If our offensive line is good our offense is scary

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by NickZepp, Mar 18, 2006.

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    Not just scary. *** scary.

    QB we aren't great at but Bledsoe can make all the throws still if he has the time. He's pretty accurate. He may not be a clutch guy completely.

    RB we have 2 good young backs in Jones and Barber. Jones wasn't healthy all of last year but we've all seen what he can do when healthy. Barber is a good back in his own right.

    WRs Terry Glenn is getting older but he's still really good. He had a great year last year. Patrick Crayton who has a bright future.

    TE-Witten is becoming a top recieving TE. Probably creeping into one of the best 5 recieving TEs in the game right now.

    Now the thing that scares me is the offensive line. With Adams back that will help. I think that's what killed our team last year. If we had not lost Adams we would have had a better end to last year. But if these pickups help on the offensive line this offense is a top offense in the NFC.

    Now you add TO to this. It's *** scary what this offense can do if healthy. It looked without TO like it would be a good offense. Now you have 2 recievers in Witten and TO that you have to double almost every time the pass it and Glenn and Crayton can make you pay for it. TO does bring a lot of baggage but if Parcells and the team can control it then we're gonna have fun watching the Cowboys O for the next couple of years.
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