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Discussion in 'Market Zone' started by cross, Apr 26, 2013.

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    I have the original Tartan Turf (astro turf) from Texas Stadium, it's about a 3" x "2 inch square, from 1971 - 1980, it's in the original box, and if someone would like to bid on it, I will ship it to a moderator or however it has to happen. I do not have a pay pal account, and I do not want anything in return except for the highest bidder to make the donation to Cowboyszone. I have seen them on Ebay in a wide variety of prices. Don't matter to me, I want someone who has a Cowboys Shrine to have it, I don't have priveledges to donate, but have enjoyed this site for many years and trying to give back. Help anyone? :bow:
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    You should post more often. Only 34 since 2004, seems like you would bring good vibes.
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    I remember when Cowboys Weekly was selling those things in the 80's. Is it a little patch of artificial turf in a box? If I remember right they were like 4x4 inch patches for $10 to $20 at the time, advertising how you could stroke the ground Staubach played on. Thought it was the silliest thing the Cowboys ever did till Jerry came along.
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    There are lots of these guys that just read and have been around forever. I wish they would talk more too.

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