If Poe is there and i do mean if? We have to get him!

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Bigtommyb, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. Bigtommyb

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    While i do agree with getting a cb in round two or three possibly as the insurance for Mike Jenkins exiting or getting hurt. I feel now that we have Carr in the fold if Dontario Poe is there at 14 it would be a major draft day mistake if we don't get him! Draft is first wish then alternative!

    Mock Draft

    Poe-DT /Barron-SS
    Blake- C/Curry- DE/OLB
    Holsley- CB/Minnefield- CB
    Polk- Wash. St- 3DRB/Brooks-CB
    Butler- P- Georgia
    Keyshawn Martin-Michigan St- WR/KR
  2. CaptainMorgan

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    Id rather have Fletcher Cox than Poe if we go DT at 14

    As someone said earlier though, if we go DT we can move Rat to DE and kill two birds with one stone so I like the pick.
  3. gimmesix

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    Poe might turn out to be great, but his production hasn't exactly matched his measurables at a "smaller" school from what I've read.

    Cox has made more of an impact at a bigger school and in one of the best football conferences.
  4. Wolf2k5

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    Remember reading he wasn't a hard worker. Just a workout warrior. If we take hope its not true
  5. JohnsKey19

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    He's your classic boom or bust prospect. Size and athleticism to be a force. At the same time, i could see him being a complete no-show and a distant memory in less than 2-3 years. I'd have to trust the scouts and the front office as they analyze his game film and get to know him personally.
  6. johnnyd

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    I'd rather have Fletch also but wouldn't we be looking at him for DE instead of DT/NT?
  7. Cowboy Junkie

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    Poe scares the crap out of me. his size strength and quickness are incredible but his numbers arent there and of course the only thing I can see him on are the youtube stuff but he just does not look that great. normally a kid will show you something that says he has something here. Poe just dosent seem to show that
  8. CaptainMorgan

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    He's not a prototypical 3/4 nose, he's a little on the smallish side right at 300 but we run so many different fronts in Rob's defense. Cox was a stud getting after the QB at Miss st though. I honestly dont know how he would hold up as a gap filler.

    Poe just seems like a big risk from everything I've read.
  9. MichaelWinicki

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    So no to Poe.

    Production doesn't equal his physical skills.
  10. marchetta

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    That's the knock on him. And, that why we WON'T be taking him. JG is always stressing that any player on this team has to, "Play the game right." Poe was lazy in college, and couldn't even make 1st, or 2nd, team in his own conference. This is because of his lack of ability, OR, his laziness. Either way, that's not a JG type of player. The two players we're going to get will be Cox or DeCastro. They both give Dallas what they're looking for (Pass Rusher / Pass Protector). While, meeting JG demand for a player that plays the game right. Anyone hoping for Poe is just deluding themselves.
  11. Bigtommyb

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    That's my argument with Cox, it's the same story he is barely 300 and i can't look at him as a gap filler. I mean there all a crapshot but i'm taking a shot with Poe's size and athleticism at 345. The combine is also a big stage and he steped up ,so ypou can't overlook that. It's not everything but you can't discount it!
  12. Deep_Freeze

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    Same was said of Ngata in college.

    I also like Cox, I've seen him play plenty. Poe just has far more upside as of right now, its just a matter of how much risk you can handle. A 345 pound man that can play both NT and DE is pretty rare and it shouldn't be ignored cause if he does meet his potential, he is a guy that would never be available in free agency.
  13. reddyuta

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    I think the Cowboys should do their homework on Poe,he should be an option at 14.
  14. Bigtommyb

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    Jerry just put money into Spears and Hatcher last year, Cox won't be a DT? Your deluding yourself if you think you just take one facet and run with it to make a decision. While his film is the most impoortant, but the big stage and a kid becoming a man sometimes turns a light on! The combine was a spotlight event and he clearly was the best story coming out of that and those are the facts. These kids are all a crapshot but Cox is not a DT. I'd take him but i'd take a shot with Poe first!
  15. M'Kevon

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    The fourteenth pick is not the time to roll dice.
  16. pupulehaole

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    Go watch some tape of Poe then come back. No ****ing thanks.
  17. poost

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    I remember a post a while back stating that the combine just makes scouts watch more tape if a prospects numbers are not what they expected. I'm a big fan of game film over combine numbers. Poe's number are very impressive, and should warrant another look at his game film from scouts. However, if the film is still bad, then you have to trust that the team will stay away from him.
  18. Hoofbite

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    Was it?

    I don't remember if it was or it wasn't but I know he missed almost the entire 2003 season because of a torn ACL which also slowed him down the following year.

    Even if it was a legit criticism, I still don't think the two compare considering Ngata played in a much better conference and still was way more productive despite the knee injury.

  19. Deep_Freeze

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    Well in Ngata's case it was more of a motor issue (at least some thought that), although really in college he would just wear down quick. He was just the type that would run out of gas late in a game, but some thought it was cause he lacked motor. Of course that wasn't true.

    It has to be considered where Poe is coming from. They were 2-10, just a bad team in general where he got no help. In the right environment, he could be real special, but of course he could also be a bust.
  20. cowboy_ron

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    I'm sure they do a lot of homework

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