I take Tannehill

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by UnoDallas, Oct 1, 2011.

  1. UnoDallas

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    over R Griffen

    but I sure like T Wilson from Ark
  2. sureletsrace

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    That's crazy. RG3 has been better longer than Tannehill.
  3. reddyuta

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    This.RG3 has improved tremendously as a passer,he is very accurate.
  4. TheCoolFan

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    :confused: Tannehill?
  5. UnoDallas

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    Tannehill yup

    Ryan Tannehill, QB, Texas A&M
    Height: 6-4. Weight: 219.
    Projected 40 Time: 4.61.
    Projected Round (2012): 3-4.

    9/7/11: Tannehill started out the season well. He completed 21-of-26 passes for 246 yards and two touchdowns with zero interceptions. Tannehill is a good game manager who throws the ball accurately. He distributes the ball well and takes advantage of a good supporting cast.

    8/18/11: After playing wide receiver in 2008 and 2009, Ryan Tannehill became the starting quarterback during the 2010 season.

    completed 65 percent of his passes for 1,638 yards with 13 touchdowns and six interceptions in seven games at quarterback.

    The background as a wide receiver can be seen in the athletic Tannehill. He is an elusive runner with deceptive speed.

    Tannehill needs more time to develop as a signal caller. His accuracy and mechanics are definitely a work in progress.

    For a team looking for a developmental, backup quarterback that could contribute in a Wildcat package, Tannehill could be a good mid-round pick.

    Tannehill is a gamer and should impress coaching staffs in pre-draft meetings.

  6. UnoDallas

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    He needs more work as a passer, but is showing some developmental talent to evaluators.
  7. UnoDallas

    UnoDallas Benched

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    I like Tannehill better than Mcgee
  8. sureletsrace

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    Well I like RG3 better than both.

    Tannehill struggles with his accuracy and clock management. No thank you.

    Give me an accurate passer who's willing to learn to make the reads.

    You can't teach accuracy.
  9. UnoDallas

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    I say he pretty accurate

    today what was he 25-35 for 240 + yards

    Ryan Tannehill and Why I'm Not Sold
    Some scouts, both NFL and internet, feel Tannehill is a 1st round quarterback prospect, maybe the best senior in this class. I've heard their points, considered their opinions (at least the people who's evaluations I trust), and re-watched film. And based on that and the Oklahoma State game this past weekend, my opinion is still firm: Ryan Tannehill is not a franchise quarterback in my eyes.

    He played at times this past weekend, no question.. He's confident in his feet and can make plays outside the pocket. Maybe the most impressive asset of his game is his pocket poise. Even this past weekend on a few plays, he read the pressure, moved within the pocket, kept his eyes down field, re-set his feet, and delivered a throw on the money. His development in that area, in my opinion, combined with his arm at least gets him in the door for the NFL. He anticipates his receivers routes well and isn't afraid to making a throw before his receiver is out of his break.

    But Tannehill overall is very predictable in what he wants to do. He stares down his target too obviously and struggles to check down effectively. He forces passes to his early target and doesn't scan the field all that well pre-snap. He doesn't have great touch on deep passes, and more or less lays up a jump pass down the field instead of put the ball accurately. His overall arm is good, not great. While he can put velocity behind short passes, as he goes deeper, he struggles to keep good velocity and put balls into tight windows.

    Overall, I'm more sold on the complete skill set of Kirk Cousins of Michigan State and like Ryan Lindley (San Diego State), BJ Coleman (Chattanooga), Nick Foles (Arizona), and Dominique Davis (East Carolina) as fellow solid senior quarterbacks. Tannehill is still in the Top 4 round mix in my mind, but no 2nd round talent
  10. RS12

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    I am ready to draft Griffin now.
  11. windward

    windward NFL Historian

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    If a quarterback falls to us in the first, then maybe we have to pull the trigger.

    RG3, Landry Jones, whoever...
  12. TheFinisher

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    Do whatever is necessary to draft Griffin.
  13. casmith07

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    Are you kidding me?

    RG3 is going to be outstanding. Accurate, athletic, cannon arm, smart. He's complete. We'll likely have no shot to draft him, but I would absolutely love to have him sit and wait to become the next Cowboys QB.

    Griffin's last game: 23/31 (74.2%), 346 yards, 5 TDs, 1 INT. The dude is a beast. Oh by the way, he's ridiculously smart.
  14. UnoDallas

    UnoDallas Benched

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    lol he is will be lucky to even start in the NFL

    he's ridiculously smart

    guess that wins lots of games

    opps hie int lead to his team losing yesterday
  15. cbow44

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    c'mon man your hate on griffen is making it difficult to take you seriously. you want to bang on Griffen's lone interception of the season and in the same breath tell me you want Tannehill after his second half tank job the last 2 weeks. Although Tannehill does look like the second coming of Romo
  16. Natedawg44

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    I think Luck and RGIII are going 1 and 2
  17. Aikbach

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    And that was his WORST game of the season, he's a stud.
  18. TheCoolFan

    TheCoolFan Well-Known Member

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    Love RG III but he still needs some work. He's not the scrub that UnoDallas is making him out to be but he's not on Andrew Luck's level yet either as an NFL prospect. He needs to sit for a few years like Aaron Rodgers before I think he'd be ready to start for a team + he needs to get stronger to prepare himself for the hits he'll take in the NFL.

    If anything though, coming back for his senior year would be in his best interest. This year is his coming out party nationally. Next year is when I expect him to take it to the next level to where he can cement himself as the best QB in the nation and best QB in the draft.
  19. Dawgs0916

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    This thread makes me :)
  20. supercowboy8

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    he threw a INT, nope sorry, you have to be prefect as a cowboys QB or the fans will turn on you.

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