I'd almost prefer 4 second round picks to 2 firsts

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by ghst187, Apr 1, 2005.

  1. ghst187

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    Odds are pretty decent that the few players I'd like to get in the first will be gone when we pick:
    #11 Mike Williams, DJ, Braylon, and maybe even Merriman, whom I'm still debating
    #20 Mark Clayton, Spears, Pollack

    Outside of those guys who are pretty likely to all be gone, I'd prefer to trade both picks out of the first and pick up 3 more picks in the second/third rounds. I have no idea how that could be done via potential trade partners but here are the guys I'd like to get in the 2nd and 3rd:
    Daryl Blackstock, Burnett, Josh Bullocks, Matt Jones, Munoz, Jonathan Goddard, Tuck, and I like Nugent also

    Getting several of these guys would potentially fill the remainder of our glaring needs and I think all have big potential, at least as much as a lot of guys that will go in the first round.
  2. Qwickdraw

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    I'd like a combination of the two.

    One first rounder and a couple extra second rounders; ie:
    #11- trade down- (2 second rounders)
    #20- Roddy White WR
    #??- Demarcus Ware OLB/DE
    #??- Eric Shelton RB
    #42- Justin Tuck OLB/DE
    #??- James Butler FS
  3. Hoov

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    Yeah, i want to keep at least 1 of the first round picks
  4. dwmyers

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    I have two words for anyone who thinks 4 seconds beats 2 firsts.. (or 1 first, if the player is the right one...)

    Tony Dorsett.
  5. loblolly7

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    Yeah, but there are no Tony Dorsetts in this draft. The current read on this draft is that is deep but lacking true superstars. Therefore, trading down and picking up additional picks sounds like a good idea. G
  6. Q_the_man

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    And Emmitt Smith was suppose to be to small and not fast enough also, 18000 yards later, WHAT!!!!

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