I'd Say "Good Luck," But I Wouldn't Really Mean It.

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by jethrodsp, Dec 27, 2012.

  1. iceberg

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    yea, lord knows a rabid skins fan would take away from the JONES SUCKS and FIRE GARRETT threads. that's not annoying at all.
  2. jethrodsp

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    To be fair, Hall never suggested taking a 15 yard personal foul in exchange for a hit on Romo's ribs like Pearson did. It seems like Cowboys fans are a bit tired of Pearson's act though and take what he says with a grain of salt. And the only reason I bring up Griffin taking hits is that people (skins fans included) seem to treat him like he's made of glass.

    You're right though, hits are part of the game and I fully expect some hard-nosed December football from both sides with the division on the line; I am just hopeful the cheap shots are left out of it...on both sides.
  3. RGIII

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    I actually laughed out loud after reading this. I guess its everywhere, on our forum boards there are a gazillion, Snyder sucks and Fire Haslett threads lol

    Hell, you should have seen some of the posts on Extreme Skins after someone started a thread about Joe Gibbs giving a motivational speech at the Cowboys chappel service on a Sat. before they played the Panthers. People were calling for his head, bashing him, etc.

    People not realizing that:
    a] it was a church speech, not about football
    b] the chappel service is not mandatory, so not all the players attended (I assume)
    c] Gibbs is known to be a deeply religious man

    That would be like Cowboy fans bashing/ripping Tom Landry. They dont do that do they? :confused:
  4. Skinsmaniac

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    Alfred Morris only faces 10 defenders. Every other running back faces 11. That's the power of RGIII.
  5. ApolytonGP

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    He slithers around like crazy though. Eludes the rush. :(
  6. Kilyin

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    Yeah it's a shame the majority of this area has adopted such a horrible football team.
  7. ragintd

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    just wanted to say that I hope this game is a super exciting game (with the exception of the Skins winning in the end of course). I'll be watching this game with my girlfriend who is a HUGE cowboy fan (don't know why but it seems all my girls have been poke fans) and her boy who is a panthers fan (right I know). Hoping I can convert him but my girl has said over her dead body. Anyways... Hoping this game is everything that everyone is expecting and more. Going to be a shot out for sure as there is no D in Allas or Reskins. Offenses sell tickets but defenses win championships. So both us will more then likely be watching the Superbowl with outside interest. Good luck guys but not too much ;)

    Now I'm going to go back to watching NFL networks replay of the Turkey day game (which i taped) ;)
  8. Ultra Warrior

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    Realistic or not, Cowboys Fans SHOULD be posting on a COWBOYS message board. To post anywhere else, would be trolling, no matter how good natured the intent is. Just sayin.
  9. FuzzyLumpkins

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    Coming in, disclaiming that you are a fan of the other team and talking about an upcoming matchup is not trolling in any world I know of.
  10. DWhite Fan

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    I want to extend to you my deepest sympathy on the butt kicking your team is about to receive Sunday night :D
  11. NIBGoldenchild

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    Skins 34
    Cowboys 31

    I'm anticipating a slow first half with a scoring explosion in the third quarter. Followed by a tense fourth quarter resulting in Kai Forbath extending his record setting FG streak with a game winner in the final seconds in the game.

    I won't say good luck, because that's like implying I want you guys to win, BUT I do wish for everyone to come out of it healthy. Big injuries this late in the season always mean those players have a difficult time being ready to go when the next season starts.
  12. CrownCowboy

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    I couldn't agree more.

    The only problem will be that we'll definitely get flagged for doing it and they won't.
  13. iceberg

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    oh horse**** on a rainy day.

    this is a public forum. this game is HUGE for BOTH teams and fans. i see nothing wrong with talking to intelligent fans from other teams to help all of us just have more fun with the game itself.

    if i went to the skins forum and wanted to get some insight, talk about the game, get their opinions, and so forth, what's wrong with that? what pimple faced teen made some stupid internet rule that all fans must stay on their own forums?

    found a few here to be sure.

    when we lost a player and skins fans came over to give their condolences, was that trolling? no.

    when the skins lost a key player far too early, we were trolling to give our thoughts and prayers on it? no.

    talking football isn't a problem. talking intelligently seems to be and that's something *all* forums struggle with. to call what this poster did trolling is just butt-nugget stupid.
  14. CowboyMcCoy

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    A little trollish? Yes, but in defense of a Skins' fan (yuck, that just feels dirtying--saying that), he's mentally challenged by default.

    I kid (well, kind of).

    In his defense it was in at least being a good sport, so I have to grant him some credit. You have to be a good sport to be a Redskins' fan. [Even] Our recenty history owns them. Sadly, I think they have high confidence in terms of being compared to our "moderately" confident team. They have confidence, we have talent and a little swagger. We've had some shake ups, but we feed off of them.

    At least this fan knows it boils down to our key players, which everyone should fear, if they know football.

    At least he was well-informed and we should at least give him a little more leeway than the nit wits who run the Extreme Pin Heads site. Either way, the fan was different than most skins fans and came in with a classier approach than most.

    (Yuck, I can't believe I just said that--about a Redskins' fan.)
  15. CowboyMcCoy

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    You mean like yourself, Zrinkill and a_minimalist--guys like that? :)

    Just kidding. I obviously wasn't really ignoring you. But a_minimalist is forever banished from my message board world.
  16. Idgit

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    Nope. But in fairness, Landry's titles didn't come with asterisks. :)
  17. EGG

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  18. LatinMind

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    LOl why were people giving the OP a hard time calling him a troll? Theres more trolls on this forum and theyre Cowboy fans.
  19. Clove

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    If we can't stop RGlll, simple as that.
  20. Hostile

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    I am not comfortable with seeing the Skins out of the NFC East cellar. 4 straight years and 6 of the last 8 years. It has been wonderful.

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