If Brockers then why not Poe?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by tm1119, Apr 25, 2012.

  1. tm1119

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    Both are raw DT/NT's who didn't put up any kind of flashy numbers in college. So why not go with the bigger, stronger, faster guy in Poe? Poe needs to be coached up quite a bit, but so does Brockers really. I think Poe gets a bad rap as a lazy underachiever because of thr system he played in at Memphis. With some proper coaching and if put in the right spot to achieve I think Poe has just as much, if not more, potential than Brockers.

    So let me hear some opinions why Brockers is the better pick over Poe.
  2. texbumthelife

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    That's actually a pretty good question. Especially considering Poe can probably be had with a slight trade back.
  3. sureletsrace

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    Poe was terrible against the run, has started many more games than Brockers, has worse stats, and did so against abysmally inferior competition.

    That's why.
  4. GroundUp

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  5. theogt

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    Would much rather have Poe. At least he has the athletic ability to warrant the word "potential", even if that athleticism hasn't necessarily showed up on the field to date.

    Neither's really worth a 1st round pick, though.
  6. Corleone

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    Yep, that about covers it.
  7. brooksey1

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    Poe is a true NT, which is more attractive. If we are going the route of D-Line the OP makes a good point, Poe makes a better choice. With that said I hope we draft neither in the first round.
  8. tm1119

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    Brockers stats are just as unimpressive while playing on a defense with probably 9-10 future NFL players. Also, Poe was used poorly in college as a DE in the 3-4 doing nothing but eating blocks and double teams. Put him at NT and he opens the entire line up by using his bulk and strength to push the interior line back. I know he's not a perfect prospect, he has a lot of room to improve but he has the talent and desire to do so.
  9. btcutter

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    I don't know....

    Poe may have as much if not more upside than Brocker and right now we are drafting all on potential since neither really produced.

    One can argue that Poe was poorly coached and had no one playing next to him. He is super athletic so if he goes to the right coach and is driven he could be awesome.

    Not too fond of either at 14.
  10. myslamsareolder

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    I'd much rather have Poe. Yeah, you can say "sucked against inferior competition," but Brockers was the equivalent IMO because he "sucked" with good players around him. Poe was grossly misused. Even his coaches admitted as much and his D coordinator was fired... if you're drafting for Potential, then draft the player with more (significantly bigger, significantly faster, significantly stronger, and significantly more athletic)

  11. sureletsrace

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    You can all have the underwear Olympian.

    Give me the football player.
  12. NeonDeion21

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    Please educate me on how Brockers "sucked" last season? I would love to hear the argument.
  13. HanD

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    not a huge fan of either but brockers had to rotate on the LSU line so probably got a lot less number of plays compared to games played versus poe.
  14. Doomsday

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    Poe had 10 tackles for a loss last season, how is that putrid vs the run?
  15. CATCH17

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    Because Brockers showed up on film in the best conference in College Football.
  16. sureletsrace

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    Memphis allowed 191 rushing yards per game. As a defensive lineman on that team, that means Poe was putrid vs the run.
  17. jobberone

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    I'd rather have Poe but Brockers is ok, too.
  18. Canadian BoyzFan

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    ......because our stubborns coaches refuse to move Rat to DE. Poe is a NT plain and simple and would be a wasted pick unless Rat moves. Brockers is a run stuffing 5 technique DE. I prefer Poe but he's not an option after hearing the refusing to move Rat to where he belongs.
  19. kmd24

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    Poe played 5-technique DE in all the three down lineman sets for Memphis.

  20. MichaelWinicki

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