I wonder if Daniel Snyder is trying to screw over the Redskins

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by The30YardSlant, Sep 14, 2005.

  1. The30YardSlant

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    Because no one can be THAT stupid, can they? :lmao:
  2. AbeBeta

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    Ummm. Jerry has been. Snyder never gave up 2 first rounders for a receiver but he has overpaid in nearly every trade. Moved up in the first to get guys who would be available much later. Hired an overblown college coach. Spent FA money on guys who were mediocre. The only thing Danny hasn't done is stick with players far too long (Triplets+Deion) - probably because he never had any good guys to start with. All in all I'd say Snyder is this generation's Jerry Jones.
  3. trickblue

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    GenX Danny? :D
  4. Dave_in-NC

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    How did Jerry do the last ten years? Recently he began to put a baseball team together. Snyder is an idiot, but our house isnt so clean some times. :eek:
  5. JackMagist

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    It has to be stupidity compounded by megalomania. Why could he possibly be wanting to do it on purpose? He owns them, they make him money and get him recognition (something I'm sure he desperately craves) so he has to want them to succeed...doesn't he? I mean, don't you think he has wet dreams about standing on his little stool next to normal size people and holding up the Lombardi Trophy? Yeah I just have to go with stupidity for him.

    Maybe he was Napoleon in a previous life; they have a lot in common. :lmao:
  6. The30YardSlant

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    Jerry Jones = 3 SB championships

    Danny Boy = Never won a playoff game

  7. TonyS

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    Don't tell anyone, but I found this picture on Jerry Jones' personal intranet site. I think it tells the whole story.

  8. Skins26

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    The real question is....are YOU that stupid to think Snyder had anything to do with benching Ramsey (that is what you're talking about right)?
    Ramsey is Snyder's guy.

    This was all Gibbs.

    Snyder took over in '99 buddy, but you knew that already right?

    btw, He's won more playoff games than you all have over these 6 years

    nice try though
  9. CalMor

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    Do you really want to talk about the past 6 years?
  10. BrAinPaiNt

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    :lmao2: :lmao: :bow:


    You know he may be a dumb owner....but one thing is clear, The guy has always been a Skins fan and only is doing what HE thinks is right to get his skins back to winning ways.

    He himself has even admitted multiple times of making mistakes...but I would never question his desire to have the skins be a great team again.
  11. Ashwynn

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    Well, when you do something and it turns out bad, you should learn from it. WHen you are treading water you really should learn to swim to move forward, true enough you can actually get somewhere while dog paddeling and treading water, but its so slow. So if you are an owner and you have no football guys, and what you are doing is not working, does it take 6 years to figure out maybe your doing it all wrong. Jones learned a lesson and went out and got a football man, Parcells. Parcells changed the scouting department and set us up for after Parcells.

    Snyder has done nothing, brought in what he thought was a football man, but it seems like the man is no longer good at what he does. I question Snyders desire to win a championship till he steps back and says 'Ya know what, I cant do this by my self, Heres my new GM and heres my new Coach and they are running the team. Instead its like Snyder is saying ' Dang it, that did not work, but I will make this work if I have to file for bankruptcy. I wont step back and let someone else take credit for making the skins good again, I will keep meddeling with this and that till I get it right so I can be the best thing in DC since sliced bread'. He never learns. Hes gunna be a loser till he does get someone in to run the team for him. till he does this, I laugh at them and I question Snyders desire to win opposed to Snyders desire to be the man.
  12. aikemirv

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    Snyder is too much like a lot of fans on this board. He has no patience and wants a quick fix without going about it the right way.

    Too quick to make decisions because he hates to lose and will try anything to fix it except the slow, patient approach needed to build a team.

    He has tried to throw money at it, too many different coaches, and not enough consideration in the moves he makes.

    There are a lot of impatient fans around and he is just one of those with too much money and money and FA's don't fix a team when you go about it the way he has.
  13. jterrell

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    The Redskins problems are absolutely rooted in Dan Snyder.

    He is guilty of:
    A. firing a good coach(Marty Schottenheimer) after 1 8-8 season.
    B. hiring glorified managers as football guys
    C. selling out the future to win now when he doesn't have the talent to win now
    D. obsessing over Dallas so much he can't prepare for the other 14 games
    E. being a hateful little man that tries to control the media in a town where even the president can't do so

    btw, the big difference with Jerry is Jerry came in and won with football guys in places:Ackles/Jimmy before getting cracked out and thinking he could really be the football mastermind.
  14. SultanOfSix

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    Huh? Jerry won three championships and sported a competetive team for many more. He wrongly attributed the success to himself alone - thus the many years of gradual decline. But, it looks like he's learned from his mistakes and is trying to right the ship again. The only similarity between Snyder and JJ is they both love to win and both like to throw money at players. How they do it is completely different.
  15. BrAinPaiNt

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    The question was....Is danny trying to screw his team...which I do not think he is trying to do.....he may be doing it, but that is not his intention IMO.

    Futhermore he has been somewhat hands off with Gibbs....

  16. Skins26

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    The question is do you?

    Redskins - 45 wins (46 including playoffs)
    Dallas - 40 wins

    Ashwynn, I suggest you do a little research into how the Redskins are run. Synder's job: Signing the paychecks.
    He HAS left the football decisions to the football people (since Marty).
    I mean, he let Spurrier have his way for crying out loud (fortunately I think he did intervene in the Danny W. situation - but that's a good thing if he did).

    He gained this repuation from one year. 2000. Which was 5 years ago!
    He hasn't done it again, but the media (which has been anti Snyder for whatever reason since he first placed his bid) has since overblown every single move. Since 2000 the only big money or flashy move we made was getting Portis. Well, I guess Coles too. Both moves were made with the consent of the coaches. Neither move would have been made had the coaches and football people not agreed.
  17. Shuttemdown41

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    I can't believe he took the bait. This could get ugly - FAST.


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