I think a lot of people should watch what they say about Ware cause I got a feeling

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by theranchsucks, Dec 31, 2013.

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    Yes, 11.5 sacks was good for tied for 9th in 2012. The poster I quoted thought it was obvious to dump Ware after last season.
  2. Smith22

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    Last year, yes. Again, that was another season where his body broke down and he disappeared after about week 9. 2 years and running now. Fountain of youth anyone? He is getting older, not younger.
  3. tm1119

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    Body breaking down and injuries aren't the same thing. Muscle pulls and tears happen to young athletes in their prime. Is Sean Lee's body also breaking down? Demarrco Murray? He's 31 right now, you're talking like the guy is ancient. Not to mention, as many here have already pointed out, our strength and conditioning staff seriously needs to be questioned with seemingly our entire team breaking down.
  4. ufcrules1

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    I know you are in love with Ware but he is close to worthless these days. Maybe it is time for you to accept that?
  5. tm1119

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    Lol this is reality pal, trades like that don't happen like that in the NFL. If you honestly think that there was even a remote possibility of a plausible trade involving Demarcus Ware at the end of last season than you're even more clueless than I thought.
  6. ufcrules1

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    Yeah, it is impossible to trade players, you are right. I have never seen it before.
  7. Picksix

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    That's not true. I've lived in Cincy, Chicago, and now Seattle. It happens everywhere.
  8. Cowboyz88

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    Conversely, no one idol-worships its own players more than Cowboys fans.

    Nine times of ten, if a player wears the star, he's the greatest this or the greatest that and by gawd, there are stats to prove it!

    And by no means, can you criticize a Cowboy, because you're a "hater," and all Cowboys are beyond reproach. Some fans will go to war to prove their clearly subjective stance that this guy or that guy belongs in the Pro Bowl, Ring of Honor, All-Pro, Hall of Fame, etc.

    In regards to Ware, I've asked before, but at what point does a guy go from being injury plagued to done?
  9. BlueStar22

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    How many times have you seen a guy take less....somewhere else rather than take it from their current team. Happens all the time.
  10. theSHOW

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    I think Jerry found 3 or 4 homeless street bums that outplayed Ware on the Dline.

    Sure give him 1 last chance...Pay the Man Jerry!
  11. 1LoyalCowboyFan

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  12. Cmac

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    We all need to take a deep breath....otherwise we look at Sean Lee too.
  13. BigStar

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    In the last years, maybe Doug Free fits this criteria; who else has been proven worth the extra credit?
  14. Ken

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    I think Bernadeau had a pretty good season where I even wrote him off in preseason.

    I think everyone wrote Church off after the injury last year and he responded with 130 tackles this year.

  15. BigStar

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    I agree with Berd, not so sure Church is the answer though. Good point.
  16. blackbull

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    Doesn't matter. Jerry will keep him and I don't care. Ill just laugh when Ware tells us in July how he's in the best shape of his life with a few new rush moves.
  17. Chuck 54

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    I hope Ware is a beast next season and has 15 sacks, especially timely ones that help us win close games; however, that won't erase his subpar play the past two years. Injuries stink for everyone, but you can't hold injuries against guys like Austin and Murray and not recognize it is a problem that devalues Ware as well.
  18. Jenky

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    I think reducing Ware's salary and moving him to OLB is worth a shot. He's up there in age now and an occasional finesse pass rusher/good run stopper is all I see in his future.

    Bruce Carter really needs to redeem himself.
  19. Szczepanik

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    GO watch Jacksonville then if you want to watch a team without any talent.
  20. Eddie

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    Yes, older players coming off of multiple injuries ALWAYS perform better.
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