I think Denver is a little better than us

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Galian Beast, Nov 21, 2005.

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    I think Denver is the Cowboys of the AFC, and we are the Broncos of the NFC.

    But I think they are at the moment slightly better than us in results.

    I think we're better on paper, but we haven't been playing to potential, so we really can't count on that.

    I think we can win because we're playing at home, but this will definitely be the hardest game we've played. Tatum Bell missing the game might be key. And the fact that Denvers offense probably isn't as troublesome as Detroits.

    I think our corners can shut them down.

    According to the stats we have a top 10 pass defense, while denver is ranked 28th against the pass. Denver is ranked 2nd against the run, and we are ranked 9th against the run.

    Our pass offense is ranked 14th, while theirs is ranked 20th.
    Our rush offense is ranked 13th, while theirs is ranked 2nd.

    Something to consider:
    Points per game ranking/What they scored on us:
    San Diego: 30//24
    New York Giants: 28.1//13
    Seattle: 27.2/13
    Oakland 21.8//19
    Philadelphia: 21//10&20
    Arizona: 20.5//13
    Washington: 20//14
    Detroit: 16.7//7
    San Fransisco: 15.1//34

    We should win this game considering we're playing at home, and how strong our defense has been at home.

    most points allowed in a home game? 14...

    home game scoring?

    13, 33, 16, 34, 20
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    lol at denvers offense not bein as troublesome as detroits.WOWWWWWWWWWWWWW
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    My God, you must be right. Denver has a worse offense than Detroit. Do you rank offenses in reverse alphabetical order?

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