If Sean Payton comes to Dallas

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by CATCH17, Nov 26, 2012.

  1. ThrowuptheXDez88

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    Hostile, I know you are a Garrett supporter, but I believe he should be fired... In the case that he is fired, if not Payton, then who would you want hired?
  2. stasheroo

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    I'll hold out hope until Payton signs a new contract with the Saints.

    With each day that goes by and that doesn't happen, it gives me a bit more hope that the Cowboys might be able to get him.

    I can see plenty of reasons why he would choose the Cowboys over the Saints.
  3. Hostile

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    Well, I am going to begin on the premise that I already believe Payton will not be available because he will be the Saints HC. I really am positive of that. I'd love to have him, but he's not going to be available. Which is reason number 1 why I believe Garrett isn't going anywhere. Reason number 2 is Jerry Jones. He regrets pulling the rug out from under Chan Gailey and wants a long term HC. This is the real world folks.

    Okay, now having said that, Chris Peterson of Boise State would top my list. I like how innovative he is offensively.
  4. EPL0c0

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    I think the only way Sean Peyton comes to Dallas is if Jerry gives him GM duties, all personnel decisions go through him and he's allowed to put together his own coaching staff.

    But let's be honest, that won't happen.
  5. stasheroo

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    Peyton doesn't strike me as that kind of guy.

    And I think that is part of the reason for the 'Loomis clause' that got his contract voided in the first place.

    I think he's very happy to be the head coach.
  6. CATCH17

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    McMahon on the radio saying Paytons worry is what will happen when Tom Benson passes and that his daughter will take over the team and Sean really doesn't want anything to do with that.

    It doesn't have a lot to do with Loomis.

    New Orleans is offering Sean Payton 7 mill.

    McMahon saying Garrett is losing them money because ratings are going down and attendance is falling off.

    People not enjoying the process.
  7. cowboyfan4life2

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    I don't think payton cares all too much about gm duties, he doesn't strike me as a power hungry type of guy. He is happy strictly running the x's and o's and running his team.
  8. SDCowboy85

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  9. CATCH17

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    Also Sean Payton has 7 mill on the table right now from the Saints. They are ready to make him the highest paid coach in the league and he still hasnt signed.
  10. theebs

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    That really is a fascinating thing with the tv numbers going down.

    between that and the booing at the stadium and now the hiding of the jones family and Jason garrett from the crowd there is nothing left to sell.

    Fans are past any type of hope, out of patience and insulted by the jones's ways. That is why they get boo'd relentlessly at there own mecca they built.

    Going from wade to garrett was not a fresh perspective, it was shuffling the chairs.

    The team needs a fresh perspective. The fans and the players would love Sean Payton here. The media will love sean payton. Its all to perfect.

    I dont ever remember drew brees in anger looking over at payton on the sideline and yelling why did you call that play.........
  11. 5Stars

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    Maybe the contract has not been worked out yet. Have you ever thought about that?

    You don't just sign a on a napkin and it's done.
  12. birdwells1

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    I've heard Jerry say that about Gailey but if you look at what he's done @gt and now Buffalo, the firing was the right thing to do.
  13. CATCH17

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    Plus he has the skins on the wall so Jerry doesn't have to worry or not if he has the right guy. He knows for a fact his coach is a Superbowl winning coach.

    It makes the players instantly more accountable too.

    It's the type of move a historical championship caliber team makes.
  14. theebs

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    Jerry talking about firing gailey too soon is a completely different perspective than what we are dealing with.

    I think jerry means it would have been better for the organization had he stayed the next season when aikman was done and the team was going to be transitioning into a bad period trying to replace legendary players.

    Gailey was trying to coach up what was left of a once great roster, he didnt build the roster and only added a little while he was here. Jerry probably would have liked to have seen what gailey could have done with young players in future years.

    this current situation is the jones families doing. they do not want to make hard decisions, take a back seat, stay out of the media and hire the right people........they dont like other people getting credit, they dont want other people upsetting there expensive players, they dont want to do things the right way.

    they are all about shortcuts and copying other organizations and talking points. When jerry says he is tired of being on eggshells when parcells leaves and then all of a sudden we have pacman and tank on the roster, hard knocks shows up etc......what else do you need to know?

    for that we are where we are.

    So the family that craves attention and compliments for the football team they built and the stadium they built shows its true colors when it comes to a head.

    They have not allowed themselves to be shown on the video board and hence do not have to hear it from the fans at all......Its easier to do radio/tv interviews with guys who need you to talk as much as you need them.....

    So I dont think the I fired gailey thing to soon applies in any way to this current situation. Jason garrett has had a heavy hand in every decision for years with this roster. he has helped mold it, tear down and build it again. its become worse under these two people in charge.
  15. Risen Star

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    I think Catch presents an interesting question and it doesn't have to happen this year with Payton, but could Jerry bring in a kinda sorta, but not really! GM one day to work under him?

    I would say no but I also would have said no to hiring Parcells. So maybe that could happen one day.

    I don't think he's there yet. He'd have to be desperate.
  16. theebs

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    no doubt, payton is one of those guys. His unit will play at a high level no matter what.

    just like john fox teams play good defense, andy reid's teams will have a great passing game, the patriots score points, dick lebeau hits qbs and forces turnovers.......etc....

    they are coordinators who can hang there hat on something because they know how to make it work at a high level....mike shannahans running game applies.

    Sean Payton has one of the better understandings of the passing game in this league and has put together a winning unit.

    that is not the case with jason garrett, he walked into this organization and was handed the keys to a highly motivated group of guys who had a work ethic instilled in them by the previous head coach and they were on a mission from the 06 finale.....

    since then it has gotten shakier and shakier each year. We can not run, we do not score in the red zone, we make fundamental mistakes before and after the snap at an alarming rate.....
  17. theebs

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    One more thing to remember.

    jerry has always insisted that parcells reached out to him about coaching the cowboys. Parcells initiated the relationship.

    I imagine since payton is already close to jerry this is an even easier relationship to forge.

    If Payton wants this job he knows by the end of december it will be his because this team is going to go south fast....

    with three of these games being at home Its going to force the issue.

    I cant wait till the saints game here. the media is going to go crazy and I look forward to it. If payton is not signed to a long term deal by the time this game comes around I am going to have it in my mind that he is coming back here.
  18. 5Stars

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    Or maybe the Saints are in the middle of a season trying to hang on with what they have right now, and don't have the time or resources to actually sit down with Payton and come to some agreement in terms of a contract?

    Have you ever thought about that? What is the rush for the Saints or Payton.
  19. fifaguy

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    I agree. Payton wouldn't want any part of this train wreck, assuming that the job was offered to him (which is doubtful).
  20. birdwells1

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    No rush for Payton but for the Saints? You don't want him going into the off-season when other teams may peek his interest then you get into a bidding war or lose him to a team (Dallas) that's more high profile.

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