I sense a change is coming...

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by 5Stars, Feb 17, 2013.

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    Not sure what that means. Will you watch them? you just will not expect them to win games?

    I guess for me I can handle the disappointment but I'm not going to lower my expectation. I expect them to make the post season and I expect them to do well once they get there if they don't well I'm a grown man I can handle the disappointment of a football game. Guess what the sun came up the next day after the loss in Washington. Life went on

    I don't see where much changes either fans support the team or they don't outside of that we don't play a role in any of this.
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    can you be more specific?

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    Even in all my frustrations I have never deviated from this - Garrett will be here for a long time. He is the future and we will return to dominance with him leading the charge.
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    :bravo: I hope you are right!
    :bravo: I hope you are right!
    :bravo: I hope you are right!

    But what have you seen to suggest this is happening?

    What do you base this "hope" on?
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    The OP senses a change is coming because listening to the new coaches got him fired up. He's already bought into them and we're only in Feb. Part of the job of a new coach is to bring along enthusiasm to get the fans excited. The coaches are excited it's a new start for them and they want to get everyone else excited. To get a coaching job in the NFL you have to be a good salesmen. You have to bring enthusiasm and confidence to every interview.

    All coaches are trained to say the right things Garrett spent almost an hr over a week ago saying all the right things as he pumped up all the new coaches. It was all about getting the fans excited. Garrett has pumped up a lot of players and coaches the past 2 years that are no longer with the team. We won't know if these coaching moves will improve the team until the 2013 season starts. I'll start getting a sense if a change is coming in training camp/preseason and when the regular season begins.
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    1 playoff win, and we got crushed the game after that year
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    After 3 straight years of missing the playoffs just making the playoffs would signify a change to me.

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