I think it may come down to Romo or Garrett

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by juck, Nov 6, 2012.

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    The WC is a variation of the vertical offense. It's still a timing offense. Many of us here have called for more horizontal routes for a long time esp since we don't have the real burners on the outside.

    The problem with the offense is just complicated although I agree the OL is part of the problem as are problems with the WRs.

    Perhaps it's possible the problem is we just have enough short comings on offensive talent and makeup that we can't function well. If you think the major problem is Romo though then you are just wrong.
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    Even with the guys we have now, running east/west is still taking a long time to develop.
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    I agree. I don't see crossing patterns as being very realistic at least consistently. I haven't looked at the All 22 since our first game but I suspect teams are taking away the inside slants since we run that so well. Austin has made some hay with deep slants or digs (or are they wheels) if you will but that hasn't been real reliable either. And teams are teeing off on the swing passes and bubbles so that leaves Witten underneath for the most part.

    The lack of a running game, deep routes and outside speed and the above is killing us. Add poor route running by two of the four receivers and you got problems.

    What have those two drives with the hurry up and no huddle consisted of route wise and why were they successful. I'm betting you've looked at the film.
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    Austin is starting to come around, and is making big plays in the slot like he used to. The bigger problem is with the two guys on the outside who are not speed match-up problems or are inconsistent catchers. Romo is taking what the defense gives him and sometimes that entails throwing the ball to KO or Bryant, neither or which are reliable in crucial situations.

    Not being able to get chunk yardage from a defensive cover 2 is the real killer. It's not the end all for the offense but it sure keeps us heavily unbalanced in drives. Cook's run blocking is really atrocious and has been a big part of the failure of the inside runs. It doesn't help that Bernadeau is inconsistent next to him.

    The hurry up we run is mainly verticals with some with a crossing route underneath. It's a clear concept. What we really need to do is just stick with the Posse set (S11) and run from it because it does gain good yardage on 1st downs.

    Our 3WR set from the shotgun or under center has been really effective this year. It's sort of a spread set in reality because Witten is usually split wide instead of being inline.
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    No matter how bad things get, neither will go anywhere. Jerry will be forced to lose crazy (real) money to buy out their contracts. Everyone knows how Jerry loves his money. Its not a salary cap issue, it cold hard franklins that Jerry will be forced to pay for someone to leave.

    IE I read Jason Garrett contract is solid 4.5mil for 2013 and 2014 plus 2mil for this year, 11mil total. Garrett is will be the coach for awhile....:(
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    Most of that offense is Witten underneath and short intermediates, Austin, and some Dez on crossing routes to the sideline. OT caught the TD on a broken play. Not being able to run is making us esp vunerable in the RZ esp on the goal line. We're just too one dimensional.

    We seem to do ok from the 12 but just off of memory we don't seem to be doing that as much as last year but I don't have any stats just my impression.

    Why do you think the spread is successful? Some of that offense in hurry up has to be keeping the D off balance and out of some of their special packages I'd think. Imagine there is more to it than that though. What do you think?
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    Romo still has a fan base. Garrett has none. Do the math.
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    Greenbay can not run, oline is as bad or worse then ours but they are better at passing and can get TD in the Redzone still. Then again they execute better than us. I do not by you have to be able run to get TD's

    Greenbay as a team has 2 rushing TD's that is it and they have 26.6 points a game

    New Orleans who offense has still put up numbers has a total 4 rushing TD's and the team has 27.2 points a game

    GB is +4 TO and NO is dead even.

    So while a running game can make it easier to score it is not an excuse for Dallas not scoring.

    Both those team are in the top 10 scoring teams.
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    Bluestang, this is just a quality post, all the way around.
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    I Agree. He will get his money he wants from another team, most probably of his choice. Why would he want to stay and put his health in jeopardy.? Why would he want to play for a coach that has no clue how to lead, discipline, call plays, just not HC material? Why would he want to continue playing for a delusional owner?
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    Since when has Jerry cared what the fans think?
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    I will take Garrett over Romo at this point.
  13. Kangaroo

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    When does the NFL really care what the fans think.

    They put on a face like they do but they do not as long as you buy tickets and watch the games on TV they do not care.
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    The team is undisciplined and routinely leads the league in penalties. Poor clock management and special teams flaws. Management did not shore up the offensive line to run the timing offense. JG was part of that management, Romo was not.

    JG has more of an impact on this team than Romo and if he thinks its, Romo, please try Orton for a few games, starting next week.

    Let's see if it is Romo or JG, because if Orton can help us contain penalties, make us run better and helps special teams, maybe he should be the HC.
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    How true, Romo needs horizontal routes. I would like to see what Orton could do in this offense. Who knows he may do well, but i know for sure, Romo will not.
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    If that is the case then Goodbye Garrett!!!!!!!
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    I agree...The mix of QB, wide receivers, OL and offensive system just doesn't seem to add up. The whole is less than the sum of the parts. In the short term (this year), unless the coach adjusts his approach to fit the players (who don't seem to fit each other, especially the fit between Romo and his receivers), it seems destined for more of the same.

    Right now, I have more confidence that Romo would have success with a more flexible and adaptable HC, than I do that Garrett would succeed with another quarterback. Throw in receivers that have such holes in their games and the current state of the OL...jeesh, what a weird and dysfunctional mix.
  18. Bluestang

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    Not being able to run on the same cover 2 shell is the main culprit IMO. Garrett wants to impose his will on the defense with the running game but when you can't break a long run (10 yds or more) it's impossible to get the defense to respect your game.

    The goal line stuff is all on the center/guards. The defense got lower than us and Cook being absolutely abysmal at it is a big problem.

    What they should run is some stretch runs or tosses to the sidelines because we have the speed to get to the edges with Felix and Dunbar.

    It's the loss of Bennett that is hurting us on the 12 set. Bennett could single block a DE on the edge which allowed the T or the FB to seal the edge on the LBs. Phillips is not the same blocker, and Witten is too inconsistent at it also. It wasn't a secret with Bennett in, what the Cowboys would do but they could impose their will on the defense with Bennett in that role.

    When they split Witten out, it causes pre-snap movement that gives the defense's hand away.

    In reality it's a multitude of things but you have matchups across the board that Romo is probably more comfortable with.
  19. jobberone

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    Well we don't have their receiving corps. We have Witten and Austin and that doesn't stretch the field or pressure the defense enough. That's the difference in the passing game. You don't have to run the ball all over the other team to win you just have to run effectively enough to support the passing game.
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    Garrett is one of the worst coaches in the league, bottom five for sure. Romo at worst is a top 15 qb. Good qbs are hard to find, coaches are not when you are the dallas cowboys and have all the money in the world.

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