I wish I was in Houston

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    Just so I could go to this restaurant and leave this waiter the biggest tip of his life.

    HOUSTON (KTRK) -- A waiter at a restaurant near downtown took a stand for a special needs child. Now, support is flowing in from all over, thanking the waiter and the restaurant, Laurenzo's on Washington.

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    Good for him.

    Still a bit of a strange story though. Did the other group just see a kid with downs and decide that they didn't want to sit near them just because of that? Was the kid being unruly?

    If someone in my party, for no other reason than the fact that there was a kid with downs sitting nearby, decided to switch spots, I'd call him an idiot and excuse myself from his company.
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    Seems to be no indication that the kid was a problem.

    People are free to move if they like, so I got no problem with that. Moving isnt the issue. What was said was an issue for the waiter and I applaud his willingness to react the way he did. Great move on his part and it turned out to be a great PR move for the place. The people that moved should of just kept their mouth's shut rather than saying something stupid.

    Every life is precious and equally valuable in the eyes of the Creator. Therefore each person is to be treated with dignity and respect.
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    Some people just suck at being human! Good on the waiter.

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    Dude, where have you been? And kudos to the waiter.
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    Great news!

    Even if the boy was being a distraction or not well mannered...who cares, be the responsible adult and realize that people are different and thats a part of life. This boy will soon be an older person with special needs...what does that family think happens to kids with disabilities? lol, the more "normalized" scenario's and exposure that that boy gets out in public, the more he will learn to behave apropriately in public settings....just like every other kid in the world! haha

    I wish they said what restaurant it was, that waiter deserves the credit he is getting.

    Thanks for posting this Caj

  7. Aussie Cowboy

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    I read it as being at a restaurant called Laurenzo's. As a parent of a special needs little boy I want to shake this man's hand.

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    Kudos to that waiter!

    BTW, my wife was in Houston for a two day meeting a few years ago and it was during our anniversary. I flew into Houston (from Dallas) for a night and we had dinner at Lourenzo's. The food and service were very good.
    So now you have two reasons to give them your busness.
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    I'm pretty shocked actually.

    The headline for stories like these is generally something like "Waiter fired for refusing service".

    And I'm willing to bet that in most restaurants the waiter gets fired.

    It's sad, but true.

    Bravo to that server for standing up for something.
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    Special-needs kids' hero makes a lot of new friends
    Waiter honored after defending a child at restaurant

    Michael Garcia has a crown placed on his head by Milo Castillo, 5, after students and teachers from The Rise School of Houston honored Garcia for refusing to serve a couple who made a rude remark about Milo.

    Near a classroom window, 5-year-old Milo Castillo fumbled with a golden, bejeweled crown. Michael Garcia, kneeling in front of him, patiently waited with his head bowed.

    The crown shifted from between the boy's fingers, but he quickly grasped both sides and gently placed it on top of Garcia's head. They both grinned.

    The jewels adorning the crown are actually plastic and have been glued onto yellow foam. Nevertheless, the crown symbolizes something precious to Milo, a child with Down syndrome.

    Garcia is the waiter at Laurenzo's Prime Rib on Washington Avenue who refused to serve a family who asked to be seated away from Milo and his parents, saying "special- needs children need to be special somewhere else."

    Garcia, 45, instantly became a hero for standing up for Milo, receiving praise - and donations - from all over the country after the story spread. On Thursday, he presented the contributions - in the way of a check for $1,145 - to Milo's school, The Rise School of Houston, a preschool affiliate of Texas Children's Hospital.

    Garcia, who frequently served Milo and his family, has no regrets about not serving the customers that day last month. The patrons abruptly left.

    "If I had gotten fired, oh well, I would have got another job," Garcia said of his reaction. "But what's right is right."

    Before presenting the check on Thursday, Garcia joined the children sitting on blue mats for the thank-you party in his honor at The Rise School. He craned his neck to look over TV cameras as the preschoolers performed a song in sign language and hugged each child who walked up to him afterward.


    'Kind of like God'

    Kress said one student told her mom on Wednesday that she learned about "somebody new" in class.

    "Well, he's kind of like God, but he's not God," the little girl explained, according to Kress. "And he's kind of like Martin Luther King, but he's not Martin Luther King."

    Thinking of historically significant people, the mom asked, "Well do you know his name?"

    To which the child responded, "His name is Michael. He's a waiter."


    Another article with video of the school honoring Michael Garcia:

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