If Tony doesn't throw that INT at the end, I'm not as pissed about a loss

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Lazyking, Dec 31, 2012.

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    We got outplayed, outcoached and we were undermanned. I did think Romo needed the game badly but I wasn't going to blame him if he had a good game and we still lost. At 21-10, I was annoyed obviously but the Redskins just played better.

    I haven't wanted to re-sign Romo before this season started. He's getting older and finishing 8-8 like I thought we would, their is no point in keeping him til he retires if we just keep spinning our wheels. Give him a chance to win elsewhere

    Then with the game on the line, Romo threw the INT and I got pissed. I can't trust Romo to at least protect the ball when it matters.. miss a fg late fine... Dwayne Harris dropping a ball that would have went to Dez.. fine.. but to lose that way?

    I can no longer believe in Romo even a little bit so that just reinforces that he should not be re-signed.
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    I have been one of the few in my part of the country that has been behind Romo 100% for years blaming it on the subpart OLs he has played behind. BUT, the 3rd pick last night was my breaking point. He has one year left and a high cap number for 2013. Trade him to someone who values him and get some players and picks. How much worse are we with Orton at QB and maybe Barkley or Geno Smith being brought along?
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    I'll take a shot at this ....how much worse would we be without a QB who threw for almost 5000 yards this year behind a line that may be the worst I have ever seen at the pro level? With a team that was dead last in running the ball all year and who was losing in every game we played? A team that had to come from behind in the 4th qt in more than half of their games.....

    Much much worse. If not for Romo's year Garrett would have been fired a long time ago.
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    .......there are alot of "knowledgeable" madden players that think 5000 yards is now pedestrian level of performance.......
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    What some are missing is that it's not about stats. It's about winning. Romos yardage did not translate to more wins so it has no bearing. The difference between 8-8 and no playoffs and 0-16 and no playoffs is negligible. The game isn't about putting up numbers, numbers are what losers fall back on.

    We need wins, and that's all we need. I don't give a damn about anyone on this roster over wins. I'd trade Ware, Lee and Dez if it meant more wins.

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