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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by fortdick, Mar 2, 2006.

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    If a deal gets done the next couple of days and the Skins get bailed out because of a cap increase, think where we will stand. By what I have read, we were 12 million under. Releasing Glover gets us 6 mil. If the cap is raised by an additional 10-12 mil, we have about 30 million in room.

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    I think we're in excellent shape either way.

    Let's just hope we sign some quality FAs with VALUE for money.

    I can't wait for FA to start!

    and the big bonus is a NT to rotate with Fergy!

    (Oh, and maybe a FB - Sowell to boot)

    Hey, it's not to late to dream.
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    That's not right. The $12 million figure was in anticipation of a CBA agreement. Without it, we're about $2 million over. With Dat's retirement and glover gone, that will put us at about $6 million under.

    If a CBA is reached before Monday, that should increase the cap by about $10-15 million, so we'd have about $16 to $21 million.
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    No, no , no. The $12 million estimate had nothing to do with a new CBA. It had to do incentives not being reached and added back to the cap.
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    Yeah, I remember reading that the $10-15 MM under number was for a cap at $95-100 MM. With all the numbers thrown around, who knows.
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    From Todd Archer of the DMN this evening...

    "If the cap is $94.5 million without a new deal, the Cowboys presently have $8 million to $10 million to spend, although they can easily acquire another $9.6 million with a simple restructuring of the contracts for Jason Ferguson and Marco Rivera.

    If there is a new deal, the cap could move to as high as $104 million, and the Cowboys will have roughly $20 million of space and the same ability to create more room. "
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    Adam already said we are about 14-15 million under atm. So considering the cap increase, 10-12 mill would put us about 25 mill. Theres a post on the first page with Adams numbers in it.

    Heres is latest post -

    With 65 players either signed or tendered, I'm projecting that if the cap stays at $94.513 million and the CBA isn't extended, we'll have $14.38 million of cap room (pending any cap adjustment from 2005 and possible status changes for a few players' incentives, such as Drew Bledsoe's $1 million LTBE incentives).

    Thats adams quote from the '.....coleman gets a raise' post.

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