable?
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  2. mldardy

    mldardy Well-Known Member

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    6-2 at home, 4-4 on the road. It's doable but a lot will depend on these next two games. If we win both 10 wins is a real possibility.
  3. JerryJonesMustGo

    JerryJonesMustGo Well-Known Member

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    Our D-Line problems and Murray's injury may leave us totally dependant on Romo and the passing game. 10 wins, with so many unknowns, is questionable at best.

    Saints, Bears, Packers and Lions are our out of division foes. I can't see 10 wins unless Romo goes off like he has never done before. The redskins are not a good barometer to the progress of the defense.
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  4. ufcrules1

    ufcrules1 Well-Known Member

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    If we beat Philly that will put us in an extremely good position to win the division and get to 10 wins. I personally don't think we will beat them though. I hope I'm wrong.
  5. Cowboy4ever

    Cowboy4ever Well-Known Member

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    To get to 10, we have to win 7 out of 10. I think we only lose 2 - Bears and Saints (both road games). If we lose 3, I am going to pick losing to the Eagles in wk 17 because we are resting our starters.

    Not impressed with the Lions at all, Vikings, please, Giants are done, Raiders, please again, Packers, tough game but we are at home I have us an even match up but winning at home, Redskins again, same result.
  6. egn22

    egn22 Well-Known Member

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    our defense is suspect, but our offense has the potential to be extremely potent. if Callahan calls a good game, i don't see Philly out scoring us.
  7. Future

    Future Intramural Legend

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    We are going to lose at least 1 more division game - I just don't see us going 6 and 0 - and probably get beat by the Saints or Bears, if not both. Other than that, there isn't a game on the list that we couldn't win...though if our D does not show some serious improvement there's no guarantee that we'll beat anybody. Its not hard to think that AP could run for 200 in a win or Stafford throw for 450 in a win.
  8. iceman117

    iceman117 Active Member

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    Let's say we split with the Eagles, and go 1-1 in the last Giants and Redskins games. That would make us 5-5. That means we would have to go 5-1 in these games, @Lions, vsVikings, @Saints,@Bears vsRaiders, VsPackers....

    I see 7,8 or 9 wins there unless we totally dominate our division and go 6-0 we aren't winning 10 games. I'd be really happy with 9-7 and a home playoff game. The way we have played at home this year I like our chances against any of the WC teams we would play in the first round. Then as we have seen in the past anything can happen after that if we get hot at the right time.
  9. tyke1doe

    tyke1doe Well-Known Member

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    Cowboys fans love to get ahead of themselves. Sigh.
  10. Joe Rod

    Joe Rod When Keeping it Real Goes Wrong

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    I look at that schedule and come away thinking 8-8. That's just me though.
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  11. JerryJonesMustGo

    JerryJonesMustGo Well-Known Member

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    I hope we squeeze out 9-7 and a PO game at home. 10 wins would mean we are playing great and would have a good shot at going deep in the POs considering we need to go 7-3 with the remaining schedule.
  12. TheCount

    TheCount Pixel Pusher

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    Yeah, great. Let's start by winning back to back games, then we can talk 10 wins. We're still staring yet another 8-8 season dead in the face.
  13. SWG9

    SWG9 Well-Known Member

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    Funny thing is 8 wins might take the division this year. Beat Philly this week and we're sitting pretty.

    My realistic goal for the 2013 season is the win the division and win a home playoff game. Anything beyond that is gravy.

    Saints and Seahawks are going to finish 1 and 2 in some order this year. I can't see Dallas beating either of those teams on the road.
  14. StarBoyz83

    StarBoyz83 Well-Known Member

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    I just cant see 7 wins when I look at the remaining schedule.
  15. Smith22

    Smith22 Well-Known Member

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    7 to 9 wins is more realistic imo. The dline is decimated...
  16. dexternjack

    dexternjack World Traveler

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    The defense is one key player injury away from disaster. If no one else gets hurt, a record of 9-7 is easily obtainable.

    If Hatcher, Lee or Carr(maybe even Church) go down for the count, they will be lucky to reach 7-9.

    It is too early in the season(again) to be facing this many injuries :(
  17. Idgit

    Idgit If you food, you gonna be ate. Staff Member

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    It's a long season. A lot is going to change between now and week 17. All I really care about is that we look to be the strongest team in the NFCE. I'll take that, and hitting the playoffs in stride and playing well, any day of the week.
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    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    I can see us doing this.

    Eagles - Win
    Lions - Loss
    Vikings - Win
    Saints - Loss
    Giants - Win
    Raiders - Win
    Bears - Loss
    Packers - Win
    Redskins - Win
    Eagles - Win

    This assumes that we sweep the East and I think that's a realistic goal. The Bears, if we played them right now, might also be a win but we don't. We play them later in the year, in Chicago. That means that they will likely be healthier on D and it will likely be cold as heck. I think that bodes well for them. Now, if we played in a dome, then that might be different.

    This gets us to 10-6 and that would be a heck of a good season for us IMO. Also, we all know what happens when an NFC East team sweeps the Division.

    Not saying this will happen but I am saying that it's possible.
  19. Bwareinrings94

    Bwareinrings94 Well-Known Member

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    Anything's possible. IMHO, 7-9. This team behaves like it is a ball control and conservative passing game offense while it's actually built to be an indiscriminately passing and attacking offense. On defense, they are not very good but are exhibiting some positive "don't give up" qualities that are impressive but aren't good enough to win games consistently.
  20. Doomsay

    Doomsay Well-Known Member

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    I can see trying to win an away game against an explosive offense this Sunday and it being a challenge.

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